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    Presentation  water use civil Presentation water use civil Presentation Transcript

    • Water Use By, Donovan Pines “ By 2025, it could be two-thirds of the world population will be living under water stress that will undermine and impede social economic development. ” (Hilary Clinton)
    • Fresh Water
      • Fresh water has the capacity to enhance life
      • Its absence can make life miserable
      • Earths surface is 70% water
      • Fresh water is a precious resource
      • Without it we can not survive
    • Fresh water is scarce
      • expensive because there is not enough for everybody
      • people do not have access to fresh water
      • water under the earths surface is more important now
      • underground resources represent 96% of the planets fresh water
    • Example
      • Nearly two-fifths of the United States' 25,000 sewer systems illegally discharged raw sewage of other nasty stuff into rivers or lakes in 2007-09, and over 40% of the country's waters are considered dangerously polluted." ~a special report on water: Enough is Not Enough, May 22, 2010.
    • People are running short
      • More than 800 million people have no access to an improved water source
      • As many as 2.5 billion people have no access to sanitation services
      • Two-thirds of the worlds population will face water shortages in 2025
    • More information
      • Half a billion people in Africa have no access to adequate water sanitation
      • "The big deal is that its water, and everybody needs it," said Cletus Springer, Director of the (O.A.S)
    • Many effects of lack of fresh water/diseases
      • Thousands of people die each day from diarrheal disease
      • By washing hands with soap and water, people could block one of the main transmission routes for the spread of diarrheal diseases
      • Many citizens use water as if the supply is infinite
    • Example
      • The biggest issue is that they will drink water from anywhere, so waterborne diseases are a threat, especially diarrhea and cholera,” says Sami Malik, a spokesperson for the U.N. Children’s fund.
      • Dirty water and poor sanitation kill's 5,000 children a day
    • More Examples of effects/Diseases
      • “ In Africa, where access to water can be a daily struggle, the management of shared aquifers is an urgent issue,” said Charles Ngangou, chairman of African ministers council on water
      • Aid workers are worried about possible out breaks in disease
    • Additional Evidence
      • In Montreal, concerns are fresh water waste inherent filtering water, which is lost through leaky old pipes
      • Aid workers are worried about possible out breaks in disease
    • We Can Help
      • World bank provide more than $5 billion a year in water engineering
      • Have to save and use water wisely
      • Look for other water sources and not take water for granted
    • More Information
      • Salt can be removed from water using three kinds of distillation
      • S ewage water can be converted to drinking water
      • Governments are expected to adopt a convention on aquifers in 2011
    • Water Scarcity Statistics
    • Who is A Civil Engineer
      • Oversee construction and maintenance building structures and facilities
      • They also oversee roads, airports, irrigation projects and water and sewage systems
    • Education Required
      • 4 year Bachelor degree in science/mathematics
      • 2 years Masters degree
      • Doctoral or professional Degree
    • Salary: entry, average, potential
      • Entry level: at 10% $50,560
      • Other 25% $61,59
      • Average salary: 50% $77,560
      • Other 75% $97,990
      • Potential: $119,320
    • Future Demand For Position
      • By 2008-2018 this occupation will increase 20% or higher
      • Job openings approximately 114,600
    • High School/ Academy
      • Attending River Hill High school from 2012-2016
      • Architecture Design Academy, 2012-2016
        • Take two years of world Language and a Development I class
        • Pre-requisite is foundations of technology
        • Final grade of a "B" or better
        • Earn up to 6 credits
    • College
      • University of Cambridge
      • Tuition: 9,000 British Pounds for a year or scholarship 6,000 pounds
      • Great Engineering program
      • First two years the students will be taught about mechanical and structural engineering as well as materials, electrical and information engineering
      • Students can choose from 9 majors in their third year
      • Cleaned up Patapsco River
      • Provided food homeless people every Sunday
      • Donated many things to the Salvation army
      • Student Intern at Robinson Nature Center
      • Intern at Clark construction