Kerrang Analysis


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Kerrang Analysis

  1. 1. Product Title The main aim and purpose of this website is to promote their music to the intended audience. Kerrang is a rock music magazine published by Bauer Consumer Media in the United Kingdom. The magazine's name is onomatopoeic and refers to the sound made when playing a power chord on an electric guitar. Kerrang has a variety of media elements such as a radio station, website, music channel, magazine and more. Along with this the purpose of this website is to sell to the audience, sell products such as magazines and CDs. Within this website there are also merchandises which are available for the public. Product Aim/Purpose Another aim is for the users are to create an account with this website. Kerrang would want this as the audience would then be obliged to buy products if they have a user name and password. A benefit of this is the audience can then get discount on their next couple of purchases. Also users would receive newsletters via posts. The target audience can then see the latest fashion in this newsletter, along with what new albums have been launched. This would be a monthly launch; new fashion would be displayed in this catalogue for the users as well as the albums. Along with this there are tickets available for the audience to buy, this is so they can see artists such as Green Day, Kelly Clarkson and may others perform live. The target audience for this specific website is 18-25 year old males who are interested in the rock, heavy metal, punk and indie music genre. This has been portrayed within the website through the use of colours which have been used in this website. There are a variety of dark colours used such as black, this reflects the gothic field. Along with this within the front cover of the Kerrang magazine Intended Audience there are six men who are all dressed in black, this mirrors the genre of the music and tells the audience that type of genre the magazine is. This website is not targeted towards the older generation because the some types of songs and genre within the site that is not appropriate for women or older males who are over 40. This is due to the heavy metal genre music. Layout - there are good elements about the layout of this website. Firstly, the navigation bar along the top of the page is easy to access and it is noticeable for the audience. This website has a web structure, this is the structure of a site is composed of the different sections of and navigation within those sections. It is the framework that shapes the site and defines your navigation scheme. Secondly the structure is very easy to understand, there are clear indications of where items are and what else is available on the website. This is also portrayed through the navigation menu. Text - there are a variety of different text size and fonts being used. This varies from font’s size such as 8-40. Size 8 font needs to be used for all small prints such as terms and conditions and other