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  1. 1. ShouldHomework BeAbolished? Aaron Kaplan Block D 11-3-11
  2. 2. IntroductionZ The purpose of homework is to help a student reinforce content from classwork by reading and answering questions.Z Another use of homework is studying beyond what was explained in class, and the third use is primarily meant to keep student busy.Z Homework can causes stress in a students daily life.
  3. 3. Does giving incentives convey thewrong message?Z If students can’t focus on homework, a parent may feel like incentives are the best way to get their child focused.Z Sometimes homework is so stressful that parents are forced to give incentives so the student will complete it.
  4. 4. Should Homework be abolished? Yes: No:Z Homework Z Homework disrupts family improves time academicZ Homework makes performance kids stressed through practiceZ Teachers use Z Homework should homework as not be abolished grade fillers, not completely, concept homework should reinforcement be limited
  5. 5. Should Homework be limited?Z Homework should be short and should review what was discussed in classZ Grades 1-3 should have 20 minutes of homework per dayZ Grades 4-6 should have 20 to 40 minutes per dayZ Grades 7-9 should have 2 hours per dayZ High school homework amounts vary based on academic levels
  6. 6. Is a student’s effort in extra-curricularactivities affected by the amount ofhomework received? • If a student stays up late doing homework, their performance in activities may be impacted
  7. 7. Is homework used as busy work orreinforcement of skills?Z “The worst type of homework is the type that is meaningless or just busy-work.” – Ron KurtusZ Some teachers assign homework and never grade or collect it. The message sent is that homework is not important, just a time filler
  8. 8. Special Education TeacherZ Special Education teachers oversee the education, goal planning and goal attainment for students with special needs. Z Entry-level salary- $36,400 Average salary is $50,750 Potential salary is $95,800 Z Special Education teacher position increased 18% from 2008 to 2018 Z 2018 there should be 118,400 Z Related careers: Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Audiologist, School Psychologist, and Guidance Counselor
  9. 9. High School and Career AcademyZ Attended River Hill High schoolZ The Career Academy researched was the Education AcademyZ Education Academy relates to the my career my choice.
  10. 10. University of ConnecticutZ Storrs, ConnecticutZ Yearly tuition- 30,000Z Maintenance of a C or higher gradeZ The mascot is the Husky
  11. 11. Community ServiceZ Harvest Fest, donated to the Maryland Food Bank, volunteered at a soup kitchen, marshaled a local special OlympicsZ I preformed these community service tasks because I needed service learning hours and because I felt like it was the right thing to do.
  12. 12. Prior Job Experience Other possible career choicesZ Guidance Counselor, audiologist, speech therapist, physical therapist, middle school teacherZ Previous Employment: Z Babysitting Z Paper boy Z GiantZ Accomplishments/awards: Z Honor roll Z Student of the month
  13. 13. CitingZ “Purpose of homework” by Ron Kurtus-http://www.schoolforchampions.com/grades/purpose_of_homework.htm
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