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  • 1. Switch Block ConfigurationInstructions  Using the PT-Topology-SwitchBlock-VLANs.pkt topology configure the following.  Type your commands into Notepad and copy/paste them into packet tracer. This will help you save your work should Packet Tracer crash.VTP-----  All switches will be in the same VTP domain and will use a VTP password.  Configure DLS1 and DLS2 as VTP servers.  Configure all other switches as VTP clients.Creating VLANs---------------------  DLS1: Create and name the user VLANs: 10, 11, 20 and 21.  DLS1: Create and name a Management VLAN (used to telnet into switches)  DLS1: Create and name a NATIVE VLAN other than VLAN 1 (default)  DLS1: Create and name a Garbage VLAN (assigned to all unused ports.) o All ports that are not used (trunks and access) will be assigned as an access port to this VLAN.Management VLAN--------------------------  For each device in the network configure it to be a member of the management VLAN.  Configure privileged and vty (telnet) passwords for each switch.  You should be able to ping/telnet between switchesDefault Gateway----------------------  Configure DLS1 to be the default gateway for VLANs 10 and 11.  Configure DLS2 to be the default gateway for VLANs 20 and 21.
  • 2. Trunking------------  Configure trunking between all switches.  Allow only configured VLANs to be transported across the trunks. NOTE: Packet Tracer does not allow spaces in the range of vlans Example: 1,10-11,20-21,99  Configure the trunk link for the NATIVE VLAN using the VLAN number you created on DLS1 using VTP.EtherChannel------------------  Configure PAgP between DL and AL switches where there are multiple links.  Configure port-channel load balancing to use source and destination IP addresses.  You will need to include the NATIVE VLAN to the port channel interface on each switch: interface portchannel 1 (or whatever number you used in PAgP) switchport trunk native vlan 2 (or whatever VLAN number you created)Access Ports----------------  Configure the appropriate ports on ALS10, ALS11, ALS 20, and ALS21 to be access ports for the proper VLAN where a PC is connected.  All ports not connected to a PC or used for trunking should be an access port in your Garbage VLAN.STP----  Configure DLS1 to be the root bridge for VLANs 1, 10 and 11  Configure DLS2 to be the root bridge for all other VLANs