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  • Too easy for team A

P0 bluff-civilizations q2a Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Bluff!A Game and Study Guide All In One!
  • 2. Rules • In turn, each team will be asked a question. • Team members who know the answer will stand up. • The other team will select ONE person standing up to answer the question. • If that person gives a correct answer, the team will receive as many points as there are people standing up. If the answer is wrong, that many points will be subtracted.
  • 3. Rules Continued • Each team will select one scorekeeper. • If no one from the team stands up, the other team will be awarded 5 points. • If you do not stand up, or if you would not have if it was your team’s turn, then write the question and answer down to create your own study guide. • A team may not call on the same person from the opposing team until they have called on all the other members of the opposing team.
  • 4. Question #1•What word means the belief in many gods?
  • 5. Answer #1•Polytheism
  • 6. Question #2•Why was the Fertile Crescent a good place for developing civilizations?
  • 7. Answer #2•The rivers created very rich farmland
  • 8. Question #3 •What word means a story about gods that explains people’s beliefs?
  • 9. Answer #3•myth
  • 10. Question #4•Why was Babylon an important center of trade?
  • 11. Answer #4• Because it was located between cities to the south and north
  • 12. Question #5•What word means many territories and people who are controlled by one government?
  • 13. Answer #5•empire
  • 14. Question #6•Mesopotamia was located between what two rivers?
  • 15. Answer #6•The Tigris and Euphrates rivers
  • 16. Question #7•Why did separate city- states develop in Sumer?
  • 17. Answer #7•Because the cities were separated by long distances
  • 18. Question #8What word means symbols for writing that represent sounds?
  • 19. Answer #8•alphabet
  • 20. Question #9•Why did Phoenicia become a thriving and wealthy region?
  • 21. Answer #9•Phoenicians sold valuable wood and purple dye to neighboring peoples.
  • 22. Question #10•How were the Israelites different in their religious beliefs than many other peoples at this time?
  • 23. Answer #10•They worshipped one god.
  • 24. BLIND QUESTION•A blind question is when players must commit to standing up before the question is asked.
  • 25. Question #11•What word means a group of traders traveling together?
  • 26. •caravan
  • 27. BLIND QUESTION #12• Why was the Phoenician alphabet so important to people in the ancient world?
  • 28. Answer• It made it easier to learn to read and write.
  • 29. Question #13•What word means a time when people starve because there is so little food?
  • 30. Answer #13•famine
  • 31. Question #14•What was one of the major events in the history of the Israelites?
  • 32. Answer #14•The conquest of Canaan
  • 33. Question #15•What word means the belief in one god?
  • 34. Answer #15•monotheism
  • 35. Question #16•What is one of the main reasons why Hammurabi’s Code was significant?
  • 36. Answer #16•For the first time, laws were written down
  • 37. Question #17What word means professional writer?
  • 38. Answer #17• scribe
  • 39. Question #18Why did the Sumerians make their ziggurats with terraces, one on top of the other?
  • 40. Answer #18• They believed the gods could use it to descend to Earth.
  • 41. Question #19• What word means the area good for agriculture that stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf?
  • 42. Answer #19• Fertile Crescent
  • 43. Question #20• What was one military innovation of the Assyrians?
  • 44. Answer #20• Battering ram
  • 45. Question #21• What is the writing in Mesopotamia that combined symbols to make groups of wedges and lines?
  • 46. Answer #21• cuneiform
  • 47. Question #22• Who developed the first alphabet?
  • 48. Question #22• The Phoenicians