Roll Like Babybel - Mini Babybel Digital/Social BTS Idea


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Strategy - Kamila Gornia
Design - Cameron Schultheis
for Havas Worldwide Chicago
Intern Project

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Roll Like Babybel - Mini Babybel Digital/Social BTS Idea

  1. 1. Grow Babybel’s social media presence. Give moms a reason to really like Babybel. Create a Facebook/Mobile game where mothers can play as Babybel. CHALLENGE SOLUTION
  2. 2. • When looking at mobile usage among mothers, up to 53% of their time is spent on playing games. • Many moms use mobile games, even more use Facebook games – twice as many moms play Facebook games than games on their mobile or tablet. • 45% of mothers say that playing fun and casual games makes them happier and feel smarter. Insights
  3. 3. Platform game (Facebook and mobile) where you play as Babybel. An interactive game that integrates with social media will keep moms interested in the brand. The game offers fun content as an incentive to play. Users can play a sample of the game, but in order to “unlock” the full version they must Like the official Babybel page. Babybel as the star character will give moms a chance to experience more of Baybel’s unique personality. Baybel’s larger than life attitude will be apparent in every aspect of the game. This includes Babybel’s dialogue, levels, in-game unlockables, and more. The game will offer bonuses and upgrades as an incentive to people who like, share, or follow Baybel on multiple social media channels. Interactive web banners will lead into page takeovers that offer playable previews of the game. These banners always lead to a full version of the game on Facebook and mobile. Targeted facebook ads will also be utilized. The levels will be themed to keep the game fresh and exciting. The launch theme will be “Back to School.” The game will be updated for future holidays and promotions. Concept: Roll like Babybel WHY A GAME? INCREASING FANBASE GETTING THE GAME OUT MAINTAINING INTEREST GENERATING INTEREST HOW IT SPEAKS TO BABYBEL
  4. 4. THE GAME
  5. 5. Players can choose between the different Babybel flavors of cheese. Each character has their own abilities and perks. The beginning of the level starts with the player unwrapping Babybel. This is a timed sequence that allows players to unwrap Babybel any way they choose. Baybel will say lines in relation to the context of the game. For example, he could talk about how dizzy he is getting while rolling. Or, “everyone wants to roll like me!” As the player progresses through the game, they will earn tips and tailored content in relation to the theme (for example, Back to School tips). Moms can share their high scores with friends on Facebook. All accomplishments and scores are tracked and stored on a leaderboard. Moms that share the game on Facebook, and other social media outlets can unlock new levels and upgrades for their characters. Tilt based controls will be available for the mobile version. The mobile version also prompts the player to Like the Babybel page. Players will play as Babybel in an obstacle course. As the game progresses, Babybel grows in size, increasing the difficulty. The goal is to collect all themed items in the level. Game Mechanics CHARACTER SELECTION COMPETITION SHARING MOBILE OBJECTIVE UNWRAPPING DIALOGUE REWARDS Facebook App and Mobile
  6. 6. TWITTER TIPS WHAT IS IT HOW IT WORKS WHY IT WORKS The Babybel Twitter will serve as the home of “Roll Like Babybel” tips. Users can tweet at Babybel with #RollLikeBabybel to suggest future features and get tips on the game. This will allow users to connect with the Babybel character on a more personal level while interacting with other players under the hashtag.
  7. 7. PAGE TAKEOVER WHAT IS IT HOW IT WORKS WHY IT WORKS Banner ad that leads into a page takeover allowing the players to sample the game. The game mechanics are the same as the full game, but the page content makes up the obstacle course. Items on the page can be collected. Babybel will speak in relation to the page context (ie. fashion). Moms can use this game as their back to school checklist. It also engages them on sites they will frequent during the back to school season.
  8. 8. WEB PROMOTION WHAT IS IT HOW IT WORKS WHY IT WORKS A Babybel homepage pop-up that promotes the Roll Like Babybel game. The pop-up opens upon visiting the Babybel page. The pop-up shows a promo of the game and links to the Facebook page or app store. This will engage consumers that are interested in the Babybel brand, but might not have exposure to their social media presence.