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Madagascar powerpoint

  1. 1. Madagascar r
  2. 2. Madagascar’s Cultuere and history• Madgascar is the 4th largest island in the world• It is home to hundtdreds of animal species found nowhere else on earth• They were a colonie of france from 1890 to 1960• They speak malagasy and their currency compared to the u.s. dollar is 2211.12 malgasy ariary• Their flag is white on one side and red and green on the other• Madagascar is mostly desert, grassland and cropland with little trees and They also have many rivers.
  3. 3. Health issues in madagascar madagascar is suffering from severehealth issues. The overwhelming problem istaking the lives of many and does not haveany simple solutions because of thecountry’s bad econoMy. currently thecountry only has only 11 doctors per100,000 and the infant mortality is at 94.2deaths per 100 births, which is extremelyhigh compared to aMerica’s 7. making thelife expectancy, 52 years old.
  4. 4. Other health stats in madagascar:• About 1,700 people die a year from hiv/aids.• About 1,496 people die from poor nutrition a year.• About 901 people die from tuberculosis a year.• About 1,054 people die a year from malaria.• About 510 people die a year from cancer
  5. 5. But their may be a solution! investing in education, for betterschools, a better education and smarter kids!And smarter kids will grow up to go to collegeand become a doctor or a scientist or anythingother career that could find cures fordiseases and help people with their health.One of the biggest reasons why people keepdying of serious diseases like cancer, malariaetc. is because they do not have a doctor to goto. Investing in education will create moredoctors help those people. Unfortunatelyother neighbor countries can not contributetoward this project nor can they benefit fromit.
  6. 6. Another solution there is another possible solution forMadagascar’s HEALTH ISSUE. They can use a biggerportion of their tax dollars towards college fundsthere will be more colleges so more people can goto college and get a better education. Currentlythere are only 5 major universities in madagascar.Using tax dollars FOR MORE COLLEGES WILL INCREASETHE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE WITH MEDICAL DEGREES SO MORECERTIFIED DOCTORS TO BETTER THE HEALTH OF THE PEOPLE.OTHER NEIGHBOOR COUNTRIES CAN HELP BY TRADEING WITHMADAGASCAR TO HELP THEIR ECONOMY.
  7. 7. Trading with mali Mali has a extemly large supply ofsalt but they are struggling to getenough water, on the otherhand, madagascar has a sufficient supplyof rain and river water, but they arestruggling with poor nutrition. Mali iswilling to trade with madagascarthough, which could put an end to bothcountries problems. Mali is willing totrade 1 half pound of salt for every 5inches of rainwater with madagascar.Since Madagascar’s problem is partlyfood shortage, salt will preserve food tobetter the people’s health and hunger.
  8. 8. Madagascar’s final solution out of the three solutions that I havepresented, think that investing in educationwill help solve the problem the best. Ifmadagascar can start educating youngerkids better then that can completelychange the way those kids look at theirfuture and then instead of being a farmeror a fisherman they would be a doctorinstead.