Gain More Shoppers For Free


Published on is an exciting website that offers you comprehensive and up-to-date information on the best deals in Saudi Arabia. Balaash, which means \'free\' in Arabic, allows users to locate the best deals - discounts, freebies, special offers

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Gain More Shoppers For Free

  1. 1. Bring More Shoppers to Your Stores Gain access to an untapped pool of shoppers byoffering compelling bargains to users
  2. 2. Gain More Shoppers 2
  3. 3. What is Balaash!• Balaash, which means free in Arabic, is a website that allows users to locate the best deals—discounts, freebies, special offers— before they go out shopping• Deals are listed by category and by store for users to locate discounts on products and services they need at any given time• Merchants can also offer ‘coupons’ which users can print out and redeem at their stores (or restaurants, health club, car wash, travel agency…) to ensure more people actually buy from them rather than their competitors• If you have an online store you can accept coupon codes and offer discounts on items in your catalogs to gain more online sales• Balaash also allows users to post information on deals in their city which they wish to share with others Who doesn’t like a bargain! 3 Gain More Shoppers
  4. 4. Expats in KSA• Nearly 9 million expats live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia• Of these, over 4 million can read and communicate in English• Among these are the nearly 800,000 Filipinos, 1 million white collar employees from India and Pakistan and other South Asian countries• Westerners, Lebanese, Sri Lankans and other nationalities who speak English comprise another good one million expats in KSA 4 Gain More Shoppers
  5. 5. EXPATRIATES IN KSA: 9 MILLION AND GROWING 22% Others: 1 33% 6 million frommillion+ English Subcontinent and Literate Philippines 17% 2 million English 11% literate Indians 17% Pakistanis Philipinos Bangladeshis • Asian and other Expats= 3 million English literate Others • 1.5 million Facebook English users in KSA Gain More Shoppers 5
  6. 6. Indians in KSA: 1.97 Million 800,000 Breakdown by Profession 600,000 2% 400,000 6% Senior Executives 200,000 12% Executives 0 Central Western Eastern 49% Managerial / Supervisory Level By State of Origin Administrative / Secretarial Level35% 31% Skilled / Unskilled30% Workmen25%20%15%10% 5% 0% 60% of Indian expats travel to their home country every year Gain More Shoppers 6
  7. 7. The Common Denominator• The one thing that unites most expat communities in the Kingdom, is the love of shopping and the desire to grab a bargain!• Since shopping offers the best opportunity for families to go out and spend time together, shops and business establishments that offer the best value for money are the most frequented 7 Gain More Shoppers
  8. 8. WHAT EXPAT WOMEN/ FAMILIES LOOK FORDiscount Shopping Special Offers Groceries Beauty Parlours Shoes Spas Clothes RestaurantsHousehold Goods Electronics Fast Food Gain More Shoppers 8
  9. 9. Why Balaash!• Most expats in the Kingdom depend on word-of-mouth or flyers delivered to their homes for information on discounts, special offers and the like• Merchants find it expensive and time-consuming to spread word of their deals through these means• Balaash offers a quick and virtually free opportunity for you to spread the good word. We will have your offers on the web in less than no time• Balaash will promote their site extensively through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, online newsletters, email campaigns, press releases, event sponsorship, etc. You pay nothing! 9 Gain More Shoppers
  10. 10. BALAASH MARKETING STRATEGY E-mail campaign Banners, posters, roll-ups Event sponsorshipAdvertisements in online Advertising at community Promotion through search and print media events engines Social Media marketing Tele-marketing and SMS • 1.5 million people in KSA use Facebook • Very effective as target audience is in English. reasonably well known. Gain More Shoppers 10
  11. 11. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEExisting Discounts Portals in KSA • Do not cater exclusively to expatriates • Shabby design and difficult to use User Interface • Focus is mainly on classifieds • Inaccurate and outdated content (due to lack of funds, no content strategy, etc.) • Not available in English • Not well-known: none recognized as a benchmark due to any/all of the aboveBalaash Discounts Portal • Easy to use and intuitive interface • Will be widely publicized and promoted extensively • Will offer comprehensive and current information on a range of products and services available locally • Simple, minimalistic interface and robust portal • Cater to different shopping needs: offering exclusive sections tailored to the peculiar needs of different expat groups • Ability to compare prices of identical items Gain More Shoppers 11
  12. 12. How You Can Participate in• As a merchant or service provider, all you do is send us your latest offers in digital form no sooner you plan to release them. Please send us images and text separately, in a high resolution, wherever possible.• In case you wish to offer coupons, just send us details of the details of the discount or freebies that can be redeemed by shoppers at your stores. Please send us a suggested design for the coupon.• If you have an online store, send us codes for coupons you want customers to use for online purchases. Coupons and codes will listed in the respective sections on• There are no charges for listing the above in our standard sections• You may also chose to list your offers and special deals on prominent locations on the home page and inner pages. Please ask for our advertisement tariff 12 Gain More Shoppers
  13. 13. Need More Info?• Please contact: Khalid Noor Mohammed Mobile: +966-504409915• Follow Balaash on Facebook and Twitter• Check out our ‘Fill and Win’ Market Survey here 13 Gain More Shoppers