Gameplay: Motivate college students in the classroom


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This workshop will show you how to keep your students engaged and motivated in the classroom. Video of the talk is here:

During this Graduate Teaching Forum, Rich Nguyen of the Future Computing Lab, will explain why fun should be kept as a part of learning as well as how practice gameplay can be played in the classroom. He will also demonstrate an example of teaching using a game. You do not have to be a teaching assistant to attend this presentation.

Rich is currently a Research Assistant and has been doing research under Dr. Min C. Shin since 2008. As an undergraduate, he was a peer tutor for the Building Educational Strengths & Talents (B.E.S.T.) at UNC Charlotte for two years.

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  • 1. free demo bundled, web sites to ratings, comparisons, previews, and interviews.
    2. Pick the genre, choose variation that like best, and search for more fun and challenge.
    3. Tutorials to teach you use the game.
    4 .Lots of Eye Candy, AI, Gameplay.
    5. Patches, surprise, and sequels.

  • Focus on engaging your audience.
    Continuous thought to gameplay.
    Introduce content via action (minimum telling).
    Design something you would want friends to play.
    Constantly test the effectiveness & put up new levels, challenges after release.
  • Always think about your audience.
    What will sell your game to the player.
    Make game to attract new audience.
    Product hits as interest peaks and tech advance.
    Align player with your brand, get them demand for upgrades and new products to buy.
  • Gameplay: Motivate college students in the classroom

    1. 1. The motivation of gameplay Rich Nguyen
    2. 2. Today’s story of learning 1. Extracted ideas from GRAD 8001: University Teaching. 2. We all are experienced learners/teachers. 3. Do not aim to defy the education system. 4. Serve as complement of teaching. 5. Encourage life-long learning. I’d like to… Share my humble perspective of a better classroom experience. We (students, teachers, school administrators) Care about learning and education.
    3. 3. College Classes are… Painful Required Lame Confusing Fun?
    4. 4. Games are… Engaging Addicting Fun Cool Interesting Challenging Exciting Motivating?
    5. 5. Why do we keep fun from learning? 1. Learning = hard work & fun = relax. 2. Learning = pain & no pain = no gain. 3. Learning = serious & fun = pointless. We think … My subject is fun for me. So how could it not be for my students? re-think
    6. 6. Gameplay “Gameplay is all the activities and strategies game designers employ to get and keep the player engaged and motivated to complete each level and an entire game.” – Marc Prensky … is not just eye candy/video game … is doing, thinking, decision making … provides balance (not too easy, not too hard) … gives clear short-term goal … is easy to learn, but hard to master
    7. 7. Gameplay and Classroom “Want to apply Gameplay to a classroom? Just add uncertainty.” 1. suggest things that may not be true 2. reflect frequently 5. promote competition/reward 4. use point/title-earning system 3. focus on the learners’ interaction
    8. 8. CS 101 in a game/notecard
    9. 9. Learner  game player Teacher  game designer Administrator  game publisher Imagine
    10. 10. The player 1. Appealing package 2. Freedom to choose 3. Tutorials 4. Expectations 5. Receive upgrades “What if all this were true for college classes?”
    11. 11. 1. Engage players 2. Focus on gameplay 3. Content via actions 4. Play with friends 5. Put up new levels “What if designing courses were approached in the same way?” The designer
    12. 12. 1. Think player 2. What will work 3. Attract newbie 4. Interest peaks 5. Player = brand “What if the goals of school administrators were to get the learners to “cry out for more?” The publisher
    13. 13. How realistic is this? Learner  game player Teacher  game designer Administrator  game publisher
    14. 14. It’s up to You! Rich Nguyen