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The Fold out from the digipack

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  1. 1. You and me I like to dance In my car With the radio on And I like to sing Sitting there Drifting I fall apart every time At the top of my lungs That I take one last You drive by Look at you And so I bring You walk alone The air guitar out Through the night And strum And you stare out A few chords for you At the moon I want to be there, ‘Cause I’ve got I want to be with you Love inside I want to be there, You’ve got I want to be with you Love inside When you go out Not the kind When you go out You bring to bed And not the kind The moon doesn’t have You see It’s own light It’s for everyone When the sun goes black, You and me It will too You and me And I feel the same Way tonight Sometimes I just feel Like I’ll disappear Like I’m about Without you To explode I want to be there, Sometimes I just feel I want to be with you Like I’m letting I want to be there, The flood gates go I want to be with you Isn’t it funny When you go out That the more you give When you go out The more this love Begins to grow inside? Will you ever wonder Will you care All this love inside When I’m not here And not the kind And will you question You bring to bed When there’s no answer And not the kind Cause I’m not here Lyrics... You see I’m not here It’s for everyone You and me I’ve been falling apart All the time Since I took My last look at you And I stay awake
  2. 2. Rough cut Washing day Rising I was feeling a bit off cue Load nonsense I like missing you in the mornings Suddenly you’re shaken with pain He recognized Shooting down inside you My friend asked “Where are you?” When the air’s too cold to feel nice. The fracture line and asked I said I don’t even know the day And I like hearing your sneakers And now you’re crumbling away But this isn’t like you Show your weakness “How bad’s the pain?” I said You will love this song And I wandered around some more In the creases You’re the smell of the toast stomping 23 He fell in love with me, It doesn’t stop ‘til it breaks down I found a little pot “It’s feeling worse than ever You always Down the stairs when you stomp Took it in the kitchen Loved the colors Gathered some scrapes and sores That you made in the mornings. out of sight, Then I fell in love with you all you know Can’t you make it go away?” And filled it And the detail Gathered some flowers along You’re the page in my book And I like how all your walls And now I am watching you Your breathing locks and your He studied my heart up With some dirt So heres mine the way That I keep to myself. surround you, Follow her out the door balance goes And down and said Planted Snuck out down You’re the unlocking sound So that I can’t ever come inside Of my house, “I’ve never seen one quite this bad. A chrysanthemum At dark seventeeth And you know that it comes When I turn my door key. And I like holding you and then And it feels so mean Ladadadadadadada I’ll wrap it up if you want me And you should’ve seen Street late last night and goes You’re the scar falling down. I didn’t know you’d moved It takes a minute To but I must be warning you. How it turned Took my You can release your hold That I have from the time On to another heart Ladadadadadadada A splint won’t stick My mood to yellow Little orange booklamp Cause when it fits right it takes no That I fell. I like feeling your arms around me While I was picking mine up It doesn’t finish A cast won’t last It turned my mood And the notebook time to know I can’t describe the faces. And then sneaking out in the With it’s broken parts Ladadadadadadada A band-aid will come unglued. To yellow in a day With the stars I can’t recall the names. morning light I did it to him, You’re breaking faster The only way to heal your heart On the front And when things don’t go But you remain... And I like going away sometimes You did it to me Ladadadadada Is keeping loving I read about a boy The sleeping bag your way For a lonely day and a lonely night She’ll do it to you You’re nothing after ‘Til one loves you.” Who suffered depression That my ex gave to me And you’re running against I keep you in the creases. And I like singing my nonsense ‘Cause we’re 23 years old There’s nothing after His parents hung a mirror To keep me warm the grain I hide you in the folds. loudly And that’s what we do Oooh, the doctor said Inside his bedroom And a black And you’ve run out of things to do Protect you from the sunlight. And then whispering the things When we’re 23 You try to make your escape “It’s true. Now get better soon.” And they made him smile Fountain pen Try and remember this Shield you from the cold. I hide But the blows keep on coming Well, I knew that I couldn’t wait At it three times a day To write the words Maybe it’s just practice Everybody said And I like holding you and then And I still remember And as the dust clears away And he’d walked out the door. ‘Til it took That was too late For something better suit for you They were glad to see you go. falling down. Watching you in November You start to notice something So I grabbed the Novacaine His depression away To say out loud But no one ever has to know. Like a Hollywood movie Each time a piece crashes down And some pills from his drawer. And my eyes And you know that it comes Oh and I like you when you’re On the silver screen into the floor And when I got home And it goes to show Turned green and goes You’re the part of the moon out of view And you looked so good in 2-D You’re a little lighter than just I held my heart and bandaged That there’s a natural way Like they do You can release your hold That blends into the blackness. ‘Cause I have this perfect picture That I fell blindly for you before All those ugly scars. Of healing When I’m crying Cause when it fits right it takes Even though we know in my mind Like he’d fallen for me I numbed the pain What we’re feeling inside And my heart no time It’s really still there. And I like you and it feels so true And I recognized the same look Ladadadadadadada And popped the pills It goes to show It went to blue When it feels this right, you won’t You’re the song that I sing ‘Cause I have this perfect picture, In your eye yesterday It takes a minute Until my heart went still. That before we prescribe Cause you told me think twice And I don’t need to practice. yeah As you watched her Ladadadadadadada And life just passed by every day We should first try That I might not be When it fits it takes no time You’re the green shoes And it’s become a fixture, Through your camera It doesn’t finish Like every day before. A simple smile What you need to know I keep though This pretty, pretty picture of you With the split-second delay Ladadadadadadada I felt no love, I felt no pain, You want They’re too small to wear. in my mind. I did it to him, you did it to me You’ll see it after I played my part and nothing more. So I drive out To try more out I can’t describe the faces. You’re next on the list Ladadadadada To the middle But you’re I can’t recall the names. I like trying to read your scribbles ‘Cause she’s 23 years old When you look backwards my face. Of nowhere The only thing But you remain... Because they keep me guessing And that’s what we do when When you look backwards He said, And I turn little I can’t stop everytime. we’re 23 “There’s one more thing to do As I stare up Thinking about I keep you in the creases. And I like wondering if you And now your eyes shift from And I think it might cure you. At the stars in the sky Yeah I I hide you in the folds. want me And I wouldn’t take it back negative spaces Write down every single way And these heavens erase Like you, a lot Protect you from the sunlight. And then you tell me this feels ‘Cause now I know more about me To contours that light up this rough You loved the one that you knew. Any worries I face And I think Shield you from the cold. just right. But I should’ve had a laugh earlier cut design Then love yourself in that If I look up It’s worse Everybody said they were glad And I like waking up in the ‘Cause it’s pretty silly And now you see it, you’re same way Once in a while Than that To see you go. mornings How we slide along the winning sculpture in motion And in no time you’ll be brand But no one ever has to As our shadows get flushed by edge You’re unfinished art that keeps new.” And it goes to show So you love it No one ever has to know the the light And the losing edge and the going, it keeps going That there’s When all the words things And I like holding you and then middle It keeps going and going and A natural way In the song That I refuse to see falling down. And we dance around and poke going and going Of healing Move really fast And all the nights I still can’t sleep. I’m falling down. ourselves What we’re I curl up in the sheets I’m falling down. On this love triangle I’m falling down. I did it to him, you did it to me She’s doing it to you,