Madagagyubku blty.


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Madagagyubku blty.

  1. 1. Madagascar’sAnthem By: Seine Yoo Madagascar Flag Madagascar Map
  2. 2. • Madagascar specialty food is called Rapononapango• There major sports are judo, tennis, basketball, football, athletics, a nd cock fighting(chicken fight).• The total population is 18,595,469• The total area in square miles 226,658• There annnual rainfallis 10inches to over 80inches• Literacy Rate is 64.5%
  3. 3. The official language the people in Madagascar speak is French and Malagasy
  4. 4. vs
  5. 5. ProblemsThe problem I am trying to solve is my country is trying to solve is why my baby mortality is 50.09% even though Madagascar has 140 doctors per 1000(which is a lot of doctors compared to other African Countries) and what there medical care is like.
  6. 6. Explanation of ProblemThe problem is that if the babies keep on dying before they get married and have children. That means that there is something wrong with the medical care in Madagascar.
  7. 7. ReasonsThis is a problem because if the population decreases to much the people wont have as many workers in that country resulting having less money. The data shows that there is something wrong in the medical care because in 2012 the population of Madagascar was 22,404,807 while in 2013 it is 22,005,222 which is a decrease of 399,585.
  8. 8. SolutionSolutions that might be used to solve this problem is that well trained medical doctors come to Madagascar and train the doctors there and bring them some equipment stop most death of the babies.
  9. 9. On there ownWhat my country can do on its own is that with all the knowledge they have and all the medical books they have the doctors can teach others to get more doctors. Or they record what they did wrong for the babies to die and keep a log til they almost perfect it.
  10. 10. Regional RescueWhat my regional countries can do to help Madagascars problem with the baby mortality is Botswana can lend me some money to buy medical equipment for a few doctors. Botswana will give some HIV/AIDS medication to Madagascar for $100.
  11. 11. Final SolutionI feel it’s impossible to my solve my problem in my region beause Madagascar doesn’t have a lot of money, they also don’t have enough doctors.
  12. 12. International SolutionWhat I want from the rest of the world to do for Madagascar is get more medical care. Also some professional doctors teaching the doctors in Madagascar. Additionally, I would want more money for equipment.