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Noha's reading project powerpoint

  1. 1. Does preschool education accelerate student achievement prior to early education? Noha Ahmed Block B Nov.6, 2010
  2. 2. Questions How many preschoolers need speech or language therapy? How many preschoolers receive physical therapy? How many students receive tutoring for learning problems? How many students benefit from Special Education programs?
  3. 3. Introduction  “ Youngsters in Shining Stars Preschool water plants they grew and sketched the weekly growth” says Jackie Maese  The vast majority of children ages 3 through 5 with disabilities who received special education services: 1. Received speech or language therapy (93%) 2. Other common services included special education in school (42%) 3. Occupational therapy (34%) 4. Physical therapy (21%) 5. Tutoring for learning problems (19%)
  4. 4. What are the reasons parents will want to enroll students into preschool?  Gain one year of growth  Disability needs decreased with the program  Development of the cognitive, social and emotional skills  Helps prepare students for school  Program helps students prepare for early childhood education
  5. 5. When do people see the achievement of the students?  See it develop in later years  Needs for speech & language therapy decreases  Students are already reading and writing  They see it over a period of time
  6. 6. Why are they offering the preschool program?  Proven that children are more successful at learning to read  To see if certain strategies will improve the overall performance over a period of time  Children do better than students that don’t take the program  Provide educational benefits to all children  Provides critical thinking and democracy
  7. 7. What do they do for activities/field trips?  Read about fictional characters in books to solve social behaviors  Dramatic play, or dress up, arts, with music, dance
  8. 8. How does preschool education accelerate student achievement?  Students score higher than children in the traditional programs  Development skills 1. Emerging literary skills 2. Math skills 3. Social behavioral skills 4. Motor Skills 5. Adaptive behavior 6. Declassification/ reclassification 7. Cognitive development  Students score higher in vocabulary  Close achievement gap  Long- term projects and cooperative learning is encouraged
  9. 9. Preschool Teacher  Preschool teacher is responsible for administering and implementing curricula:  Average salary $ 20,000  +20 % change from 2006- 2016 for employment  $ 43,800 the wage increase  Kindergarten teachers, Except Special Education
  10. 10. High School Career Academy Atholton High School Biotechnology Academy Health& Biosciences Cluster I picked this career academy because it sounded interesting
  11. 11. Penn State University Park  It is located in Old Main Park, Pennsylvania  The curriculum requires the person to be compassionate, tolerant, and inspired. Joint effort skills are very important too. In this program you’ll want to teach teamwork to your students, and you’ll need it yourself—most of the time you’ll be working with an assistant teacher  $27,114 per year  the student body embracing 66% in-state students and 34% out of state students. Also, according to data there were 49% women next to 57% men.
  12. 12. Community Service Volunteering in an animal shelter I did this because I love animals and I hate seeing them hurt so it makes me feel happy that I am helping them feel better
  13. 13. Prior Job Experience Babysitting Pizza Hut Howard County Veterinary Accomplishments/awards: • Honor roll • Athletic award • Student of the month • Free pass to bowling
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