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  • 1. Architect
    Power Point by Thomas Littmann
  • 2. Education or training
    To be an Architect you must have a bachelors degree.
  • 3. Salary
    $30,000 to $55,470 to $132,000
    Or low:$41,300
  • 4. What a person does in this career
    Draw plans or Advises clients, analyses data, etc.
  • 5. What scans/personal skill does a person is the career need
    Artistic and communication
    Also active listening, critical thinking, complex problem solving, time management, and reading comprehension.
  • 6. Description of Mark Wigley
    Mark Wigley, Dean of architecture in Columbia university is known for having ideas to change the way people learn when they are interested in becoming an architect.
  • 7. The scans skills Mark Wigley
    He critically thinks to come up with ideas.
    he solves problems when there is something wrong.
    He knows how to spend his time.
  • 8. Extra facts
    Architect primarily work inside
    Main school subjects are art and math for this job.
  • 9. Reflection part 1
    What did I learn about what it takes to be successful in this career?
    In this career I have to listen to others, hear what they half to say, and say what I half to say. To be successful I half to be patient and understanding and what I get out of that is a good life.
    What is the possibility that I may pursue this career when I grow up?
    The possibility is very high because my dad is a construction worker and I have seen how great and important it is to be an architect.
  • 10. Reflection part 2
    How can these same SCANS skills help me be a successful student.
    These SCANS skills help me as a student because listening, being patient, and critically thinking are some of the most important principles that a student should know to become successful in school.
    What new skills has this project made me more aware of?
    This project taught me about critical thinking as an architect because I used to think that architects just draw plans for buildings but now I know that there is a whole process to an architects job.
  • 11. Reflection part 3
    This project has helped me think that character traits and skills are similar in the way the if I am a good listener and think and come up with ideas really well naturally it will help me in this job.
    How has this project made me think in a new way about the connection between character traits and skills, and success in both school and career?
  • 12. Sited sources
    Career in focus
    Sirs discovery (Mark Wigley)
    Career One Stop