Ict mark 2013 action plan 2


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Ict mark 2013 action plan 2

  1. 1. 1. LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT-updated 31. Items in GREEN: complete/continuing, ORANGE: in progress, RED: n Element Target Action Owner Timescale Resources/ Costs1- 6. To set up an ICT working *Contacting other KG Feb 2013 - TimeLeadershi party (involving TAs, schools for advice and Ongoingp and Children, Eco committee direction.managem govenors and external *To have monthlyent skateholders.) meetings discussing the ICT in and around school. Minute the meetings. 2. CURRICULUM- updated 31.01.2013 2 To ensure every child can To identify gaps in KG Feb-13 Money fully access ICT Curriculum provision and identify which children (hardware/software) do not have broadband or and order what is computers at home. required. * Gather information to see which families do not have access to a computer at home. 2 Pupils self assess their ICT Teachers share the KG Feb 2013 - Time Skills pupil self assessment Ongoing points with the children so they can assess their own abilities. Teachers assess ICT Identify Assessment KG Dec 2012 - INSET progress accurately and Opportunities within Ongoing know the next steps. ICT and enable teachers to make sound level judgements. 2 3. TEACHING AND LEARNING -updated 31.01. 3 To monitor existing ICT Observations of ICT KG Mar-13 Time- observations practice throughout use in/out classroom school. Monitoring of electronic records - Team teach. 4. ASSESSMENT OF ICT CAPABILITY 4 Moderation of ICT Visit other schools to KG Mar-13 Time, INSET Achievement explored find out how they across school and other effectively assess ICT. schools. Explore how ICT could be monitored. Other schools to visit Chad Vale and share practise. 5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 02/26/2013
  2. 2. 5 To share good practice with To use website and KG Sept 12 Time other schools/agencies. Chad Vale blogs to ongoing share good practice To develop staff training Ipad and app INSETS KG Jan-13 Time needs with new and trainging sessions. technologies5 6. RESOURCES6 Pupils to have increased Encourage more use PS / KG Sep-13 Time, INSET access to collaborative of Web 2.0 learning tools (blogging, technologies within wikis etc.) school. (e.g. blogging Teachers feel confident projects) teaching this.6 Update new computers, Update all machines in PS / KG Mar-13 Time, INSET laptops, 2 new projectors school with windows 7 and server. and update any of the older computers that are compatible. 02/26/2013
  3. 3. MENT-updated 31.01.2013NGE: in progress, RED: not started Success Criteria Monitoring Impact Future Action ICT party is a team SMT/Finance ICT Party will have a Regular for the school to Committee clear about the Chad meetings to be ask for advice and Vale vision for ICT held. support and able to articulate some aspects of where we are going, what to we want to achieve.ated 31.01.2013 Share this Governing body Pupils gain full range Ch can information with meetings/INSET of ICT skills and make continue to the teachers. /SMT progress. develop the * Identify progress they opportunities using make. the pupil premiums for FSM pupils. Pupils have an Governing body Staff have training ongoing record of meetings/INSET needs met and are their own skills, /SMT more highly skilled. and where they are going. Teachers can Governing body Pupils aware of what make level meetings/INSET level they are working judgements for /SMT at and how to pupils in ICT. improve.G -updated 31.01.2013 Best practice Shared in Quality of ICT For monitoring within school SMT/Staff teaching/learning to be ongoing, identified- develop Meetings improves. identifying ICT expert opportunities teachers within for further school. development.CT CAPABILITY ICT achievements Governing body Teachers can be moderated meetings/INSET assessments are within school. /SMT accurate.EVELOPMENT 02/26/2013