Kgi wood wa ll barrier brochure


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Kgi wood wa ll barrier brochure

  1. 1. WOOD WALL The natural noise barrier Long lasting solutions with 10 years guarantee Contact: 0840030094 / Advantages:The new WOOD WALL noise barriers offers a beautifull and natural acoustical  Low maintenance costsfence around your garden. The used materials are high quality and durable for  Noise insulation through anlong lasting solutions with a perfect harmony in a natural environment. At first sightthis barrier looks like an ordinary installed timber fence. However this barrier offers integrated sheet and mineralyou a high noise attenuation and results into a high privacy and a quiet woolenvironment in your own garden. In the core of this barrier you will find our secret,  Long life durabilitya high noise insulation sheet together with mineral wool that creates this noiseattenuation. This combination offers you the additional value of WOOD WALL  Use of first class timberinstead of ordinary fencing.  10 years guarantee  Both sides equal finish with natural materialSuperior Quality and long lasting solutions:  Excellent noise insulatorThe basis of the WOOD WALL barrier are timber sandwich panels, constructed outof 100 mm wide vertical lamellae. As we propose only the best, the timber  High flexibilitymaterial is selected before threatment. The timber is a first class pine wood  Responsible landscapingimpregnated until the really deep core. The used materials are 100%environmental friendly. This offers you the advantages that your barrier is 25 years  No large investmentsfree of maintenance and no additional work is required  Easy installation, can be done by everybody  No additional work for 25 years  Autoclave threatment at bease of envrionmental friendly materials  First class selected pine wood is used as the base of this barrier  Corner pieces prefabricated
  2. 2. WOOD WALLThe natural noise barrier Perfect harmany with nature The rest doesn’t need any explanation
  3. 3. WOOD WALL The natural noise barrier Technical specification WOOD WALL different post sections Materials Sandwich panels from 1st class pine wood with identical front and back side. Core consit of high noise insulation membrane and noise absorbative mineral wool Dimensions W= 250 x H = 90 cm W= 250 x H = 100 cm W= 200 x H = 125 cm Panels are placed on top of each other until the final height is achieved Wall heights Possible wall heigts are: 1,80 m, 1,90 2,0 2,15 2,25 2,50 and so on upto 3,0 m Post Heavy duty timber posts , special start and end post are in- cluded. As an option corner posts can be ordered sepa- rately. Steel post At request hot dip galvanized posts can be delivered Guarantee 10 years Life time expectation Minimu 25 years Maintenance The material is maintenance free Installation By us, your local dealer or yourself KGIGROEP BVAlso visit our website Life is at: better Phone +31 (0)840030094 without web noise Email