10 Years               Trailblazers                    International                       Consilio et Animis - By wisdom ...
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Trailblazer outdoor leadership and adventure flyer english 2012


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Trailblazer outdoor leadership and adventure flyer english 2012

  1. 1. 10 Years Trailblazers International Consilio et Animis - By wisdom and courage www.kgic.ca kgicgroup kgicvideos kgic Trailblazers gives you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accomplish amazing things in four weeks. Some highlights include climbing the Black Tusk a peak of 2315 meters and gazing at glacier-fed lakes. In 2012 Trailblazers from around the world will again challenge themselves and develop lifelong friendships that will cross borders and oceans. From the classroom to the wilderness, you will learn 1st aid and CPR, water safety, environmental minimum impact techniques, critical thinking and judg- ment skills, how to navigate your way in the wild open country of British Columbia with a compass and GPS, and much more. Our leadership certification program combines unforgettable camping and hiking experiences in British Columbia with practical English lan- guage usage related to outdoors, leadership, teamwork. Our leadership certification program combines three weeks of practical English language usage with special survival skills seminars and workshops in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.
  2. 2. 10 Years Trailblazers International Consilio et Animis - By wisdom and courageProgram Overview Program CostsLeadership Training & CAD $ 3,190 Additional costsEnglish Communication Daily transportation from the Home-• Effective Communication Skills This includes: stay to school and back to the Home-• Crisis Management • Tuition and training stay is not included. Students must• Conflict Resolution • Pick up from airport and transfer to purchase a monthly bus pass.• Critical Thinking Homestay , drop off from Home- Participants must be in possession of stay to airport. valid insurance from their countries orTeam Work • 28 nights in Homestay (extra nights purchase insurance with us!• Planning and Management CAD$ 30)• Environmental Awareness • Meals (usually packed lunch)• Personal Limitations • Camping supplies (excluding Program Dates sleeping bag & back-pack, can beOutdoor training rented but we recommend buying July 3 to July 27, 2012• Camping Skills one). Participants should arrive in Van-• Orienteering with a Compass • Text books, maps, compass, GPS couver on the weekend BEFORE and GPS and field manual; (for use only) the program begins and not• Survival Techniques schedule a return flight on the• Water Safety same day the program ends.• Outdoor SafetyAge group A complete application package can be downloaded from: www.kgic.ca or contact us at: P:(604) 608-1135 F: (604) 608-1132 E: kgic@kgic.ca• 15-19 years King George International College, 201-1400 Robson Street, V6G 1B9, Vancouver, Canada www.kgic.ca kgicgroup kgicvideos kgic