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Photography  6th grade research (revised)
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Photography 6th grade research (revised)


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  • 1. Nick Powers PHOTOGRAPHY
  • 2. Questions And Answers About Photography As A Career
    • How much school is required?
      • Answer: Minimum education level is a degree in photojournalism
    • What does a person in this career do?
      • Answer: Photographers take pictures of people, objects, places, and events
    • What is the salary?
      • Answer: The salaries range from $16,170 to $59,890
    • What SCANS Skills would a person in this career need to possess?
      • Answer: Photographers require Creative thinking, visualization, and responsibility
  • 3. Lewis Kemper
    • Lewis Kemper is a famous photographer and I’m using him as my source in the career
  • 4. Description
    • He taught over 100 workshops and college classes on photography
    • He is a Contributing editor to Outdoor Photographer and PC Photo magazines.
    • He specializes in outdoor photography
  • 5. Questions And Answers About Lewis Kemper
    • What SCANS Skills did he use to become successful?
      • Answer: He used visualization to picture what he was going to photograph. He also used creative thinking to make the object in the photo stand out. Lastly, he used Self-management to encourage himself.
    • What does he say about success?
      • Answer: He says, “hard work is the key to success” and “figure out that passion and pursue that passion.”
    • What is he known for?
      • Answer: He is famous for outdoor photography
  • 6. Pictures by Lewis Kemper
  • 7. Reflection
    • Successful photographers must have a lot of patience and energy to take many pictures and hope that some will be good enough that editors will want to buy some of them.
    • I may want to select this career when I grow up because it seems fun and adventurous.
    • Photographer SCANS Skills can help me become a better student by encouraging myself and thinking before I act.
    • This project got me to think about my future and how to be successful by doing what I enjoy.
    • This project gave me the skill to do things on my own and not always with a partner. It made me aware of what I want to do in the future.
  • 8.
    • This project made me think in a new way with character traits, skills, and success by giving me the opportunity to do this on my own requiring responsibility and self-management. Also, I’ve learned that hard work is the key to success and you learn from the mistakes you make.
    Reflection (cont.)