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TNG Solutions

  2. 2. SERVICES FROM THE NEWMAN GROUP A FUTURESTEP COMPANY , Talent Acquisition Strategic Assessment “They brought an incredible amount of deep subject matter expertise as well as TALENT ACQUISITION: COMPLEX NEEDS, first-hand knowledge of healthcare talent CRITICAL BUSINESS IMPLICATIONS management to help us put forth a plan that would achieve success.” “We’re updating our talent management Margery Geers, Chief People Officer systems, and I must be sure that our Take Care Health processes and technology work together.” “They team played a central role in “Turnover is too high, because we’re having helping us transform our recruitment function across a highly decentralized trouble acquiring the right talent.” and fragmented business model.” “We don’t know how well we’re doing in Jason Phillips, Vice President of Recruitment talent acquisition, because we’re not Kaiser Permanente accurately measuring our success.” “We’re spending too much money on acquiring talent. How do we fix that?” APPLY A PROVEN STRATEGIC APPROACH TO PINPOINT AND ADDRESS TALENT ACQUISITION CHALLENGES Streamline Operations Control Costs Eliminate redundant processes, bottlenecks Develop strategies for improving efficiency and roadblocks and improve your use of and controlling or reducing costs associated available resources. with talent acquisition. Improve Responsiveness Gain a Competitive Advantage Boost your ability to meet the needs of From social media to new technologies and the the business as well as your candidates. latest in strategic thinking, we provide expertise to help you compete effectively in today’s market for talent.
  3. 3. TALENT ACQUISITION STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT: STRATEGY AND EXPERTISE FORFEATURES AND AREAS OF FOCUS TALENT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS Key Features • Three-phase process: project definition, discovery and analysis, and response and planning The Newman Group provides • Structured interviews and discovery workshops consulting support to help companies • Benchmarking address their most challenging talent • Executive briefings • Maturity overview management needs. • Prioritized roadmap for improvement Strategic Services Areas of Focus • Integrated talent management Employment Value Proposition (EVP) • Workforce planning • Your organizations appeal to the expectations and values • Talent acquisition solutions of the talent it needs • Focus group and assessment methodology to assess key attributes • Talent systems selection and • Perceptions of candidates and targeted sections of the labor market advisory services • Points of “disconnect” that cause lost candidates or employee turnover, and strategies for improvement Technology Implementation Strategy Services • Sourcing strategies and recruiting programs • Pre-implementation planning • Internet/print advertising, university relations • Employee referral programs • Program management • Social networking • Change management, training • Internal mobility, job posting, career progression and communications Operational Model • Functional design analysis • Evaluation of organizational structure and operational approach • Technology optimization • Analysis of options: centralized, decentralized, or hybrid approach • Analytic and reporting • Staff deployment and size, roles and responsibilities enablement Process and Technology • Requisition management, sourcing management and assessments Operational Support Services • Interview and selection, offer management and onboarding • User and help desk support • Talent management solutions, vendor tools, product modules • System administration • System capabilities technical performance • User acceptance and adoption • Candidate support • Data flow and relationships between systems • Vendor management • Operational support and change management Performance Monitoring • Recruiter productivity and performance metrics • Application of metrics to develop meaningful analytics for the businessLEARN MORE Phone: 1.877.630.6262 (1.877.NEWMAN2) Email: Web: www.tng.futurestep.comCopyright © 2011. Korn/Ferry International and Korn/Ferry International Futurestep, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. SERVICES FROM THE NEWMAN GROUP A FUTURESTEP COMPANY , Workforce Planning WORKFORCE UNCERTAINTY CREATES BUSINESS ISSUES. HOW DO YOU TAKE CONTROL? “What will it take to improve our connection between business strategy and talent?” “A significant portion of our talent will retire over the next several years. We need to be prepared.” “How do we break the spiral of turnover and reactive hiring?” “We’re moving locations and adjusting our business model. How do I know what talent is available and what I’ll need?” “We’ve done workforce planning, but we’re not satisfied with the results.” APPLY A PRACTICAL STRATEGIC APPROACH TO ADVANCE YOUR WORKFORCE PLANNING CAPABILITY Starting Out or Looking to Improve? We Can Help A Proven Process, Tailored to Your Needs Whether you are starting from scratch or evolving A methodical approach to workforce planning will your capability, we provide guidance to move your ensure consistency across your organization while workforce planning effort forward. enabling flexibility to meet your goals. Develop a More Predictive Planning Capability Stakeholder Education and Change Management From scenario modeling to detailed data on future Achieve internal “Wins,” build support and get your talent and hiring needs—we can help you go beyond key stakeholders on board. Our consultants will help inventory and headcount to achieve relevant strategic you navigate critical change management needs. results. Industry Experience, Best Practice and Technology Expertise Our consulting leaders provide a practical perspective in business operations, workforce planning practices, and technology to drive a successful initiative.
  5. 5. WORKFORCE PLANNING: STRATEGY AND EXPERTISE FORFEATURES AND AREAS OF FOCUS TALENT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS • Training and/or Educational Workshops We help you establish a common understanding The Newman Group provides and definition. consulting support to help companies address their most challenging talent management needs. • Getting Workforce Planning Started Focus includes defining objectives, building Strategic Services a team and building internal capabilities. • Integrated talent management • Workforce planning • Workforce Analytics • Talent acquisition solutions Data and analytics helps you understand your • Talent systems selection and current supply, past trends and future workforce advisory services needs. Technology Implementation Services • Working with Business Leaders and HR • Pre-implementation planning We help you translate the business plan into • Program management specific future workforce needs. • Change management, training and communications • Building an Action Plan • Functional design analysis Plan development utilizes gap analysis • Technology optimization and scenario modeling. • Analytic and reporting enablement • Defining Key Metrics and Analytics This includes development of workforce Operational Support Services • User and help desk support dashboards and scorecards. • System administration • Candidate support • Vendor Evaluation • Vendor management Expert guidance helps ensure that you find the best technology to support your workforce planning process.LEARN MORE Phone: 1.877.630.6262 (1.877.NEWMAN2) Email: Web: www.tng.futurestep.comCopyright © 2011. Korn/Ferry International and Korn/Ferry International Futurestep, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. SERVICES FROM THE NEWMAN GROUP A FUTURESTEP COMPANY , Integrated Talent Management Business Planning BOARDROOM VISION, OPERATIONAL “The ITM analysis from SUCCESS: HOW WILL YOUR TALENT Futurestep’s Newman Group MANAGEMENT STRATEGY DELIVER? consultants gave us the perspective to determine what “Our talent management strategy is not clearly driven we need to do now, and what by our business strategy.” integration requirements each “We know our talent management processes are not working together, but how do you begin to connect them?” activity needed to address. This was a careful translation of raw “We need to operationalize our talent management vision.” needs into a strategic direction. “Our CEO is not going to wait a year for us to develop a plan for talent management.” Ed Colbert, “Our talent management projects are often implemented in Global Director of Talent Management response to a particular pain. We need to break out of this Dow Corning reactive cycle.” “We need more than general recommendations; we need a clear action plan for improvement.” GET THE SUPPORT TO BUILD AND OPERATIONALIZE A TALENT MANAGEMENT STRATEGY THAT ACHIEVES IMPACT The Most Comprehensive Solution for Strategic Vision Addressing Both Near- and Long-Term Priorities Break the cycle of reactive plans and initiatives We enable you to build a strategic vision that tackles by establishing a realistic and detailed strategic immediate needs and lays the groundwork for achieving future-state picture of your operations. multi-year objectives. Detailed Operational Understanding Beyond Strategy: A Unique Approach to Translate Our ITM consultants draw from deep domain expertise to ITM Potential into Operational Improvement help you ask the right questions in assessing each of your Connecting talent disciplines drives efficiency, talent talent management disciplines. readiness and strategic impact. We focus on helping you identify a specific and actionable plan for achieving 120-Day Planning Framework ITM success. With full preparation and availability of client resources, ITM Business Planning can provide complete results in Innovative and Proven Assessment Process a four month timeline. Our approach to ITM draws from proven “black box” analysis principles for defining interactions in complex systems.
  7. 7. ITM BUSINESS PLANNING : STRATEGY AND EXPERTISE FORFEATURES AND AREAS OF FOCUS TALENT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS Initial Assessment: Connecting Business to Talent Management Goals • Includes detailed research into your business drivers The Newman Group provides • Identifies corporate objectives, supporting goals and talent consulting support to help companies implications • Establishes objectives for each talent management discipline address their most challenging talent • Identifies priorities and barriers to success for each discipline management needs. Development and Mapping of the Integrated Talent Management Function Strategic Services • Integrated talent management Establish Desired ITM Function to Support Business Goals We apply a proven “Black Box” approach for aligning interaction • Workforce planning in complex environments, covering: • Talent acquisition solutions • Workforce planning • Talent systems selection and • Talent acquisition • Learning and development advisory services • Succession planning • Leadership development • Performance management Technology Implementation • Compensation Services • Competency management • Underlying technology • Pre-implementation planning • List • Program management Determine Operational Needs for Each Discipline • Objectives • Change management, training • Activities and communications • Inputs and suppliers • Outputs and consumers • Functional design analysis • Assumptions • Technology optimization Create a Detailed Representation of the ITM Goal • Analytic and reporting • Schematic representation provides a high-level view and covers enablement detailed functional interaction • A powerful education and planning tool Examine Current Operations Operational Support Services • A detailed examination compares each discipline today with the • User and help desk support needs of the future-state ITM goal • System administration • Identification of requirements related to process, technology and organization for each discipline • Candidate support • An “ITM maturity” overview for each discipline pinpoints • Vendor management high-priority needs Create a Detailed Multi-year Project Roadmap • A detailed timeline outlines key initiatives for evolving talent management functions • Prioritization of projects focuses on discipline maturity, urgency, impact on other projects, and ability to deliver early “quick wins”LEARN MORE Phone: 1.877.630.6262 (1.877.NEWMAN2) Email: Web: www.tng.futurestep.comCopyright © 2011. Korn/Ferry International and Korn/Ferry International Futurestep, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. SERVICES FROM THE NEWMAN GROUP A FUTURESTEP COMPANY , Talent Systems Selection and Advisory Services IS YOUR TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY DELIVERING ON YOUR BUSINESS AND TALENT MANAGEMENT DEMANDS? “We need to choose and implement a new system for our talent operations, and we must get it right? “How do I stay on top of a technology market that is constantly changing? Will my provider be acquired?” “I need more than impressive features in my solution—I need to demonstrate business ROI.” “Making a technology decision today is much more difficult than it was five years ago. We are struggling with the complexity.” “We need guidance from someone with a deep understanding of where talent management technology is going tomorrow.” GET THE TRUSTED GUIDANCE TO ENSURE YOU MAKE THE RIGHT TALENT MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY DECISIONS FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION. The Latest Thinking, from Social Media Applying Technology Innovation to Integrated Talent Management for Practical Solutions Our consultants keep a constant watch on The solutions marketplace is evolving fast. the technology marketplace, and their insight We help you make sense of the new players and is frequently featured in publications and the new features, and pinpoint the solutions that presentations at industry events. Deep industry are uniquely suited to address your business knowledge helps ensure that you keep your needs. technology strategy moving forward. An Objective Evaluation and Selection Process ROI and Business-Perspective For organizations implementing or upgrading What makes an effective technology strategy their talent management systems, we provide a or decision? We provide guidance on aligning structured process to establish business needs, business and talent management priorities, define technology requirements, and objectively defining goals, and measuring outcomes. evaluate and select solutions and providers.
  9. 9. TALENT SYSTEMS SELECTION AND ADVISORY STRATEGY AND EXPERTISE FORSERVICES: FEATURES AND AREAS OF FOCUS TALENT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS Vendor Landscape Workshops and Education • Sessions aimed all levels of decision making, The Newman Group provides consulting support to help companies from executive to line-level address their most challenging talent • A complete view of technology industry management needs. • In-depth look at relevance to your unique business needs Strategic Services • Half- or full-day sessions • Integrated talent management • Workforce planning Structured RFP and Evaluation Support • Talent acquisition solutions • Talent systems selection and • Internal needs assessment advisory services • RFP/RFI creation • Vendor analysis Technology Implementation • Due diligence, demonstrations, usability testing Services • Finalized selection • Pre-implementation planning • Contract negotiation and execution • Program management • Change management, training and communications Strategic Advisory • Functional design analysis • Building the business case for technology • Technology optimization investment (tailored to your business) • Analytic and reporting • Integration strategy: between talent enablement management functions and between talent and broader business systems (ERP) Operational Support Services • User and help desk support • Examination of current technology with • System administration consideration for innovations in the market • Candidate support • Cost analysis: a health check on your talent • Vendor management management technology budgetLEARN MORE Phone: 1.877.630.6262 (1.877.NEWMAN2) Email: Web: www.tng.futurestep.comCopyright © 2011. Korn/Ferry International and Korn/Ferry International Futurestep, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. SERVICES FROM THE NEWMAN GROUP A FUTURESTEP COMPANY , Talent Systems Implementation A TECHNOLOGY DEPLOYMENT IS A CRITICAL INITIATIVE. HOW DO YOU MAKE SURE YOU GET IT RIGHT? “I need a partner who knows how to lead, speaks the vendor’s language, and has my best interest in mind.” “The CEO doesn’t care about features and functions. This solution must deliver for the business.” “With so many people and moving parts to this project, I must find someone I can trust to keep it under control.” “Our company has some very specific needs. I can’t afford to trust a one-size-fits-all solution.” LOOKING FOR A CLEAR PATH TO A SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION? WE HAVE THE EXPERTISE YOU NEED Business Perspective and Vendor Management Know-how Technology Expertise We know the right questions to ask your vendor, We have the unique combination of business-first and we know how to ask them, helping you perspective and deep technology expertise to establish clear expectations and gain a better align your implementation for real ROI. understanding of any challenges. A Proven Methodology Project Management Excellence A proprietary engagement methodology provides From coordinating internal and external resources the structure for success while enabling flexibility to change management and communications, we for changing demands. provide a proven, established process. Implementation Leadership, Organizational Experience Tailored to Your Needs We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to drive No two organizations are exactly alike, so our success, regardless of your organizations size and implementation support is designed to support structure. your unique business conditions and objectives.
  11. 11. TALENT SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY AND EXPERTISE FORSERVICES: FEATURES AND AREAS OF FOCUS TALENT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS Essential Support • Project management • Global implementation strategic planning The Newman Group provides • Change management consulting support to help companies • Technology implementation management address their most challenging talent • Training management management needs. • Testing management • Business metrics definition Strategic Services Areas of Expertise • Integrated talent management Key Technology Providers • Workforce planning • Taleo • Talent acquisition solutions • Kenexa BrassRing • Talent systems selection and • ADP VirtualEdge advisory services • SilkRoad • SuccessFactors Technology Implementation Talent Management Functions Services • Talent acquisition • Pre-implementation planning • Onboarding • Program management • Performance management • Change management, training • Competencies • Integrated talent management and communications • Functional design analysis Strategic Business Needs • Technology optimization • Linking technology strategy to business strategy • Analytic and reporting • Integration/coordination between new and deployed solutions enablement • Measuring performance, capturing data and improving ROI Operational Support Services • Sustaining adoption and internal support • User and help desk support Business Focus • System administration • Candidate support Clients Span All Facets of Business Operations • Vendor management • Global complex enterprises • Medium size businesses • Departments or business units • All major industries, from retail to finance, healthcare, public sector and technologyLEARN MORE Phone: 1.877.630.6262 (1.877.NEWMAN2) Email: Web: www.tng.futurestep.comCopyright © 2011. Korn/Ferry International and Korn/Ferry International Futurestep, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. SERVICES FROM THE NEWMAN GROUP A FUTURESTEP COMPANY , Talent Management Systems Administration HOW DO YOU ENSURE CONTINUED “Our systems administration and PERFORMANCE AND VALUE FROM YOUR support partners ensure that we TALENT TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT? get the most out of our “We need faster answers to our user investment in talent technology. questions and problems.” They are vital to the success of our talent acquisition function.” “We may be losing critical talent due to the poor candidate experience with our system.” Jina Yoo, HRIS Application Support Specialist Maxim Healthcare “We need a site administrator for our talent system.” “We don’t want to devote our in-house resources and expertise to running our talent management system.” KEEP USERS HAPPY AND TALENT SYSTEMS IN SHAPE, WITH DEDICATED SUPPORT FROM AN INDUSTRY LEADER The Latest Expertise Consistency Global Support for Your Solutions Ensure that your systems are Our resources provide a highly Take advantage of industry managed consistently and responsive solution for supporting expertise and up-to-date deliver results and performance your systems across multiple knowledge of today’s key talent for all users, regardless of regions. management technologies. role or location. Communication with Compliance Candidates, Internal Users Dedicated support and expertise and Vendors improves your ability to maintain Our support team takes on your compliance with employment continuing communications regulatory needs. needs, including interaction with all users and resources.
  13. 13. TALENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS STRATEGY AND EXPERTISE FORADMINISTRATION SERVICES: TALENT MANAGEMENT SUCCESSFEATURES AND AREAS OF FOCUS Help Desk Support The Newman Group provides • User account setup consulting support to help companies • Questions and resolution address their most challenging talent management needs. • Maintenance and guidance • Satisfaction tracking Strategic Services • Integrated talent management System Administration • Workforce planning • Workflow management • Talent acquisition solutions • Documents and templates • Talent systems selection and • Source tracking advisory services • Other operational needs Technology Implementation Services Candidate Support • Pre-implementation planning • Errors, password reset • Program management • Navigating company career information • Change management, training • Completing the application process and communications • Functional design analysis Vendor Management • Technology optimization • Problem escalation • Analytic and reporting • Technology updates enablement • Questions and support Operational Support Services • User and help desk support Expertise in Key Technologies, such as: • System administration • Taleo • Candidate support • Kenexa BrassRing • Vendor management • ADP VirtualEdge • SilkRoad • SuccessFactorsLEARN MORE Phone: 1.877.630.6262 (1.877.NEWMAN2) Email: Web: www.tng.futurestep.comCopyright © 2011. Korn/Ferry International and Korn/Ferry International Futurestep, Inc. All Rights Reserved.