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the best power point

the best power point

Published in: Sports, Education

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  • 1. Should college athletes getShould college athletes get paid for playing sports?paid for playing sports? Ben Borucki Reading E 11/16/10 QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • 2. QuestionQuestion  Do you think that college athletes get paid? And why?
  • 3. IntroductionIntroduction  “The agents that do this and the sponsors, I hate to do this, but how are they any any better then a pimp? Alabama’s coach Nick Saben.”  More then 20 of the top 100 college basketball recruits told ESPN that agents are the biggest problem in sports.
  • 4. If college football programs get paidIf college football programs get paid to have their team on TV why notto have their team on TV why not the players get paid too?the players get paid too?  The players bring in about 50 million a year for their programs.  a. Tickets  b. Parking  c. Food  d. Clothes  A lot of college athletes depend on going pro and getting paid big bucks.  The tickets are very expensive at college games and the jerseys they sell are too  a.The players who played should get at least 10% of all tickets sales for each game  b. If the athlete’s jersey is sold at the stadium you should get 15% of the money that it was sold for.  The athletes should not get paid if they don’t have at least a 3.1 GPA.  They are at practice too much.  Have private tutors and spend lots of time with them.  Have class on the bus or plain going to away games.
  • 5. Should college athletes be able toShould college athletes be able to leave and go pro right after thereleave and go pro right after there freshmen year to get paid?freshmen year to get paid?  1. They are less likely to be impacted by poor decisions such as  a. Geting money from sponsors  b. Have an agent  c. The athlete gives the money to the family to keep in till they get of college.  Lack of punishments for offenses in freshman year  a. They are losing wins from the past season  b. Losing an opportunity to go to a bowl game  c. Losing scholarships
  • 6. Why should college athletes play if theyWhy should college athletes play if they don’t get paid?don’t get paid?  They have to work all week and play for thousands of fans on Saturday, all they get out of it is joy to play the game.  If they do get paid then they could just get paid for two years and then get hurt and they are set for life.  They should get 10% of all the money earned at the game and split it with the players of who played.  If they do get paid there should be no scholarships for sports just for academics.  If they even got paid $ 100 a week they would be making 117 million dollars.
  • 7. Should college athletes have anShould college athletes have an agent?agent?  They are the biggest distraction in college sports  They make the athlete to think about money and they should be thinking about whom they play next week.  Then they start thinking too fare a head and start losing money.  Having an agent could get the athlete suspended.  Agents should be banned from talking to a college athlete until they announce they’re going pro.
  • 8. How much money should collegeHow much money should college athletes get paid if they do?athletes get paid if they do?  If athletes get paid there should be no more sport scholarships.  If athletes do get paid how would they figure it out from high school stats, because some kids seem good but they play in bad leagues.  Athletes should not get paid but should receive 10% of all concessions, tickets, and jerseys.  Even if college athletes give them a hundred dollars per game they could almost retire after four years of collage because they would have received $117 million in one year.
  • 9. CareerCareer  Describe your career associated with your research topic.  -salary  -trends  -advancement  Related careers
  • 10. High School Career academiesHigh School Career academies  River Hill  Business Marketing  I like math and am a good business man
  • 11. University of MarylandUniversity of Maryland  College Park, Maryland  Yearly tuition, 8,416 thousands in state for out of state 24,831  Some requirements for Business marketing are Advertising and promotion, Consumer behavior, Intentional marketing and there are a lot more but you only have to do three of them  43% Girls, 57% Guys  68% of Maryland GPA’s last year were a 3.75 or higher  Campus is large and there is a suburban feeling
  • 12. Community ServiceCommunity Service  Helped at a food stand  Maryland food drive  Food on he 15th  Helped at Harmony Hall  Habit for Humanity  I feel good about myself when help out
  • 13. Prior Job ExperiencePrior Job Experience  Babysitting  Chick Fil A  Umpire  Grass Cutting  All American Baseball,and Basketball player at River Hill  Honor roll, Full Ride for Basketball to the University of Maryland
  • 14. CitingCiting   /image/terp(1).jpg    D8W_2I/AAAAAAAAAEs/LTM2P40Kc_I/s40 0/Nick-Saban-2.jpg  84jQ_I/AAAAAAAAC70/m8Jk73qtQ- Q/s1600/chick-fil-a-cows.jpg  /image/100dollarbill.jpg  EXID37753/images/John_Wall_Kentucky_dunk .jpg  g  7bc056025a_o.jpg  UXdkW/x610.jpg