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Brian deckers thingy

  1. 1. Should homeless people be assisted by the federal government? Brian Decker Block A 11/30/10
  2. 2. Introduction Definition:Homelessness is when somebody has lost their job and does not have any money. Statistic:38% of homeless people are white, 47% are black, 13% are Hispanic, 2% are American Indian, and 1% are other race.
  3. 3. Should homeless people in America be sent to jail? Homeless women are desperate for money. -They participate in prostitution. -They do drug deals. Homeless people would steal and kill for money because they are so desperate.
  4. 4. Should there be assistance just for the homeless? 1992-1995 -Republican party proposes 4 billion dollar homeless assistance and a “shelter plus care” program by HUD. -HUD releases $900 million nationwide for homeless. Children -They have children's shelters and within the shelters they have schools. -1 Million American children are homeless.
  5. 5. Where are most homeless people located? 32% of homeless are in suburban areas. Northeast of Atlanta foreclosures rose 77% from 2008 to 2009.
  6. 6. How does the economy effect the homeless? It makes people lose their jobs, and have to live with their parents or on the streets. People lose the money they make or can not budget their money, so they go broke. Some join the army to help with finances.
  7. 7. When does the government plan on stopping homelessness? The Obama administration -They revealed a plan that will end homelessness in the next decade and ending veterans homelessness in 5 years. -Nationally there are 234 community plans to end homelessness and 84% are 10 years. 4 factors that are crucial to ending homelessness. -Putting a person or organization in charge of implementation. -Setting specific numeric goals. -Setting a timeline for completion. -Identifying a funding source.
  8. 8. Social Worker A social worker connects to my question because he/she helps the homeless by taking surveys of them and helps them to get to a shelter. -The salary is $30,000 to $72,000 a year. -190 new jobs -Most bachelors or masters degrees -Related careers are law makers, and senators.
  9. 9. High School Career academies I will go to River Hill High School. The academy I picked was the Teaching Academy. I picked this academy because there are schools for the homeless and I would work in the schools to teach the kids to know about their history.
  10. 10. University of Maryland- College Park (UMCP) It is located in College Park. The tuition is 22,115 dollars. The requirements are 4 years of English, three years of math, three years of history, three years of science, and two years of foreign language. The mascot is the terrapin turtle and it has more than 500 different clubs with 9,468 students.
  11. 11. Community Service Helped at a shelter. I did it because I am a good person and I wanted to help out.
  12. 12. Prior Job Experience I have: 1.Babysat 2.Mowed the lawn 3.Moved supplies out of people’s homes.