My Career: IT Manager


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My Career: IT Manager

  1. 1. By: Swapna Vaja
  2. 2. Access Bridges I researched the career of the CIO. A CIO’s responsibilities include looking over computer systems, and supervising technology related workers. A CIO is often the most one can advance in the field of technology.
  3. 3. Access Bridges Being a CIO also comes with duties such as reporting to the CEO or CFO, monitoring computer systems, and traveling to important meetings To become a CIO, a bachelors degree in computer science as well as a MBA usually accompany sucessful CIOs’.
  4. 4. Access Bridges High school courses a CIO should take are business, English, engineering, and software programming. A related major would be a MBA. Related careers include IT managers, small business owner, and CEO. The career outlook is stable. The median salary is 118,710 dollars.
  5. 5. Career OneStop I then researched the career of a CEO. It seemed to fit with the business type theme. They determine and form policies for the company. They also plan and direct operational activities, as well as act as the leader of the company. The peak salary of a CEO is 166,900 dollars.
  6. 6. Career OneStop The typical education needed is a Bachelor’s degree There is no potential for advancement, as you are already at the top The job outlook is +4%, or 11,150 openings Some related careers are CFO, CIO, Manager, and Financer
  7. 7. Career OneStop Take business classes in high school to be a successful CEO.
  8. 8. Occupational Handbook My last career I researched was the IT manager. The career of an IT manager is exactly like that of a CIO, except less business-minded. They analyze computer needs, and ensure the security of the computers. There is 18% increase in job openings to be an IT manager. 90% work full time
  9. 9. Occupational Handbook To become an IT manager, you must have a MBA, and a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. High School courses beneficial to an IT manager are business and computer science. Similar careers are CIO, small business manager, and CFO. Median salary is 115,780. More business minded people get promoted to CIO
  10. 10. Occupational Handbook.
  11. 11. Final Career: An IT manager, because in the end, it appealed the most to my skills, and what I like to do. I was looking through the related careers for CIO and found IT manager. It also was less business based than the other two, so this career was most likely the best for me.
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