High school newspaper production


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How we produce the Gazette ... some of the online stuff at the end of this slide presentation is out of date, replaced by a Prezi I did with Kyle Holmes.

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High school newspaper production

  1. 1. Multi-PlatformMulti-Platform NewspaperNewspaper ProductionProduction Karl Grubaugh ASNE Institute Reno, Nevada
  2. 2. Things to think aboutThings to think about  Your calendar drives EVERYTHING! – Annual calendar – how many issues each year? – Issue deadlines? YES! (See my calendar)  Advertising deadlines  Below-the-Line deadline  Above-the-line Think Sheet deadline  Page dummy deadline  DEATH DEADLINE NIGHT – all content on the page, although it might not all be in final form  Proofing fixes  PDFing and sending the pages to the printer
  3. 3. E: Proofing fixes S: Final reads of posted pages, informal brainstorming E: PDFs S: Informal brainstorming, read outside papers A: Formal brainstorming A: Finish brainstorming, assign stories A: Insert any insert ads; distribute issue on campus; self- evaluations due A: Staff meeting; issue debrief; mini-lesson from adviser or editors? E: Photo/graphics requests due; Eds. Meet for grading staff A: Staff mtg; mini-lesson? A: ATL story Think sheets due A: BTL stories due (timeliness exceptions) E: Page dummies due A: Staff mtg.; mini-lesson? E: Eds. Mtg. for deadline week A: Story conferences (more than one, by next Wed.) E: BTL stories on pages A: All ATL stories due to editors; advertising deadline E: All stories on the pages E: DEATH DEADLINE – all pages with all content printed by MIDNIGHT A: All E: Editors S: Staff W: WebGazette calendar W: Content needs to change EVERY WEEK DAY; Photo of the Day from everyone each semester (sign up with photo editor); all staffers must write a LIVE GAME STORY (sign up with the Web editor) during each nine weeks; web-only content makes editors and advisers happy! E: Editors/adviser proof pages for Monday fixes (Story conferences continue)
  4. 4. A Typical CycleA Typical Cycle  Usually four weeks long  Week 1 – finish off previous issue on Monday (proofing) and Tuesday (PDFs) as other staffers pre-brainstorm; Wednesday/ Thursday formal brainstorming and assigning of stories; Friday distribution and begin “below the lines”  Week 2 – photo requests and “Below the Lines” due; page dummies due
  5. 5. A Typical Cycle, cont.A Typical Cycle, cont.  Week 3 –“Below the Lines” placed, writer/editor “Above the Line” check-in chats/conferences  Week 4 – final writing deadline is Wednesday; stories get final edits and are placed on pages; Death Deadline is Friday Night until midnight; adviser and editors take home proofs over the weekend  New cycle begins (proof fixes Monday, PDFs on Tuesday)
  6. 6. Other issues toOther issues to considerconsider  Broadsheet vs. tabloid?  Your printer … and alternatives – Your local newspaper – Local job printers – Non-locals: Send PDFs, get your newspaper shipped to you in a short turnaround  What do kids do when they’re not on an upswing in the journalism cycle? – Homework – Read exchange newspapers for brainstorming purposes – Read online reporting, looking for ways to localize the stories
  7. 7. Yet still more issuesYet still more issues to considerto consider  Learn how to use a Library in InDesign  Consider, especially with rookies, using InDesign templates for page design  Make sure you know what format your printer wants you to use – These days, most printers want high-quality PDFs, which are easy to produce from InDesign using Adobe Acrobat – Batching PDFs vs. single pages
  8. 8. Some of my mistakesSome of my mistakes related to productionrelated to production  Failing to embed fonts (less of a problem with PDFs)  Letting the schedule drive the process – “tyranny of the urgent”  Photo reproduction – in Photoshop > image size, when changing photo size to fit a specific-size photo box, DON’T RESAMPLE THE IMAGE!!! – Photo quality will DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE if you don’t resample – Clue: if, when you click resize, the photo CHANGES SIZE on the screen, you’ve blown it. Undo, unclick “resample,” and try it again.
  9. 9. Some more mistakesSome more mistakes  Make sure you have some kind of check-off process for the “little stuff” that affects the look of the newspaper – page numbers for jumps, text for jumps, dates on page folios, credits, heads and decks, cutlines, etc.  I took too long to get CS3 on my machines and start using Adobe Illustrator (We’ve had CS5 for a couple of years now)  Where we still need to improve – information graphics!
  10. 10. Going online? Our storyGoing online? Our story  Went to my.hsj.org several years ago  Basically, we produced a print edition and then cut-and-pasted it online  Student inspired at Washington, D.C., convention two and a half years ago so …  We made the leap!
  11. 11. Going online? continuedGoing online? continued  Bought a domain name … granitebaygazette.com  We use WordPress  Staffing issues … we were still a cut-and- paste operation.  Co-editor-in-chief whose chief focus was online, with specific online assignments for all staffers
  12. 12. How weHow we changedchanged last yearlast year Continued with a co- editor-in-chief who has a strong online focus  Tried to get dedicated, exclusive staffers – but failed  Required some content from ALL STAFFERS that was exclusive to the web
  13. 13. ChangesChanges for nextfor next yearyear New site – GraniteBayToday.org  Two section editors who are SOLELY DOING ONLINE!  Two or three web-only staffers.  Continue getting content from ALL STAFFERS when appropriate
  14. 14. Online modelsOnline models  Francis Howell North HS, suburban St. Louis
  15. 15. Online modelsOnline models  Shawnee Mission East, suburban Kansas City (Kan.)
  16. 16. Online modelsOnline models  Palo Alto High, Palo Alto, Calif.
  17. 17. So who are you?So who are you?  How often do you publish?  What format – broadsheet, tabloid, web only?  What kind of stories are you trying to tell?  What about online?  What’s your vision? YOUR TASK: Take the rest of the time to work on your publication cycle calendar, going online, or anything else you’d like to focus on
  18. 18. Contact informationContact information  Karl Grubaugh  Granite Bay High  1 Grizzly Way  Granite Bay, CA 95746  916-786-8676  kgrubaugh@rjuhsd.us; kgrubaugh@att.net