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  • Thanks everyone for joining us today. We appreciate the time of all involved
  • Automation, Lifecycle Marketing, Lead Scoring  there lots of buzz word in our industry because we are still new! My goal is to break it down for you today – and answer two basic questions:
  • Lots of software with lots of “features” – Pardot, Eloqua, Marketo, Hubstop, ActOn, and ROI (my personal favorite…as it is the company I work for)I’m not a sales person, and my goal today is not at all to “sell” you – I am however going to use our software to showcase the industry and the benefit to you!
  • It’s not rocket science! -- Is Lori talking to the “right person” at the “right time.”
  • We provide marketers the insight and tools to automate campaigns to the right targets and measure the impact of those touchesBy providing an engagement blueprint to sales, marketing and client success teams, they can easily see where to invest their resources to drive more revenue. Our solution delivers insight into prospect and customer engagement, automates campaigns targeted at prospects AND customers, - which is useful for marketing, sales, client success or even your own internal communication needs – and graphically shows the progress of every individual and organization as they move through their relationship with your brand.
  • Kathy Brown - MBO 2012 Presentation

    1. 1. Customer Lifecycle Marketing Monday, November 12th
    2. 2. Today’s B.I.G. Questions:• What is Customer Lifecycle Marketing?• What in it for me?
    3. 3. What is Customer Lifecycle Marketing?A software solution with a suite of tools to designed to manage your data, audience,technology and brand. With one solution, create a single view of your prospects and customers and how your brand is engaging them. • Lifecycle Marketing Automation • Scoring & Nurturing • Campaign Management • Website & Email Analytics • Integrations
    4. 4. Marketing Sales Support BillingEmail Phone Call Social Website Meeting Mobile It’s not rocket science!
    5. 5. On average, nurtured leads result in a 20% increase in sales opportunities. 64% DemandGen64% of CMOs have 20%either an informalor no process tomanage theirmarketing Purchases made byautomation. nurtured leads are 47% Focus Research larger when compared to purchases made by non- nurtured leads. 47% Annuitas Group
    6. 6. How it works?Understanding your Business: Understanding your Processes:• Ideal customer profiles • Marketing/Sales Process Flow• Ideal prospect profiles • Software, Technology and Data• Key prospect segments • Organizational Structure• Key touch points• Key Stages for Leads & Customers While automation works, the benefits are realized only when implemented correctly. Many organizations face significant challenges on this front.
    7. 7. Marketing Process Nurturing Sales Process Awareness Nurturing Customer Support/Retention Marketing Qualified Prospecting 41 Inactive Clients Initial Meeting/Phone Call Active Clients Discovery 2 Site-Visit 5 Return to Nurturing Campaigns Demo Proposal Development Proposal Sent Negotiation/Review Closed Lost Closed Won 3
    8. 8. Customer Lifecycle Marketing Solution Inactive Active Suspect Lead Qualified Customer Customer Stage Criteria Stage Criteria Stage Criteria Stage Criteria Stage Criteria• Marketings Focus • Sales Team Focus • Budget, Timeline, • Customers not longer • Current Customer• Contacts/Accounts that • Working to obtain; Need, and Process all doing business with us. • Account Management we know little about. Budget, Need, identified data pointes to be added;• Nurturing tracks to gain Timeline, and Process. • Opportunity created Customer Since, Current interest and/or trigger • No Opportunity yet with the following Contract Expiration, “engagement.” created. Status flow; Site Visit, Customer Type, etc.• Conversion to Lead • Sales Status; Nurturing, Demo, Proposal Trigger to be determined. Discovery, Site-Visit, Development, Proposal Prospecting, Initial Sent, Meeting, Opportunity, Negotiation/Review, Unqualified Closed Won, and • Nurturing Campaigns Closed Lost. selected by Sales • Closed Lost workflow to Person based on change to Sales Type identified objections. Unqualified.
    9. 9. Customer Lifecycle Marketing Solution Inactive ActiveSuspect Lead Qualified Customer Customer
    10. 10. Customer Lifecycle Marketing Solution Profile Scoring Profile ScoringProfile Scoring Profile Scoring Profile Scoring Inactive Active Suspect Lead Qualified Customer Customer Profile Scoring = Who is a ideal fit for your company? Step 1: Identify the Data Points Step 2: Ranking the Options • Industry • Rank within Industry • Title • Bad: • Department • Good: • Geography • Better: • Company Size • Best: • Budget • Rank against Data Points • Timeline • Industry more important than Geography • Process • Need Apply ROI Profile Scoring
    11. 11. Customer Lifecycle Marketing Solution Profile Score Profile ScoreProfile Score Profile Score Profile Score Inactive Active Suspect Lead Qualified Customer Customer Engagement Score Engagement Score Engagement Score Engagement Score Engagement Score Engagement Scoring = Who is currently engaging with you? Step 1: Identify the Data Points Step 2: Ranking the Options • Google Analytic Website Activity • Rank within Sales Activity • Tradeshows • Bad: • Webinars • Good: • ExactTarget – Marketing Nurturing • Better: • Open, Click, Bounce • Best: • salesforce– Tasks/Events • Rank against Data Points • Phone Calls • Sales Activity more important than • Face to Face Meeting Tradeshow Apply ROI Engagement Scoring
    12. 12. Customer Lifecycle Marketing Solution Profile Score Profile ScoreProfile Score Profile Score Profile Score Inactive Active Suspect Lead Qualified Customer Customer Engagement Score Engagement Score Engagement Score Engagement Score Engagement Score Marketing Profile Score Suspect Save Segment to take Action! Engagement Score
    13. 13. Is it really worth it to me? Customer Lifecycle Marketing SolutionMarketing Nurturing Campaigns: Sales Nurturing Campaigns:• General Awareness/Newsletter • Objection - Timeline• Lead Source Focused • Objection - Budget • Objection - Approval Process• Website Action – Ask An Expert • Objection - Motivating Factor• Website Action – Watch Videos • Follow Up – Demo• Website Action – Review Case Study • Follow Up – Initial Meeting• Website Action – Lunch & Learn Sign Up • Follow Up – Site Visit• Website Visitors – Anonymous• Website Visitors – Identified Customer Nurturing Campaigns: • Inactive Clients Win-Backs• Email Responses – Bounce • Active Clients Upsell/Cross-sell Products• Email Responses - Unsubscribe
    14. 14. Website Actions Automation Nurturing• Targeted messaging based on website request (Demo Request VS Whitepaper)• Prioritize leads from sales team• More qualified leads to sales team• Key off of key profiles• Effective of campaigns
    15. 15. Website Actions Automation Nurturing
    16. 16. Automation Nurturing: Website Visitors Identified Visitors Anonymous Visitors
    17. 17. Identified Visitors Automated Notifications
    18. 18. Anonymous Visitors Automated Notifications
    19. 19. Cross-sell/Upsell Automation Purchasing Data ROI – Customer Lifecycle Marketing
    20. 20. Cross-sell/Upsell AutomationSales Team Notifications Customer Nurturing Campaign Sales • Email Reports • Tasks Created within SFDC
    21. 21. Questions? Kathy Brown VP of Client Success Right On Interactive Office: 317.225.5871 Toll-Free: 855.618.4502 Email: kbrown@rightoninteractive.com