Final Prop List One


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Final Prop List One

  1. 1. Prop List Performance Scene We wanted to have spotlights over the artist whilst she performs to emphasis her and to generate more attention on the artist. We also thought the spot light will be good over the artist as the video is meant to be a promotional video, therefore the audience can focus on her more clearly. We decided to have a stool for the artists to sit on whilst she is playing the guitar and singing the song. We decided to use a stool instead of a chair as it gives a better effect, as if the artist was in a bar. We have an image of her having on leg on the stool, resting the guitar on her leg whilst singing into the microphone. We need a microphone in our video as this is what the artist sings into. It makes it seem as if she is really performing to an audience, for example in a bar. We may have an olden microphone as we simply think it looks better than a normal microphone, however getting an olden day microphone will be hard to get hold off. The guitar is one of the main props we need in the video as it is the main ‘style’ of our artist. We need the guitar for the artist to ‘perform’ her song. We chose an acoustic guitar rather than electric as it goes with the genre that she comes from. The style of the guitar is easy and casual, and this is the style we want our artist to have.
  2. 2. Cocaine Scene: We thought of having smashed glass, or bottle pieces on the floor to show the actor is in a ran-down place. We wanted the location to be filthy, so therefore wanted to fill the room and cover the floor with grimy objects (the smashed glass pieces). We wanted to have cocaine in the video as this is what we feel the girl in the video is taking and what the song is about. It is obvious that we cannot use real cocaine in the video so we thought of using baby powder as a substitute. We think it would be a good idea to have alcohol surrounding the girl who is taking cocaine, to show she is intoxicating herself not only with drugs but with alcohol too. We thought of having open mascara and maybe nail varnish over the floor where the actor is to show that it is in a dirty place. We thought it would be an effective idea if we have a pair of scissors or maybe a lighter to burn or cut photographs. These ruined photographs can be lying next to her; they can represent something important in the actor’s life which has now disappeared, causing her to ruin her life with alcohol and drugs.