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Ethics & Values   Khach

Ethics & Values Khach






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    Ethics & Values   Khach Ethics & Values Khach Presentation Transcript

    • Beliefs, Attitudes, Behavior -- Ethics and Values
      Speech 104
      Professor Marteney
    • The meanings:
      Beliefs – confidence is placed
      Attitudes – created for effect
      Behavior – manner of acting or controlling yourself
      Ethics – right or wrongs that are accepted by an individual
      Values – relative darkness or lightness of a color
    • Three key ideas
      That the ordering of beliefs and values  create a  value system.
      We use our values and value system to make our decisions
      We want our decisions to be consistent with our beliefs  and values.
    • Codes of Conduct
      A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities or proper practices.
    • Six pillars of character
      Trustworthiness – the trait of deserving trust and confidence
      Respect – behavior intended to please your parents
      Responsibility – the social force that blinds you to the courses of action
    • 4. Fairness – the equality of being good looking
      5. Caring – feeling a concern and empathy for others
      6. Citizenship – status of a citizen with rights and duties
    • Ideals of chivalry
      Prowess – a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation
      Honor – a woman's virtue or chastity
      Loyalty – that act of binding yourself to course of action
      Courtesy – respectful or considerate act
      Courtly love – a highly conventionalized code of conduct for lovers
    • Making Ethical Decisions
      We make out ethical decisions every day, some of our decisions are about what will work best or even last longer.
      These decisions don't involve right or wrong, but they involve availability, practicality or preference.
      Always select the best option in your choice, when you cannot decide which is the best choice then eliminate the ones you think don’t mater the best to you, then make that correct decision.
      Many of our choices are about doing the right things and making the right choices.
      Decisions happen so quickly but the consequences can last a lifetime.
    • Terminal values
      Terminal value refers to the salvage or residual value of an asset.
      For example, in finance, terminal value is the future discounted value of all future cash flows beyond a given date.
    • Instrumental values
      Instrumental value is the value of objects, both physical objects and abstract objects.