Geeks on a Beach Keynote by Khailee Ng


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The topic was supposed to be 'success strategies to attract investors'. I opted to focused on what really mattered... the 'source' of those strategies instead. The target audience was mostly Southeast Asian founders.

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Geeks on a Beach Keynote by Khailee Ng

  1. 1. “I’m not going to talk about success strategies today” @khailee
  2. 2. I like creating things.
  3. 3. Discovered business was an excellent vehicle for creation.
  4. 4. From creating businesses to helping others create businesses.
  5. 5. Global Seed Fund & Accelerator. Invested in 500+ Companies across 38 Countries who went on to raise over $1Billion.
  6. 6. 500 STARTUPS HAS BEEN LOOKING AT THIS REGION FOR A WHILE: THAILAND VIETNAM MALAYSIA INDONESIA PHILIPPINES SINGAPORE 16 July 2013 13CONFIDENTIAL: NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION Note: 500 Startups includes collectively (a) 500 Startups, L.P. and 500 Startups-A, L.P. (together “Fund I”), (b) 500 Startups Annex Fund, L.P., and (c) 500 Startups II, L.P. and 500 Startups II-A, L.P. (together “Fund II”)
  7. 7. Some of the startups we’ve funded in the Philippines, and around the region! And others you may have heard of…
  8. 8. I don’t want to talk about success ‘strategies’ to attract investors. Let’s talk about the ‘source’ of those strategies…
  9. 9. You Sometimes Get What You Wish For Exactly 4 Years later in the same Week. Groupon Exit Valuation Appeared Exactly the same amount I fixed in my mind 3 years when I first decided to do a startup. Exact same amount.
  10. 10. From the ‘This is a shit hole State of Mind’ to the ‘Silicon Valley State of Mind’ ABUNDANCE!
  11. 11. Traction ________ Time Key is to Optimize From “See it to believe it” to “Believe it to see it”
  12. 12. From local ecosystem limits to global ecosystem access!
  13. 13. Imagine bespoke masterminds with 1000+ global founders and 300+ global mentors Companies will have access to, a Quora-like platform that enables founders to tap into the collective intelligence of the 500 Startups network Portfolio companies can message and connect with any of the 1200+ members of the global 500 Family 16 July 2013 20CONFIDENTIAL: NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  14. 14. Imagine spending 3 months in Silicon Valley and working alongside the world’s top founders, and pitching to world’s top investors. 16 July 2013 21CONFIDENTIAL: NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  15. 15. Imagine top ‘growth hackers’ helping you set up your foundations & training your staff! 16 July 2013 22CONFIDENTIAL: NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  16. 16. Imagine optimizing HOW you spend the money you’ve raised to multiply your traction! 16 July 2013 23CONFIDENTIAL: NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  17. 17. Imagine raising more money much faster and at stronger valuations (less dilution to you). Strong ties with local investment partners + #1 Most followed investor on AngelList! 16 July 2013 24CONFIDENTIAL: NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION
  18. 18. It starts with your ‘inner game’. • Adopting the ‘silicon valley state of mind’ = abundance • Believe it to see it • Get global ecosystem access, and set yourself free… Because sometimes, you get what you wish for ;)
  19. 19. @khailee