Liquid Designers Brochure 2010
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Liquid Designers Brochure 2010



Take a look at our updated brochure, including new additions to our ever-growing, talented team and more completed projects!

Take a look at our updated brochure, including new additions to our ever-growing, talented team and more completed projects!



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Liquid Designers Brochure 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Where ingenuity flows
  • 2. Amerisourcing Liquid Designers is a company built around a team of North Americans living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires embraces the artistic flair Amerisourcing and culture of its European roots while leaving behind Europe’s high cost of [uh-mer-i-sawr-sing] living. Our staff agrees that Buenos Aires is a great place to live. -noun Clients take pleasure in seeing the creativity and culture of Buenos Aires reflected in our work. Because our qualified professionals are paid local competitive rates, clients receive their work at a 1. The procuring of value unattainable in the U.S. services by Americans living in emerging countries By Amerisourcing with Liquid Designers, clients avoid the cultural differences and communication thereby achieving the problems that often arise when working with foreign companies. Amerisourcing makes communication seamless. Our in-house, US-born and raised project managers excel in client cost savings of foreign interaction. They use Vonage, Skype, Webcam conferences, Google Documents and remote outsourcing while retaining desktop software to make sure communication is easy the familiar cultural, time and convenient. Our forwarding US numbers ensure that and language advantages communication stays open even amidst internet connectivity problems. found in the United States. We work through a U.S. bank account, we utilize PayPal and Example usage: By we are wire transfer ready. We are only two hours ahead of Amerisourcing to Liquid Eastern Standard Time and can be reached Monday - Friday Designers in Buenos Aires, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST at our U.S. or European phone numbers. we got the same quality We accept payment via paypal, wire transfer or paper check to of a New York firm at a a U.S. bank account. better value. I love Liquid Designers! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call us now so we can chat about your project and needs.
  • 3. Convenience Domestic Payment Options We work through a U.S. bank account, accepting PayPal, paper checks or wire transfers. Having a U.S. bank account makes it as easy to pay us as any other company or individual in the United Easy States. Communication Liquid Designers makes communication seamless. Our project managers use a service with international call forwarding, webcam conferences and remote desktop sharing to make sure communication is easy and convenient. Our forwarding US numbers ensure that communication stays open even amidst Internet connectivity problems. We are only one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time and can be reached Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • 4. Buenos Aires “Drawn by the city’s cheap prices and Paris-like elegance, legions of foreign artists are colonizing Buenos Aires and transforming this sprawling metropolis ” into a throbbing hothouse of cool.
  • 5. Buenos Aires “ Argentina has long had the potential to develop an IT industry...Argentina ranks first among Latin American countries in number of Internet users per capita. It is also No. 1 among Latin American countries for research ” scientists and engineers...
  • 6. Buenos Aires “ Like Prague in the 1990s, Buenos Aires offers chic on the cheap and is attracting scores of musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers and even sitcom writers from abroad.[...] But this city has an intense cultural rhythm that you just can’t find anywhere else in the world, so we’re glad that ” foreigners are taking part.
  • 7. Our Team Kave Golabi | President Jeff Milton | CTO Michael Angerman | Android Specialist Kave started his first web 2.0 company in Jeff has been an Internet pioneer for 23 Michael has spent his adult life working in 1999 while a student at the University of years. In the early days of the Internet, Jeff both the business and academic worlds California, Los Angeles. Upon graduation, worked to improve network infrastructures integrating data visualization and large scale Kavé joined the Strategic Technology and founded an ISP outside New York internet applications in the fields of Finance Division of PA Consulting Group, where City. Later, he created one of the first and Biology. He was an early employee in he worked with Jeff to create a web-based eCommerce businesses. In 1995, Jeff joined several well known Silicon Valley companies dashboard to help executives make strategic IBM’s Internet Technology Group to work including Vitria Technology where he helped decisions. In 2002, Kavé cofounded on live content, content management and grow the business from 10 employees to, a web 2.0 community, and personalization. At IBM, Jeff created the over 1200 employees in less than five years. the Internet’s top destination for students world’s largest corporate directory, ‘The Blue Vitria had an initial public offering in 1999. studying quantitative subjects. At Cramster, Pages’, as well as the world’s first XM-based Prior to Vitria, Michael helped start the Java Kavé worked as the Director of Marketing content management system. In 1999, Jeff Consulting Group at Sun Microsystems in and became an expert in search engine left IBM to be the Principal Technologist the very early days of Java. In the academic optimization, pay per click advertising and at Razorfish, a 2000-man dotcom media world, Michael worked at Caltech in online community building. Kavé then took consulting firm, where he developed Pasadena, California designing and building his entrepreneurial skills to Buenos Aires wireless and web delivery solutions. Jeff a web based tool for Biologists to easily to start Liquid Designers. Kavé spends his later joined PA Consulting Group, one share and process Stem Cell Bioinformatics spare time playing in a full-contact Argentine of Europe’s most prestigious consulting data. For seven years, he was a researcher American football league and reminiscing firms. Jeff’s experience and insight play a at the Santa Fe Institute and Los Alamos about his former high school football valuable role at Liquid Designers. Though National Laboratory working in the area of triumphs when he was younger. we tell people that Jeff came to Argentina chaos and complex systems. to help start Liquid Designers, his primary motivation was to learn to dance Tango.
  • 8. Our Team Rebecca Peterhansen | Project Manager Tyler Woods | Project Manager Hernán Zofiro | Senior Designer Becky was born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew Tyler was born in Chicago, Illinois, but moved to Hernán started his design career in 1995 while up moving around the United States. She Arizona at an early age. He studied Computer working at Quadro Marketing. He graduated from graduated from Northwestern University in Information Systems and Networking and the Fundacion de Altos Estudios en Ciencias Chicago with a BA in International Studies and Security at Devry University. He is fully bilingual Comerciales with a degree in Graphic Design History and completed an honors thesis that after studying at the Universidad Catolica and Visual Communications in 1998. While took her to Buenos Aires to study constitutional Argentina in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a year working as a freelancer for some of Argentina’s law. Fully bilingual, Becky concentrated on Latin in 2007. He spent the next three years traveling most renowned agencies, Hernan has built a American history in college and studied abroad between Buenos Aires and the States working large client base, which includes companies like at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Building for Liquid Designers. Tyler honed his computer Sprite, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Crossmedia, Chevrolet a background understanding clients needs and systems skills working in tech support and and Fibertel. Hernan not only has a solid delivering excellent results; Becky first worked networking for a large U.S.-based company, understanding of color theory, but he also has for Chevron on their Marketing and PR team, before Liquid and Buenos Aires won him over. ample practice and expertise using a variety of creating press releases, web content, merger Between being an Eagle Scout and a first team image and 3-D modeling software, including After documents and both leading and pitching PR all-region football player in high school, Tyler Effects, Vue 7 xStream, Plasma, Photoshop, plans. She then joined the PR agency Ogilvy, earns his reputation as the office’s All-American Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Firewords and Flash. where she worked for LG on everything from golden boy. When he’s not wowing us with his design skills, electronics to domestic appliances, coordinating Hernan can be found showing off his video game PR and media relations for product launches prowess to competitors young and old. and key trade-shows. A Scrum master, Becky is trained in the Agile software and project management methodology.
  • 9. Services Design Open Source Web Mobile Development Marketing Branding Development Android SEO Graphic Design Symfony iPhone PPC Html Wordpress Display Flash PHP Social Media Renderings Javascript Content Writing Ajax Liquid Designers is a full-service interactive agency with a focus on emerging open source technologies. Located in Buenos Aires, we employ U.S. citizens in order to eliminate any communication barriers with our U.S.-based clients. We not only provide a full range of services, but can do so in-house without the use of freelancers, thereby providing clients with reliability and peace of mind. Our full range of services encompasses design, development, and marketing, along with strategic input from experienced U.S. entrepreneurs and consultants. All project management is conducted by in-house native English speakers.
  • 10. Services Liquid Designers offers two modes of work: Fixed Cost Hourly Rate We can bid on We can offer you a projects at a fixed designer, developer cost. We will or marketer at an hold to this price hourly rate for long- whether or not the term projects. We project is more will even include all hours labor intensive worked by a native English than our initial speaking, experienced estimations. project manager for free.
  • 11. Tools Tools we use to execute your project Skype is one of several tools we use to hold webcam conferences and text chats with clients. We use Skype’s call forwarding service to transfer to our landlines, thereby ensuring a quality line regardless of bandwidth issues. Trac is an open source, integrated wiki and tracking system for software development and programming projects. We use Trac to outline every step of a project, allowing project management down to the very last detail. The minimalistic style allows for easy adaptation to any project our team takes on, whether it is software-related or coding and programming. The timeline feature gives an overview of a project, while the road map allows milestones to be set and monitored for effective completion. Google Suite is a web-based software package that includes Google spreadsheets, documents, websites and applications which together allow us to work internally as well as with clients. We also use Google project management applications to organize and integrate all current projects. Thanks to Google Suite we are able to provide our clients with outstanding and timely service, always in collaboration with the Agile methodology.
  • 12. Scrum Development Methodology Agile software development uses an iterative and incremental process that encourages a collaborative relationship between the client, the scrum-certified project manager, and the technical team. Results come early and often, allowing clients to track our progress throughout the development process, rather than just receiving a product at its final stage. By using Agile – Our entire team is involved in the quoting and planning of projects, bringing together our experience and knowledge to analyze a client’s needs and goals. – Our project managers work with clients to understand their priorities, so these items can be accomplished first. – Our team holds brief meetings at the start of every day to evaluate progress. – Our project managers not only understand the day-to-day of the project, but also grasp the big picture. – Our project managers are constantly reviewing and planning with the next stage of development in mind. Agile allows our team at Liquid Designers to incorporate new information, find errors early, and respond to the issues that can and do arise during a project.
  • 13. Design We offer senior designers who specialize in graphic design, renderings, flash and html design. We have the flexibility to make corporate sites or spectacular interactive sites. When approaching a project, we start by researching a client’s business, market, and competition, creating the visual representation that best achieves the client’s goals.
  • 14. Portfolio Design: Branding Examples from first set of logos Logo Design Process Our logo design process includes making several unique logos by different designers who have each preformed extensive research, and who have not only gained an understanding of what the client is looking for, but have also studied the Examples from second set of logos competition. Once a logo is chosen, we make variations until the client is happy. Final logo
  • 15. Portfolio Design: Branding
  • 16. Portfolio Design: Graphic Design Clients: Boston Blazers, Houston Rockets, All State, Boston Bruins, Humana, US Open. View FLIMP Video Flimp GRAPHIC DESIGN, the creators of a system assist high end clients and revamp For over a year we have provided X Illustrator which allows corporations to easily Flimp´s outreach collateral and Flimp a dedicated senior designer X Photoshop create viral presentations, was website. Once they realized the and a native English speaking looking for a part time remote benefits of Amerisourcing, they project manager to produce their employee in the Boston Area to decided to use Liquid instead. video marketing campaigns.
  • 17. Portfolio Design: HTML MIC Worldwide SECURITY FIRM MIC Worldwide, founded had experience reaching out edited their content, worked X Illustrator by Americans, is a risk to American clients, MIC came with them to solidify a design X InDesign management and security to us for strategic advice and emphasizing a more modern consulting firm based in the means to implement it. We yet professional look, and X HTML Buenos Aires with clients created a branding strategy for created their website as per X CSS throughout Europe and the their logo as well as business W3C standards. United States. Seeing that we cards and brochures. We
  • 18. Portfolio Design: Flash Linguamation EDUCATIONAL GAMING Linguamation is a site that wanted an equally impressive homepage, and we created X Flash X Vray will provide online games interface. They gave our an outline of the scene. We X 3D Studio Max X Vue combined with language designers near free rein to then detailed the building and learning. The site will have a make a “steampunk-styled” environment using several 3D X Illustrator very sophisticated and complex site. First, the client made a rendering programs. engine, and so the company very rough pencil sketch of the
  • 19. Portfolio Design: Renderings Linguamation EDUCATIONAL GAMING For Linguamation, our talented allowing integration into the X 3D Studio Max designers created completely game system. Our client X Vue unique character designs for couldn’t be more pleased with the client’s interactive video the result, and our designers X Vray game. The characters were were able to flex their creative created with 3D technology, muscles.
  • 20. Development We combine an experienced team with young, bright programmers to offer robust web and mobile systems. Led by the creator of the open source strategy used by PA Consulting when implementing projects for large clients such as British Airways, we specialize in LAMP open source technologies. When building a system, we look to make sure that it • Has a sizeable open source community • Uses technology which forces development in an organized manner • Allows for clients to build upon the technology, without being dependent on our developers We choose open source technologies that fit with the client’s needs as well as our own competencies, whether it be Symfony, WordPress, or a proprietary system, based on the scope of the project. We are also strong in Flash and ActionScript, as well as PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, Java, SQL, MySQL, Linux, and Apache, among others.
  • 21. Portfolio Development: Symfony LANGUAGE LEARNING COMMUNITY is a are designing a variety of we have the flexibility to X Symfony X ActionScript substantial venture being interactive applications, keep our programmers X MySQL X CSS developed internally and including a social network employed when we have which we hope will be one where people will have the few external projects and X JavaScript X HTML of the most widely used opportunity to help others scale up rapidly when we X Apache language learning websites learn their native language. have many. around the world. We Thanks to this project,
  • 22. Portfolio Development: Symfony/ActionScript Touchcity INTERACTIVE PRODUCT LAUNCH Touchcity was created to a world through the eyes of a X ActionScript 3.0 X Symfony showcase Samsung’s “Iphone thumb being guided down the X XML X MySQL Killer”, the i900 OMNIA. Our street, taking pictures to be sent programmer created the Action as ecards and performing in a X PHP Script 3.0 technology along variety of interactive games per with the Symfony backend and the user’s whim. framework. The site showcases
  • 23. Portfolio Development: Symfony VIDEO COMMUNITY Devour is an online television We created a CMS system to X HTML X Flash station and community for food manage content, videos and X CSS X MySQL enthusiasts. It utilizes features schedules. We also created such as creating comments, different user interfaces and X JavaScript X Flash adding buddies and live chat. levels of administrative rights.
  • 24. Portfolio Development: WordPress Twenty 120 WORDPRESS VIDEO PORTAL is an developers to create a site integrated it with a interactive X Wordpress independent film collection that allows directors to easily flash interface to showcase the X Flash website developed for creative upload their videos and share unique talents of the twenty two professionals to share their them in a high design video directors featured. X ActionScript vision and craft. We were portal. We created the site outsourced as the lead backend in Wordpress and
  • 25. Portfolio Development: PHP Uonster SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY Uonster is a new way to store custom templates crafted for X HTML X PHP music, films and information Uonster for posts and growl- X CSS X MySQL through unique posts. The site like notifications. Each post includes a simple but powerful contains blocks of information X Jquery interface with drag & drops, and modules. Everything can be accordions, modal dialogs, edited visually by any user.
  • 26. Portfolio Development: PHP America’s Cheer Site for B of A CORPORATE MICROSITE During the Beijing Olympics, enhance Bank of America’s X Linux we built the Bank of America’s bond with its customers. It X PHP Cheer website to allow people was developed to be tightly to vote for their favorite integrated with Facebook, X Apache Olympic experience and YouTube and Flickr. X MySQL
  • 27. Mobile Development Our mobile expertise combines efficient development with strategic and architectural experience. Android Blending Android’s mobile phone and tablet with Symfony’s PHP open source system allows Liquid Designers to leverage its current customers’ web implementations, adding functionality to talk to back-end databases in ways that browsers can’t. We believe that Android applications will take web-based interactive graphical applications to a new level. Given that our Android development is led by one of the pioneers of Java, we are confident that we can harness this technology to its maximum potential for our clients. iPhone Using Apple’s proprietary yet elegant system, we have also developed a strong capability in Objective-C for iPhone development. Being able to build on these two popular mobile platforms allows us to help clients make a comprehensive mobile strategy which looks at development from both a technical and a marketing perspective.
  • 28. Portfolio Mobile Development: Android We are creating a Symfony-based language community, and we thought it would be beneficial to complement this community with a vocabulary and verb conjugation application. We built this application in Android, which smoothly syncs it with our website’s database while allowing us to enter new markets with minimal additional backend development.
  • 29. Portfolio Mobile Development: iPhone Liquid Designers’ talented team of designers and programmers have created a host of mobile applications for the iPhone, ranging from interactive games for corporate clients to tools incorporating GPS technology. Call Global provides a Fan Finder helps sports service that includes fans locate their fan making high quality buddies in most sports long distance calls, at bars located in the US. an affordable price. It uses GPS capabilities integrated with the Sports Fan Live website to get real time information out to the users.
  • 30. Online Marketing Services We optimize clients’ returns on investments based on their needs by offering a range of marketing services. Our online marketing expertise is performed by our in-house American team. SEO Liquid Designers’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services have resulted in more than six million page views per month. Our staff will work to optimize your new site or revamp an existing one. Along with on-site optimization, we target new inbound linking opportunities to achieve the highest level of organic search success. PPC Our staff has managed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns of an array of different clients, with budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars per month to multi-million dollar campaigns. We are experienced in handling as many as four million keywords per client, while providing our clients with the highest ROI. Display & Social Networking In addition to your search engine requirements, we are well-versed in handling all your display marketing needs. If it makes sense for your business, we’ll work within your budget to present you with the most efficient banner marketing options. And with our team being on top of the latest marketing techniques for social networking, involving platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, we’ll work to get your brand out there in front of a larger audience. Content Writing Being located in a city that attracts a large ex-patriot population has allowed us to build a large staff of young U.S. graduates with writing degrees. Our staff of writers can help with SEO content writing, website proofreading, editing, public relations, and social networking outreach.
  • 31. Portfolio Marketing Cramster SUBSCRIPTION-BASED STUDY COMMUNITY Cramster is the web´s top the Wall Street Journal and close relationship, we had the X SEO online study community, the New York Times, Cramster opportunity to create search X PPC providing homework help has raised 9 million dollars in engine optimization and pay and step-by-step textbook Series A and Series B funding. per click advertising for the site X Content Writing solutions, live tutoring, and Cramster was co-founded as well as provide up to 1,000 abundance of user-created by one of Liquid Designers hours per month in content study material. Featured in principals. Because of this writing and editing.
  • 32. +1 (646) 736 7579 +54 (11) 4788 0661 Mendoza 2739 Buenos Aires C.P.: 1428 Argentina