Ignatian Service

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  • 1. Gratitude and love in action
    Wilkie au
    Ignatian Service
  • 2. Why do we serve?
    Ignatian service emanates from an attitude towards life that is shaped by gratitude and service.
    Our commitment to service and the promotion of justice must take place in the context of God’s goodness, forgiving love, concern for humankind and support God gives to persons who desire social justice and peace.
    Why do seniors at STM serve?
  • 3. Grace-filled lives leads to…
    Gratitude as the “echo of grace”
    What does that mean?
  • 4. For those who much is given…
    “Ignatius fosters gratitude as a threshold to love Love, in turn, become a spring board to service.”
    GratitudeLove Service
  • 5. Feel.
    There is a vital difference between knowing something in a conceptual or notional way and knowing it in a heart-felt and affective way.
    “No one ever became drunk on the word wine.”- De Mello
    Emotional realization is what makes a difference in spiritual transformation. Ignatius sought to cultivate the kind of affective awareness that evokes gratitude and love for God.
  • 6. True fulfillment.
    Ignatius believed that the context of our human existence is a love relationship with a Creator who “desired us into being” means that the basic orientation of our lives is meant to be “other-oriented.” A love that is shaped by praise, reverence, and service cannot be self-centered, but must be focused on the beloved. Grounded in a healthy love of self, friendship calls for a self-transcendence that enables one to reach out to others in life-giving ways. In this reaching out to God and all that God has created, our fulfillment as human beings is to be found.
  • 7. Contemplatives in action
    Ignatius is able to see and contemplate in all things, actions, and conversations the presence of God and the love of spiritual things, to remain a contemplative even in the midst of action.
  • 8. Love.
    In all situations we are called to ask the question: What does love require in this particular situation?