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Fourth Grade Ellis Island Project
Created May 2014

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  1. 1. Research by Room 210 April 2014
  2. 2. Part I Ellis Island Part II The Immigrants Part III Ellis Island Today Resources
  3. 3.  Ellis Island was made a museum in 1965. It was made a museum because people like to see historic things in it. Did you know that Annie Moore, a 15 year old girl, was the first to step on the dock of Ellis Island? Noah Lind
  4. 4.  The rich people were treated like they were kings. They would have comfy beds. The poor people would have hard wooden beds and they would smell puke and blood when they slept. The poor people had to stay at the steerage The rich could stay up on the dock and have comfy beds Kevin Souza
  5. 5.  It took 3 to 5 hours to go through Ellis Island. Sometimes when they drop their stuff off it would get lost so it took even longer. The only reason why it takes so long is because all the things they had to do. T or F? TRUE. It is hard for immigrants to get a job FALSE. First class, second class and third class were all treated the same. Dylan Goulet
  6. 6.  Wealthy people were treated better because they had more money. With that money they could buy a better ticket and use that ticket to go right into America. True or False Wealthy people had to go through inspection false Wealthy people coming off the boat Katie Temmallo
  7. 7.  Some people go to Angel Island because it registers immigrants. Its also another place to go into America. True or False… By the 1950s did the immigration center on Ellis Island shut down? True Did you know that by 1895 immigrants were flooding into America here ? Weary travelers wait for permission to leave Ellis Island to start their new lives as Americans. Emanuel Cardenas
  8. 8. Ellis Island was in fact open all year. But a fire occurred in 1897. Ellis Island was gone in just 3 hours. Luckily no immigrants were killed or hurt. It took 3 years to rebuild Ellis Island. In 1954 the government shut down Ellis Island because they didn’t need it anymore, also, in 1965 the president at the time made it a monument/museum. Fathers would leave to the U.S. and save money for the rest of the family to come to the U.S. T or F? Was an inspector at Ellis Island also an emigrant? T or F Was part of Ellis Island man-made? Quote: “We had witnessed some terrible things. As a child I had seen 2,000 Armenians being burned alive in a burning church. We even heard their cries from where we were. And one woman tried to escape, but of course there was a Turkish soldier that shot her.” Vartan Hartunian, from Armenia in 1911 1,true2,true Emilie #14
  9. 9.  Ellis Island belonged to a man named Samuel Ellis, and that was how the island got its name. Apparently in 1892 it became a place for immigrants. Did you know that the first immigrant was an Irish girl named Annie more? True or False Could an eye infection send an immigrant back home? True. Weberton Figueiredo
  10. 10.  Workers worked at the hospital checking if they had any illnesses. Other workers gave immigrants food at the dinning hall. Lots and lots of other workers worked at the big room with lots of lines. The workers at Ellis island got paid 3 to 2 dollars some got $0. T or F About 2% of immigrants had to go back from sickness or any diseases. T or F When immigrants got off the boat they could leave right away. “You’re in America now. You have nothing to be afraid of nothing at all… -Esther Gidiwicz Arrived in America from Romania in 1905, age 5 T or F Anne Moore was the first person on Ellis island and received a $20 gold piece. True,false,false What an Immigrant said… Inspectors taking bags from new arrivals Sabrina Silva
  11. 11.  Ellis Island was made with dirt and rock dumped on it from subway tunnels to make the island larger. Samuel Ellis bought the island and named it Ellis Island after himself. How did they make Ellis Island? Who made the island? T OR F? Ellis Island was not added on to. Ellis Island is a museum today. Ellis Island Ellis Island being built. Samuel Ellis Hailey Ferreri false
  12. 12.  Ellis Island was very big full of many rooms including a hospital, kitchen, bathroom, dormitory room, and the main building. The hospital was where sick immigrants stayed until they got better. The kitchen was where the immigrants had their best meal. The bathroom was where they got clean. The Dormitory room is where they slept. Some slept on the floor. The main building is where the immigrants climbed the stairs and the doctors watched to see signs of illness. A map of Ellis Island Ellis IslandMariana Alves
  13. 13.  The immigrants mostly are in the third class in the ship to Ellis Island. There was no room in steerage because their suitcases are everywhere. It smells too! The trip is three weeks long. There is lots of lice in people’s hair and puke all over the floor. Some people sleep on the floor and some sleep on the bunks with no blankets. True or False The first Immigrants To come to the U.S Came mostly from South America? Did you know? A young Irish 15 year old girl named Annie Moore was the first to dock that morning? The first Immigrants came though Ellis Island There was a big fire in Ellis Island Ellis Island Re- opened It closes For an Entry Point for the Immigrants Ellis Island is Now a Museum Timeline Philip Paschalides
  14. 14. The meaning of the Statue of Liberty means hope and freedom to the immigrants when they past it in the New York harbor. It was a sign of a new life. The statue was a gift from France for winning the war. 1. T or F The statue was a given to the U.S by the British. 2. T or F Some immigrants thought that the Statue of Liberty was Christopher Columbus. The statue of Liberty in the harbor 1.false2.true Avery #16
  15. 15. After the immigrants left Ellis Island, they would meet family or friends, or they would go start a new life in America. Ellis Island 1. T or F Can immigrants work at Ellis Island? answers.1.true Statue of Liberty By, Elizabeth #15
  16. 16.  The reason people were sent back was because they would have a sickness or fail the question test. Did You Know? Immigrants would have to take a 7 second health test, if they were sick, they would be marked with red chalk. True or False Ellis Island shut down in the 1930’s. False, It shut down it the 1950’s Audrey :D
  17. 17.  Did you know it cost around 30$. believe it or not for them that is more than 700$ today! ABOUT ELLIS ISLAND January 1, 1892 Annie Moore ,age 15, was the first one to go on ELLIS ISLAND! Gabriel Lemes
  18. 18.  Ellis Island’s purpose is to control the flow of immigrants that came into the United States. Also, Ellis Island was for making sure immigrants could live, work, and be useful in the U.S. On the left, many immigrants are at Ellis Island. But after the (unfair) laws were passed, only a handful of immigrants are standing in front of the Main Building on the right. True or False? Ellis Island’s purpose is to count the immigrants that come into U.S. FALSE!! Catherine Barnum
  19. 19.  Through the years 1892 -1954, more than 12 million immigrants came through Ellis Island. They came to start a new life in the land of opportunity. Most of them came from Italy. People had to change their names because inspectors could not understand them Annie Moore, age 15, was the youngest immigrant to arrive. She traveled from Ireland. Ricky Tomlin
  20. 20. People immigrate to America because of poverty and they wanted to get more money and better jobs. In some countries there are criminals and robberies. But people want to come here mostly because of freedom. T or F Lady Liberty shows freedom to immigrants and citizens. true Did you know that immigrants might be away from their family because you know they don’t have enough money? Christopher King
  21. 21.  AnswerMost immigrants came from northern and western Europe. True/false Many immigrants left their homes because of torture true A picture of immigrants exiting the ship A map of northern Europe Most immigrants immigrated because it was too dangerous in their country  ANDY
  22. 22. Ellis Island by Elaine Landau Scholastic 2008 True Book of Ellis Island, Patricia Quiri Children’s Press 1998 At Ellis Island A history in Many Voices by Louise Peacock Scholastic 2007 Virtual Field Trip of Ellis Island