Strategic uses of sns & microblogs

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The presentation details the strategic use of Social Network Services and Microblogs in social media marketing.

The presentation details the strategic use of Social Network Services and Microblogs in social media marketing.

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  • 1. SNS & Microblogs: Beyond Facebook and Twitter Kashif Khan Madhur Chaudhary
  • 2. What is an SNS?Social Networking Service|ˈsōSHəl ˈ ərkiNG ˈ netˈw sərvis|NounIt is an internet or mobilebased social space wherepeople can connect,communicate, create andshare content with others
  • 3. What is a Microblog?Microblogging |ˈmīkrōˈblägiNG |Nounthe posting of veryshort entries orupdates on a blog orsocial networking site,typically via a cellularphone
  • 4. What are different types of SNS?
  • 5. What are the different types of Microblogs?
  • 6. What are they used for? NetworkingResearch SNS & Public Relation / μblogs Communication Branding
  • 7. How are they used?Define your product Differentiate yourself Identify your audience and communities to which they belong Position yourself
  • 8. Case Study 1 - Postcardmania on LinkedIn PostcardMania: Florida-based postcard marketing company established in 1998 Content Marketing Pioneer with good Social Media presence across various channels Using LinkedIn, PostcardMania generated 600 quality leads – with contacts providing their information – over the course of just over a year LinkedIn leads resulted in more than $72,000 in actual business
  • 9. Case Study 2 - Adventures of Ice-cream NYC based home made ice cream company started using Tumblr in Sept ‘09 Published pictures of Ice creams (almost daily) to target their audience Got 150 – 200 notes from users on every post Got featured in food related # for Tumblr, blogs, and then mainstream media Started with 50 members in east village in NYC and now serving entire NYC with a waitlist of 1500 by 2011
  • 10. SummarySNS and Microblogs are not restricted to Facebook and TwitterFocus on the marketing strategy of the company instead of social media channels Select channels that best fit your strategy
  • 11. Questions?