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Kgic Edu Campus Guide Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

  1. 1. | | NEW CAMPUS GUIDE Halifax,CANADA ‘10 400-1791 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia | B3J 3K9 KGIC Education Group®
  2. 2. Halifax | Vancouver | Surrey | Victoria | Toronto | Boston Halifax Tourism THE CITY OF HALIFAX... several hiking trails you can walk along to take in the scenic views and enjoy a slice of nature in the heart of an urban YOURS TO EXPLORE! landscape. Some trails follow the water where you can watch the ships or get gorgeous views of the ocean in every DESTINATIONS ONLY MINUTES direction while other trails take you FROM THE KGIC CAMPUS! ll St through the forest or to old historic swe Cog Granville Mall Halifax Common Halifax Harbour fortifications. Point Pleasant is one of Halifax Harbour & Purdy’s Wharf | 10 min (North) Cog swe ll St Rainnie Dr One of the world’s largest natural those rare places that can be bustling Rob KGIC located in TD Tower ie St harbours, Halifax harbour has a deep with people and activity and still remain Barr Ahe Halifax Common Gran St Maritime Museum ingt history. Enjoy a scenic walk along the (Central) of the Atlantic peaceful and serene! mA ville on Citadel Hill ve harbour and take in the amazing National Historic Site St Be St Rob shopping and sights. At the edge of the ll R d Sack ville Dalhousie University | 30 min ie S harbour you will see Purdy’s Wharf and One of Canada's leading universities, t Be ll R d Dalhousie is widely recognized for Low some amazing views of downtown. Take er W St the Halifax-Dartmouth Ferry for spectacu- l Ln Sack ville rden Rd outstanding academic quality and teach- ate oria Barr Mem g Ga r St Sprin ing, and a broad range of educational S Pa lar marine views of the harbour and ans ingt Veter rk S on S Halifax Public and research opportunities. Located in Sum several of the historic nearby islands. Dalhousie t Que Gardens t mer University Halifax since 1818, Dalhousie attracts en S St t Citadel Hill | 5 min students from around the world. Book a S Pa t ris S M or rk S This famous fort has been restored to how Dalhousie S t tour of their scenic and historic campus. t University M orris it looked in 1856. Worth the uphill climb, Take in some culture at the Arts Centre, the Citadel’s stone fortress offers amazing y Av e St Art Gallery and Daltheater. Mingle with ersit South Univ Canadian students and see a slice of views of the city and the harbour to its St South visitors. The view from the Citadel will Dalhousie Canadian academic life. University show you the amazing architecture of downtown between the hilltop and harbour. In the summer you can enjoy Did You Know? historic re-enactments at the fort with the Titanic disaster, as many of the victims unspoiled in the heart of a modern city. costumed people in kilts and bearskin were buried in Halifax. The Titanic display They have survived for more than a • There are over 92 international - Downtown Halifax Nova Scotia hats playing bagpipes. While walking includes artifacts and photographs. You century and retain much of their original flights per week from Halifax, NS through the fort stop a soldier, bagpiper or can also learn about The Royal Canadian Victorian character. Experience the • There are over 393 domestic washerwoman and ask them any Navy and the Canadian merchant marine. history, remarkable plant & bird life and flights per week from Halifax, NS questions you may have. This National You’ll find exhibits that include the small the unique statues and fountains of the • There are 40 nonstop flights per Historic Site is the most heavily visited in boats once used around the coast. One of Gardens. Make sure to bring your week departing from Halifax, NS Canada, and it's easy to see why. the most popular collections features camera as you will find many picture • The longest flight from Halifax, information about local shipwrecks as perfect scenes to capture! NS is 3,557 miles Maritime Museum of the Atlantic | 10 min well as the 1917 Halifax Explosion. • The shortest flight out of Halifax, The Maritime Museum is the perfect place Point Pleasant Park | 10 min NS is 99 miles for the ‘seaworthy’ enthusiast to find out Halifax Public gardens | 10 min One of the nicest urban parks you will find about everything involving Nova Scotia The Halifax Public Gardens are a rare anywhere. Point Pleasant is almost 200 maritime history from 1850-present. The example of a formal Victorian public acres but feels much larger because museum has a permanent exhibit about garden surviving intact and relatively there is so much to see and do. There are KGIC Education Group® | Halifax , Nova Scotia | Canada - Halifax Nova Scotia - Whale Sighting
  3. 3. Halifax | Vancouver | Surrey | Victoria | Toronto | Boston Halifax Tourism HALIFAX - Travel Hub be amazed by the architecture and atmosphere of the city. Take a horse drawn carriage through Old Montreal to get a feel Your National & International Travel Gateway for the city. THE WORLD New York City, USA – 2.5 hours by air Halifax is a beautiful city filled with Take a trip to the Big Apple and experience friendly people, shopping, art galleries one of the most famous cities in the world. and museums. The city is loaded with United Take in a Broadway show or spend the day culture and history. Visitors can experi- Kingdom shopping. There is no shortage of things to ence live theatre, spectacular musicals Canada Ireland do in this exciting city! and fabulous concerts all year round. Halifax is also loaded with festivals. There London Boston, USA – less than 2 hours by air is no shortage of the amazing festivals Montreal P.E.I France A city rich in culture and history, Boston is a you can take part in and discover while Cape Breton Island Halifax great travel destination. With a deep you stay in this beautiful city. Experience Peggy’s Cove connection to learning, visitors can visit cultures from all over the world with the USA Boston Spain New York world famous academic institutions such Multicultural Festival. Take in some music Atlantic Ocean as Harvard and MIT. For those simply at the Atlantic Jazz Festival. Be looking for a bit of fun, Boston has no entertained by street performers at the shortage of sports, arts and nightlife to International Buskers Festival. No matter keep you entertained. what time of year, there is a festival or Mexico event to enjoy. With all this to see and do it Cancun Africa London, England – 5 hours by air is a wonder that you will ever want to leave Jump across the pond and experience the city, but did you know that Halifax is London. Watch the changing of the guard also a great jumping point to travel Nova at Buckingham Palace or enjoy a night out Scotia, Canada and the World! in Soho. London has been called a world in a city and is a great place for shopping, NOVA SCOTIA the bold highlands, high above spectacu- to visit this great destination, but amongst sightseeing and nightlife. A trip to London Peggy’s Cove – 35 min. by car lar ocean views, where moose and bald the most popular is a pilgrimage to the would be an experience you would never Take a walk through this tranquil fishing eagles can be seen. Or go whale watch- famous Anne of Green Gables House. For forget. village and you will find a pleasant ing and watch pods of Pilot whales in the those who enjoy golf, P.E.I. has over 30 relaxing atmosphere surrounded by waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Cape courses all easy to reach and close Cancun, Mexico – 5 hours by air fishing boats, birds, nature and friendly Breton Island is one of Nova Scotia’s most enough that you could play more than one Experience the sun, sand and water of people. The scenic lighthouse is a popu- popular travel destinations and has won course in a day!!! beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Famous as a lar picture backdrop. Take photos of the several travel awards as a first class spectacular travel destination, a trip to light house and scenery at Peggy’s cove tourist destination. Montreal – less than 2 hours by air Cancun is a great way to beat the winter and you will have amazing pictures and This cosmopolitan city is a must stop blues. Lie on the beach and soak up the memories of your visit. CANADA destination while traveling Canada. sun or take a dip in the ocean and experi- Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) – 3 hrs. by Located in the province of Quebec, ence the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean. Cape Breton Island – 4 hours by bus car & ferry Montreal not only allows you to experi- Take a walk along the famous Cabot Trail, This beautiful Canadian island province is ence a taste of French Canada, but also a enjoy many outdoor activities and filled with beautiful maritime scenery and mix of cultures from around the world. discover the trail of Canadian history. Tour friendly people. There are many reasons One of the oldest cities in Canada you will KGIC Education Group® | Halifax , Nova Scotia | Canada - Big Ben - London, England
  4. 4. Halifax | Vancouver | Surrey | Victoria | Toronto | Boston KGIC Advantages KGIC Levels and Equivalency Terms Stages Levels Specialized Programs Equivalents Avaiable at this Level Foundations Foundations Foundations English Beginner 1 Essentials TOEFL PBT 435; CBT 123; KGIC Halifax Pathways High Beginner Intermediate 2 3 Completed level 2: IELTS Completed level 3: TOEFL, PMM, EPT, EPIT-K, iBT 40; TOEIC 470 TOEFL PBT 450; CBT 133; iBT 46; TOEIC 550; IELTS 3.5; Cambridge KET; CAEL 30-40 KGIC Halifax Advantages English EPC, Pre-EPE Completed level 4: TOEFL PBT 500; CBT 173; iBT Advanced Advanced 4 FCE, BEDP, GBE, PJP, BMDP, 61; TOEIC 650; IELTS 4.5; HMDP, ITDP, TESOL, TESOL-I, Cambridge PET-FCE; CAEL TESOL-C, TESOL-M, TESOL-P, 40-50 Ed. Leadership, IOMDP Completed level 5: TOEFL PBT 550; CBT 213; 5 iBT 81; TOEIC 800; IELTS 6; English Elite Elite ABMDP, AHMDP, TESOL-A Cambridge FCE; CAEL 50-70 TOEFL PBT 600; CBT 250; 6 iBT 100; TOEIC 900; IELTS 7.5; Cambridge CAE; CAEL 70-90 * Please see website for detailed entry requirements Weekly Class Schedule New in Feb 2010 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Block A Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar 9:00 -10:10AM A The Perfect Path 10:10-10:20 Break Break Break Break Break KGIC Halifax offers the path that will suit the needs of all our students. With core ESL classes that are divided into four areas of study (Grammar, Reading and Writing, Listening and Communications and Pronunciation), a wide array of elective Block B Reading and Reading and Reading and Reading and Reading and programs and strong specialized certificate programs, students at KGIC can build on their strengths while working in areas 10:20-11:30 Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing they need improvement. Placement testing ensures that students are in the courses that meet their need and levels. ESL 11:30-11:40 Break Break Break Break Break courses at KGIC Halifax run from 9:00 to 4:30. Block C Listening Listening Listening Listening Listening B Step Towards an Academic or Career Path 11:40-12:30 KGIC Halifax offers unique Career Prep Certificate Programs that gives our students a step-up in their career or academic 12:30-1:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch pursuits. Students can choose Powerwriting Prep, Power Speaking Prep, Business English Prep or University Test Prep. KGIC Halifax students receive 320 minutes of intensive study in their chosen prep course from Monday to Thursday over a 12 week Block D Communications/ Communications/ Communications/ Communications/ After school 1:30-3:00 Pronunciation Pronunciation Pronunciation Pronunciation Canadian period and will receive a certificate upon successful completion. In addition to this at Halifax campus all classes up to level 3 Culture will benefit by having a Classroom Assistant to provide extra attention to students needs. Each of these classes will have 2 3:00-3:10 Break Break Break Break Workshop & native speakers!! In today’s competitive world these benefits will ensure that students of KGIC Halifax are one step ahead! Activity Block E 12 week Career Prep. Certificate: C Step into Canadian Life 3:10-4:30 • Powerwriting Prep. • Powerspeaking Prep. Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to experience and learn about Canadian culture. Halifax is a city rich in • Business English Prep. • University Test Prep. Student chooses one of the prep courses. Course is offered Monday both history and culture. At KGIC Halifax we give students every opportunity to become involved and experienced in all to Thursday from 3:10 to 4:30. things Canadian. As a special service to our students KGIC Halifax dedicates the afternoon period on Fridays to making the most of this aspect of studying abroad with a Canadian Culture Workshop & Activity course. In the workshops students will learn about culture, traditions and customs of Canadians. On activity days they will be able to experience first hand all that Canada has to offer. At KGIC Halifax we want our students to make the most of their experience and do all that we can to help them every step of the way. KGIC Education Group® | Halifax , Nova Scotia | Canada
  5. 5. Halifax | Vancouver | Surrey | Victoria | Toronto | Boston Test Prep Programs Test Preparation Program Career & Business Preparation International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Powerspeaking and Modern Media (PMM) ADVANTAGES • Practice communicative English skills through topics in modern media. MODULES • Become a better listener and more comfortable listening to a variety of (8 weeks in class) audible media. Unit 1: Powerspeaking & • Write various types of articles for different media. Introduction to Media • Update the PMM blog on the internet. Unit 2: Popular Culture • Gain self-confidence through oral presentations in the weekly Unit 3: News & Journalism POWERSPEAKING module. Unit 4: Television • Go on field trips and/or meet guest speakers related to media & Unit 5: Power Speaking & powerspeaking. Stereotypes Unit 6: Advertising Entry Requirements: Unit 7: Music TOEFL: CBT 133 / PBT 450/ iBT 45/46; TOEIC: 550; or completed English Unit 8: Film & Documentaries Essentials Level 3 at KGIC. Any equivalent recognized international test score or a pass on our entrance exam. No Interview required. ADVANTAGES • Full time intensive preparation for IELTS test for MODULES Week 1-2 Sports/food/healthy living/biology: the human body Teacher Training Program better results. • Immediate feedback and error correction. Week 3-4 Meteorology/climate/psychology: human thinking Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) • University counseling for students interested in and behavior ADVANTAGES attending a University in North America. Week 5 Traveling/celebrations • Reputable TESOL programs. • Flexible option of taking 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 Week 6 Biology: animals • Carefully balanced blend of theory and practice. MODULES weeks program. • Individual guidance and detailed feedback. (8 weeks in class) • Experienced teachers skilled in teaching the IELTS Week 7 Geography/geology/earthquakes and volcanoes • Train to become a teacher. 4 week practicum test. Week 8 Cultures/anthropology • Upgrade your teaching skills and brush up your basics. 1: Introduction to Teaching • One on one after school coaching and speaking Week 9 Going out: movies/music/clubs • Practicum segment for qualified students. English/Preparing to Teach I test practice. • Boosts TKT test scores. 2: Teaching Reading Week 10 Biology: plants 3: Teaching Speaking ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Week 11 History/ancient ruins Entry Requirements: 4: Teaching Listening Completion of English Essentials Level 2 at KGIC- TOEFL: CBT 173 / PBT 500 / iBT 61; TOEIC: 650; or completed English 5: Teaching Grammar alternatively students will be accepted if they fulfill the Week 12 Business/money Advanced Level 4 at KGIC. Any equivalent recognized international test 6: Teaching Pronunciation following conditions:CBT 123/ PBT 435/ iBT 40; score or a pass on our entrance exam. Interview required. 7: Teaching Writing TOEIC 470. 8: Preparing to Teach II KGIC Education Group® | Halifax , Nova Scotia | Canada
  6. 6. Halifax | Vancouver | Surrey | Victoria | Toronto | Boston KGIC Programs Academic and University Preparation BLOCK Block A Morning Class 8:30 AM – 9:20 AM Afternoon Class 1:00 PM – 1:50 PM English for Post-Secondary Education (EPE) Block B 9:30 AM – 10:40 AM 2:00 PM – 3:10 PM Block C 10:50 AM – 11:50 AM 3:20 PM – 4:20 PM Block D 12 PM – 1:00 PM 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM Entry Requirements Exit requirements Completed KGIC Level 4 and KGIC Proficiency. Test Program exit level is KGIC Proficiency Test score score of 40. TOFEL: CBT, 173/PBT 500/iBT: 61, or of 65. If a student fails to meet this requirement, completed Pre-EPE course at KGIC with minimum they can retake the next available module and passing grade of 80%. re-write the exit test. Preparation for English for Post-Secondary Education (Pre EPE) ADVANTAGES • Bridge program to prepare students for EPE. • Weekly testing and academic counseling to evaluate student progress. • Intensive focus on all areas: vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing and mechanics, listening, speaking. ADVANTAGES • Weekly topics cover a wide variety of issues. • No TOEFL/no exam entry to selected post-secondary institutions affiliated with KGIC across Canada. • Small class size for optimum academic benefit of each student. • Receive a conditional letter of acceptance from the college of your choice upon registration in EPE and the college program of your choosing. • Intensive academic preparation covering all areas; reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary, study skills. Blocks Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday • Small class size for optimum academic benefit of each student. Block A Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Vocabulary & • Wide variety of college-level curriculum topics covered in each module. Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion 1 – 1:50 PM • Monthly tests and academic counseling to evaluate student progress. Break Break Break Break Break Break EPE Timetable Block B Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading Blocks Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 2 – 3:10 PM Development & Development & Development & Development & Development & Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Block A Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Block C Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Block B Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading 3:20 – 4:30 PM Development & Development & Development & Development & Development & Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Break Block D Listening & Listening & Listening & Listening & Listening & Writing & Writing & Writing & Writing & Writing & 4:40 – 5:30 PM Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Block C Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Break Break Break Break Break Break TOPICS Listening & Listening & Listening & Listening & Listening & Week 1 – Family | Week 2 - Social Life | Week 3 - World News | Week 4 - Crime and Society Block D Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Integrated Skills KGIC Education Group® | Halifax , Nova Scotia | Canada