Song Time – 3.03
                            Analysis of Amber Rubarth’s – “Rough Cut” Lyrics

0.15 Suddenly you’re shaken...
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Amber Rubarth Lyrics


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Analysis of Amber Rubarth’s – “Rough Cut” Lyrics

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Amber Rubarth Lyrics

  1. 1. Song Time – 3.03 Analysis of Amber Rubarth’s – “Rough Cut” Lyrics 0.15 Suddenly you’re shaken with pain - Is someone shaking from either pain, fear or upset 0.17 Shooting down inside you - Emphasises how fast the pain can spread 0.19 And now you’re crumbling away - How the feeling can tear a person to pieces 0.21 But this isn’t like you - Shows how a person was different (happy) before 0.23 It doesn’t stop ’til it breaks down all you know Explains how not dealing with pain or problem 0.27 Your breathing locks and your balance goes can consume a person until nothing normal is left (life ending) 0.30 Ladadadadadadada 0.33 It takes a minute 0.34 Ladadadadadadada 0.37 It doesn’t finish Trying to break out of the negative feeling but 0.38 Ladadadadadadada experiencing a lot of problems. 0.40 You’re breaking faster 0.42 Ladadadadada 0.44 You’re nothing after 0.52 There’s nothing after Always vulnerable, keep on getting hurt which may be a metaphor for 1.01 You try to make your escape love 1.03 But the blows keep on coming 1.05 And as the dust clears away There is an opening to allow the person to leave all the sadness behind. 1.07 You start to notice something 1.09 Each time a piece crashes down into the floor The more the person fights to break through 1.13 You’re a little lighter than just before the closer they are getting to breaking free. 1.16 Ladadadadadadada 1.19 It takes a minute 1.20 Ladadadadadadada 1.23 It doesn’t finish The person breaks through and gets to the other side but they will 1.24 Ladadadadadadada always remember their pain every time they look back. 1.27 You’ll see it after 1.28 Ladadadadada 1.31 When you look backwards 1.38 When you look backwards 1.47 And now your eyes shift from negative spaces The person feels a change of 1.54 To contours that light up this rough cut design getting out of their old self and 2.02 And now you see it, you’re sculpture in motion finding their true identity by 2.10 You’re unfinished art that keeps going, it keeps going shaping themselves. However, 2.17 It keeps going and going and going and going.. they realise that it is an ongoing process and always needs to keep an eye on to make sure 2.22 Instrumental till end they do not fall back in a rut.