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Haley Kantor






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Haley Kantor Presentation Transcript

  • 1. DepressionAre women more likely to have depression than men?
    Haley Kantor
    Reading D
  • 2. Introduction
    Depression- a mood disorder
    in which feelings of loss, anger,
    or frustration interfere with everyday life.
    According to Omer Gillingham’s research, 60% of people who are depressed think about suicide, but only 15% take the next step… making a plan.
  • 3. What is the most common cause of depression?
    There is not one main cause of depression, but most frequent causes are:
    Genetic link
    Family member in previous generation has experienced depression
    Dramatic change in life
    A sudden or unexpected event
    Traumatized by childhood experiences
    Abuse, neglect, loss of family member, etc.
  • 4. What is the most common cause of depression? (cont.)
    The Toxic Triangle-
    Having unpleasant thoughts that
    affect your mood in a negative way
    Severely over or under eating compared to your normal eating patterns
    Substance abuse.
    Excessive and unhealthy use of alcohol or drugs
  • 5. When in life do most people experience depression?
    Women are at double the risk of becoming depressed compared to men.
    20% vs. 10%
    Women have a high chance of depression during and after pregnancy
    Women have a high chance do to higher hormonal levels compared to men.
  • 6. When in life do most people experience depression? (cont.)
    In both genders, fallowing a major event such as:
    Changing jobs
    Loss of loved one
  • 7. How does depression affect a person’s everyday life?
    Feelings of sorrow and hopelessness
    Change in usual routine:
    Excessive sleeping or very little sleep, compared to a person’s normal sleeping patterns
    Either an extreme craving for food all of the time or complete loss of appetite
    Loss of interest in activities a person once enjoyed.
  • 8. Do obesity and depression relate to each other, how?
    Someone who is depressed has a 58% chance of becoming obese.
    Someone who is obese has
    a 55% chance of becoming
  • 9. Do obesity and depression relate to each other, how? (cont.)
    It is proven that people who are depressed eat a significant more amount of chocolate…
    Someone showing no signs of depression eats 5.4 servings of chocolate a month.
    Someone showing occasional or minor signs of depression eats 8.4 servings of chocolate a month.
    Someone showing major depression signs eats 11.8 servings of chocolate a month
  • 10. What percent of people experience depression?
    Over 50% of the population in America is likely to have depression (34 million).
    For adults above the age of 18…
    72% of Americans drink alcohol and 66% of those people have a high chance at becoming depressed.
  • 11. Elementary School Teacher
    A Teacher is responsible for providing an educational atmosphere where students will result in achieving academic success in one or more of the following subjects:
    Social Studies
    An average Elementary school Teacher earns $52,200 per year.
  • 12. Elementary School Teacher (cont.)
    The growth potential for an Elementary school teacher is promising with a growth rate of 13%
    In the coming years, there will be 41,240 expected job openings for Elementary school teachers
    Related careers to Elementary school teachers are:
    College Professor
    Foreign language teacher
    Speech therapist
    Recreational therapist
  • 13. High School Career Academics
    Atholton High School
    I researched Teacher Academy of Maryland
    I chose the Teacher Academy of Maryland because…
    I plan on attending 5 years of College at Auburn University, to graduate with:
    Teaching Degree
    Bachelors’ degree
    Later becoming a kindergarten teacher.
  • 14. Auburn University- School of Education
    Auburn University is located in central East Alabama
    Each year, an enrolled student will pay $37,502.
    In high school, my grade point average must be above 3.0 and I must earn 30 high school credits if I am going to attend Auburn University. And earn a Teaching license and Bachelors degree.
  • 15. Auburn University- School of Education
    Auburn has over 24,000
    students enrolled.
    The colors are orange and
    blue to support their mascot,
    the tiger.
  • 16. Community Service
    Over the summer of 2010, I frequently volunteered at the Arc.
    The Arc is a community for people who are mentally challenged. I spend the day playing games, making arts and crafts with the participants, and talking about common interests.
    I enjoy volunteering at The Arc because watching participants have fun, enjoy activities and interact with one another, makes me happy.
  • 17. My Job Experience
    I have worked a variety of jobs in the last few years. Some examples are:
    Babysitting for friends, neighbors, and family.
    Front desk at Holiday Inn
    Waiter at Pizza Hut
    I have also earned other rewards:
    Perfect attendance since 6th grade
    Fastest dribbler in Heat basketball league
    2nd place in state Spelling Bee
  • 18. Citing
    Citations for pictures: