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Dwits Corporate Overview

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Dwits Overview

  1. 1. Digital Waves IT SolutionsCorporate Overview
  2. 2. About Us• Digital Waves IT Solutions is a new company formed bya group of like minded professional focused to providequality service in the select technology and services.• We specialize in end-to-end consulting and productimplementations and post implementation peoplechange management without which no product orservice would be complete.•In order to bring value to modern IS & ICTmanagement it is important to strive the right balancebetween people, process, technology. And it ispossible through Enterprise BusinessArchitecture(EBA). Where EBA is plexus to all businessstrategy, operations, people, technology and data.• We focus on select technology, services so as to bringour core values and principle to our offerings.
  3. 3. Our Strategy and FocusDigital Waves IT Solutions is a focused towards achieving corporate excellence in deliveringsolutions that best meets your IT requirements streamlined to align with your businessobjectives.Our Vision is to deliver what we promise; We strive to comply with global standards andbest practices.Mission, we are focused on specific technology consulting & software that help bringsefficiency, effectiveness and optimize your IT operations capability to align withbest practice and IT strategy.We have carefully chosen our consultants who are partners to our success. We as ateam deliver our services to highest global standards of quality service andconsulting practice.We partner with select vendors to provide solutions in the technology vertical we focuslike Business Continuity, IT Operations and IT infrastructure management andmonitoring software solutions.
  4. 4. Business ProcessConsultingIT Management SoftwareEnterprise StorageSolutionsEnterprise Backup &RecoveryPrint ManagementVideo ConferencingSolutionHealth & SafetySoftwareEnterprise ApplicationsNetworking &SurveillancetechnologiesOutsourcingBPM/OITSM ConsultingISO 20000HRO Manage EngineServiceDesk PlusNetworkManagementApplicationManagementActive DirectoryMgmtDesktop ManageentEnterprise StorageSolutions fromTandbergNetworkingVideoConferencingSolutionSurveillancetechnologiesHealth & SafetySoftwarePrintManagementSolutionEnterprise Backup& RecoveryConsulting &Software
  5. 5. Our Focus - Products and ServicesITSM; ITIL; Cobit; ISO20000; IT GovernanceTechnology Consulting•Project & Program Management•Risk Management•Business Continuity Management Consulting (BIA, BCP) & Software (Inoni)•IT Service Management consulting with IT policies and procedure•IT GovernanceManage Engine – IT360, ServiceDesk Plus, Op Manager, AD Manager PlusIT Management Software•Business Service Management (BSM)•Helpdesk & Customer Support•IT Infrastructure Management – Network and Application monitoring; AD management•Asset & Desktop Management – OS deployment, Patch ManagementZOHO Cloud Applications; Video Conferencing Products & SoftwareEnterprise Applications•Customer Relationship Management (CRM)•Document Management System•Financial Applications•Business IntelligenceSurveillance Technologies | Resource OutsourcingBusiness ProcessOutsourcing | Networking’•L1, L2 Network topologies, Cabling, Access Control•Data Center Design & Implementation•Enterprise Database Back / Recovery/ SAN replication ( Double Take);•Enterprise Security – ISO 27001 Implementation, Application Integrity, PCI DSS Audit and assurance;• Enterprise Mail• Integration Project• HRMS/ Payroll• Custom Bespoke Application Development
  6. 6. Our Technology Solution OfferingsConsultingPracticeIT ServiceManagementConsulting – ITIL, ISO20000ERP Security & AuditDatabase Migration &upgradeIT Risk ManagementBusiness ContinuityManagementBusiness ChangeManagementBusiness ProcessManagement (BPM)IT ManagementSolutionITIL Based HelpdeskIntegrated ITManagement SoftwareActive DirectoryManagementDesktop & OSdeploymentEnterpriseApplicationsMonitoringNetwork PerformanceMonitoringEvent LogManagementEnterpriseApplicationsSolutionsEnterprise ResourcePlanning (ERP)Business Intelligence(BI)DocumentManagement System(DMS)CustomerRelationshipManagement (CRM)Enterprise SecuritySolutionsInfrastructureServicesNetworking - L1, L2,L3Storage Management& Hardware SupplyResourceOutsourcingAnnual MaintenanceServices – Software &Hardwaremaintenancecontracts
  7. 7. IT Service Management/ AssetManagement Service offeringIT Service ManagementService Management encompasses the delivery of alarge breadth of IT services – including servicerequest and incident management, problem, changeand release management, and IT assetmanagement, to name a few. Today’s employees inall industries depend heavily on the businesssystems and data center infrastructure thatsupports them. These business systems must beavailable to ensure peak employeeproductivity. The IT department relies on a growingset of service management tools, preferablyintegrated as a consolidated suite, to meet therising business expectations.We provide ITIL based Service managementsolutions in IT Service management vertical thatcompliance with ITIL Standards.IT360DesktopCentralOP ManagerApp ManagerServiceDeskDesktopCentralOS Deployment& ImagingSoftwareDistribution &PatchingOPManagerNetwork , Server& VirtualizationMonitoringNetworkBandwidthMonitoringWan MonitoringAppManagerApplications &End UserExperienceMonitoringServiceDeskPlusServiceDesk, Incident & InventoryManagement
  8. 8. IT Management Consulting & SoftwareWe offer ISO 20000 Consulting& Audit services in associationwith Red Badge Company, UK.We provide simple, easy-to-use IT Management productsthat are a must for everygrowing organization.These tools allow theapplication, network,database administrator tomonitor their applicationsproactively without missingany probable problem throughon time notification to makedecisions before the realproblem occurs.And document every incident,problem in a professionalmanner in compliance withITIL standards.
  9. 9. NovaBACKUPSMBEnterprise(Large data volume/ heterogeneous environments)Consumer(Boxed products/ Public Cloud)DataCenter(local)Cloud/SaaSNovaBACKUPRemote WorkforceNovaBACKUPxSPNovaBACKUPDataCenterBackup ExecNetBackupNovaStor Backup / RestoreMarket Position
  10. 10. NovaStor Backup / RestoreSoftware - ArchitectureCentralManagementCentral Database- what/when/where- Schedules- JobsCentral ManagementBackupClientBackup DevicesBackupClientBackupClientBackup DevicesActive ClientsBackup Metadata- what/when/where- File detailsPassive StorageServices- Media Data- Self containedmedia formatBackup ServerBackup ServerBackup ServerMedia Media Media Media
  11. 11. Tandberg Data - Protection PlatformTape,Automation&Media• StorageLibraryT40+ Series• StorageLibraryT24• StorageLoaderLTO• LTO Drives• DAT Drives• Tape MediaRemovableDisk• RDX QuikStation• RDX QuikStor• RDX HDD Media• RDX SSD MediaDiskBasedAppliances• AccuVault 1U• DPS2000 Series• AccuVault RDX11
  12. 12. Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T24• High density with up to 72TBcompressed data in 2U• Performance up to 2.0TB/hr (compressed)• Easily scales from 12 to 24 slots and offers performance on demandwith additional drives and slot upgrades• Offers SCSI, SAS and Native Fibre Channel connectivity• Easy to install, manage, upgrade or maintain• 1 year 5x8xNBD On-site Service12* Compressed, 2 drives, assuming 2:1 data compressionType Drive Slots Capacity* TransferRates*InterfaceLTO 1/2 LTO-5HH12/2436/72TB 1000/2000GB/hrSAS, FCLTO 1/2 LTO-4HH12/2419.2/38.4TB576/1152GB/hrSCSI, SAS,FCLTO 1/2 LTO-3HH12/249.6/19.2TB432/864GB/hr SCSI
  13. 13. Business Continuity ManagementSoftware & Consulting - Risk ManagementPractice• When you hire a consultant, you placeyour trust in them to deliver the best foryour organization. You look for a practicalapproach and a depth of knowledge thatwill generate confidence at director-leveland throughout the business.• Our professionals have a wealth ofexperience working in and for the verylargest organizations, through to smallbusinesses. We know what works and canhelp you achieve a continuity capabilitythat is right for your organization.• Our services, software and expertisemean were uniquely placed to save youtime and money, delivering lastingoutcomes that work for you.• Our services, software and expertisemean were uniquely placed to save youtime and money, delivering lastingoutcomes that work for you.• Above all, we aim to offer exceptionalvalue.
  14. 14. Health and Safety Consulting &Software• The Action Manager Health and Safety Software• TAM is a comprehensive Health and Safety software thatmakes compliance a great deal easier to achieve and alot less time consuming.• TAM is a web-based, flexible and scalable Health andSafety management system suited to any type and sizeof organisation.• Our aim with this website is to present you with enoughinsight into our Health and Safety software and theservices that we provide, in order to encourage you totry TAM, and then to offer you a deal that ensures youhave nothing to lose from doing so.• TAM is unlike any other Health and Safety software• TAM is more comprehensive and helps you with moreHealth and Safety compliance issues TAM helps youcomply with more of your Health and Safety obligationsthan other software. Despite this, TAM remains a work-in-progress, as we are continuously improving thesoftware.• TAM is a complete, paperless system that leaves youwith no loose ends• Many Health and Safety software solutions available inthe market are little more than expensive word-processors of Risk Assessments, offering little or nofunctionality and that still leave you dependant on ahardcopy based Health and Safety management system.TAMs Health and Safety software is unique because it isa paperless system with a high level of functionality,helping to ensure that everything you have stated inyour Health and Safety documentation actually getsdone, thereby leaving no loose ends.
  15. 15. Video Conferencing Solution• We offer HD Video ConferencingSolutions for Boardrooms of largeenterprises using only one third ofbandwidth of comparable solutions.With our Professional, Affordable,Secure video conferencing softwareservices, you can virtually meetanyone in the world over the internetand not just installed locations. OurVideo conferencing technology workson the model of concurrent users.• As many users can get connectedsimultaneously equivalent to thenumber of licenses purchased,irrespective of their location. Forexample, if you purchase 10 licenses,you can simultaneously connect any ofyour 10 locations and not just anyfixed locations (unlike othercompetitor products, where you canconnect only installed locations onvideo conference meetings).
  16. 16. Print Manager Software• Tracks Printing from any client or source,that is spooled by Windows• Provides Summary and Detailed reportingon printing• Save on printing costs via Restrictions andQuotas• Integrates tracking with Microsoft ActiveDirectory• Prompts for Job Authentication• Apply restrictions per Printer, User, Groupor Organizational Unit• Keeps users informed about their printingusage
  17. 17. Enterprise Applications Security & DatabaseConsulting Practice• Do provide Segrgation of Duties consulting and security control for leading ERPs - Oracle , SAP, People Soft,JD Edwards.• We have consultants with internations experience in Application integrity practice and security controls• We have highly experienced Certified DBA team with knowledge on wide areas of database technology. Weoffer following DBA services• Database performance tuning, optimization(Oracle 7,8i,9i,10g,11g)• Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration(Versions 2000, 2005, 2008)• Database & Application cross platform migration (Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris)• Oracle ERP Apps DBA (Version 11.5.10.x; R12)• Oracle Application Server Installation, configuration & administration• Database Security (DB Vault, Labels, SOD design for ERP & Database Firewall)• DataGuard – Stand by DB for Disaster recovery• Database upgrade, patching, cloning• Database Clusters on multiple nodes for High Availability (RAC)
  18. 18. Business Process Outsourcing
  19. 19. Networking & Surveillance TechnologyWe partner with select vendorsin areas of infrastructuresurveillance technology toprovide products and specialisedservices in following:• Physical Security access control• Security Cameras• Asset Management• Biometric Identity & access management• Barcode & RFID products and integrationsservices• Networking topology• Sensors and Alarms• Enterprise Asset Management
  20. 20. Other Software Products & Services Consulting : IT Audit, Vulnerability assessment & advisory services Identity and Access Management Application Integration: ERP Segregation of Duties, ERP / DB SecurityControls Database upgrade and migration to heterogeneous environments Business Process management Workflow Management; Team Collaboration Surveillance Technologies - CCTV, Time & Attendance, Access ControlSystem Print Management Solution Infrastructure Solution – Security, firewall, dataloss prevention, Devicetracking Operating Systems - Microsoft OS, Oracle Linux) Microsoft Solutions Offerings – System Center, SharePoint, Dot.Net Enterprise Architecture / Solution Architecture Annual Maintenance Contracts & on Call Support Services
  21. 21. Our Key Personnels ProfilesWe have qualified IT expertise specialized in multiple technologyverticals and product specialization.Our resource span in following technologies & IT ServiceBusiness process consulting – ITSM, ERP, Enterprise ApplicationEnterprise Applications consulting and auditIT Service Management / Asset ManagementBusiness IntelligenceDocument Management SystemDatabase Administration, upgrade & migration on heterogeneousenvironmentERP Consultants – Modules ( Financials, CRM, Asset Management,Supply Chain, Manufacturing, HRMS)Security Solutions – End Point Security, Firewall, Enterprise accesscontrolStorage/Data Centre SolutionsIT Project Management & Consulting
  22. 22. Khaja Nooruddin – MBA, OCP, CRISC, CMP, ITIL, PM,MBCSTechnology ConsultingTotal Years of experience : 14 yrs in IT IndustryMiddle East Experience: 7 yrsTechnology Domain/industry Specialization : ERPApplication Administration, Technology Consultingexperience in Shipping & Logistics, Trading, softwaredevelopment, Technology Consulting.Technology specialization:Subject Matter Expert – Database, BusinessIntelligence & Data Warehousing, EnterpriseApplications Servers, Project management, EnterpriseArchitecture design (TOGAF)Product specialization Oracle Database Administration (OCP) – RAC, DB Migration,Upgrade Oracle eBusiness Suite ERP Administration( Apps DBA), SecurityControls, SOD SAP Security Implementation, Microsoft & Oracle Business Intelligence/ Data warehousing, Document Management Systems (eBiz Archive) ITIL based Service Management Application (Manage EngineSDP, Front Range ITSM) Enterprise Security Assessment & Control, Implement SecurityPolicy, Risk Management IT Service Management; ISO 20000; Product implementationProjects/Experience:Middle East :o ITSM project implementation - ORPIC, Sohar, Omano ITSM project implementation – PAEW, Muscat, Omano Project Manager for BI project; Sadolin Paints, Omano ITSM project Implementation for Oman Gas Companyo ITSM project implementation for Oman Housing Banko ITSM project Implementation for Al Zaman Industries, SaudiArabiao Project Manager for Database/Applications Migration projectsfor - OIB, Bhaker Haji Shipping Company, & MODo Project Manager for ITSM projects - Haya, Oman HousingBank, Oman Gas Co., MODo ERP/Administrator/Project Manager for migration of ShippingERP application, PILSHIP, Saudi Arabiao Web portal development, DWITSUSA:Deloitte EBSO project; Projects & portfolio management forComputer Associates, Oracle DBA• Deloitte / Sun Trust Bank – Pricing optimization datastructuring project• Deloitte / Oracle EBS Security Implementation- DeloitteInternal practice lead• Deloitte internal Quality framework for service offerings;• Oracle ERP Content management for Dell Malaysia• IT Security Policy, Risk Management for Citibank• Oracle Database migration & upgrade, for RaceMark Intl
  23. 23. Hilal Al Namani – BSC, OCP DBA/Applications, ITIL,Prince 2Technology ConsultingTotal Years of experience : 8 yrs in IT IndustryMiddle East Experience: 8 yrsTechnology Domain/industry Specialization : ERPApplication Administration, Audit, ITSM consulting;Domain expertise: Oil & Gas, Defense, Ministries, LargeEnterpriseTechnology specialization:Subject Matter Expert – Database, BusinessApplication & Data migration, Enterprise ApplicationsServers, Project management, SOD, ITILProduct specialization Oracle Database Administration (OCP) – RAC, DBMigration, Upgrade Oracle eBusiness Suite ERP Administration( Apps DBA), SecurityControls, SOD ITIL based Service Management Application (Manage EngineSDP, Front Range ITSM) Enterprise Security Assessment & Control, Implement SecurityPolicy, Risk Management IT Service Management; ISO 20000; Product implementationProjects/Experience:Systems Analyst, Oman LNGo Segregation of Duties, Database & Applicationso RMAN Implementationo Meal Management System Implementation Projecto Health, Safety and Security (HSE) SoftwareEnhancemento Implementation of Internal Audit Module in HSESoftwareo Complete database documentationo Designing Application Portfolio Documentso Evaluation of Business Support systemsDatabase Administrator & Lead ITSM Auditor, MODo ISO 20000 implementationo Database DR implementation with Oracleo Oracle application design & implementationo Database migration & upgradeo Backup / recovery strategies and administrationo Systems & Network administration
  24. 24. Burhanuddin Khaja – B Tech, Network Specialist, ITILSystems Analysis and Technology ConsultingTechnology Domain/industry Specialization :Application Administration, DesktopManagement, ITSM consulting;Domain expertise: TelecomTechnology specialization:Subject Matter Expert – Networking, Helpdesk,Desktop , ITILProduct specialization Cisco Router Configuration Helpdesk Software Active Directory Management Network Monitoring & ManagementProjects/ExperienceSystems Analysto “Higher Order SVD, Analysis for DynamicTexture Synthesis”: Project incorporatedprogramming and simulation using Matlab.o Complete database documentationo Designing Application Portfolio Documentso Evaluation of Business Support systems
  25. 25. Thank YouContact us at:P O Box 25,Postal Code 101, City CentreMuscat, Sultanate of Oman.Mob: +968 99886878Tel : +968 22009619Fax : +968 24520664Email : dwits@dw-its.com,www.dw-its.comContact Name Hilal Al NamaniTitle Business Development DirectorAddress Po Box 25,Postal Code 101, City Centre,Muscat, OmanTel & Fax +968 22009619Mobile +968 99886876E-mail address hilal.alnamani@dw-its.comContact Name Khaja NooruddinTitle Vice President & Managing DirectorAddress Po Box 25,Postal Code 101, City Centre,Muscat, OmanTel +968 22009619Mobile +968 96743480E-mail address noor@dw-its.com