Zigbee enabled intelligent controlled monitoring system

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embedded system, wwww.skesystems.com,khadarbaba

embedded system, wwww.skesystems.com,khadarbaba

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  • 1. Embedded systems Ph:7842522786 9948887244 ABSTRACT As zig-bee is the upcoming technology in wireless field, we had tried to demonstrate its way of functionality and various aspects like kinds, advantages and disadvantages using a small application of controlling the any kind of electronic devices and machines. The zig-bee technology is broadly adopted for bulk and fast data transmission over a dedicated channel. The other advantage using zig-bee is that we can build a network of several nodes. Description: In this project we are demonstrating the working principle of zig-bee modules and are controlling the devices connected by continuously monitoring them. Here we are continuously monitoring the temperature of a room and control it by turning ON/OFF Heater/Cooler. In this project one zig-bee module is connected to the PC through which we can transmit the control commands. The other zig-bee module is interfaced to the microcontroller. LM 35 is used for temperature sensing, ADC 0804 is used for converting the analog temperature to digital. Two Relays are connected to ULN 2083 driver for switching the heater and cooler. The micro-controller reads the temperature through the ADC and transmits to the host. The users can in-turn send pre-determined commands to the end device. The micro-controller will switch ON/OFF the Heater/Cooler depending the message received. skesystems@gmail.com Vijayawada Hyderabad Page 1
  • 2. Embedded systems Ph:7842522786 9948887244 BLOCK DIAGRAM Relays ULN 2803 Zigbee ZigBee Microcontroller PC LCD ADC LM 35 Fig 4.1: ZigBee intelligent monitoring ^&78888888&controlling skesystems@gmail.com Vijayawada Hyderabad Page 2
  • 3. Embedded systems Ph:7842522786 9948887244 skesystems@gmail.com Vijayawada Hyderabad Page 3