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  • 1. All About Me! By. Kassandra Garcia
  • 2. My Childhood My name is Kassandra Garcia I am 11 yrs. Old My Birthday is in April, 29,1999 I was Born is Brownsville, TX
  • 3. About My Family My mothers name is Mirna Garcia My fathers name is Roberto Garcia My little sisters name is Andillilu Shante Garcia My older brothers name is Roberto Garcia Jr.
  • 4. Pets I like I like Yorksure Terriers I like hamsters I like Turtles (because they are quiet) I also like French Poodles
  • 5. My Hobbies I like to dance I like to do gymnastics I like to draw I like to get on my laptop I like to play volley ball I like to play basketball
  • 6. My Personality I like to dance I like to read really girly books I like to draw I like the color green I like to hear MUSIC!
  • 7. My favorite School Subjects Math English Reading Science DANCE Gym Soc. Studies
  • 8. My Role Models My role model is my mom because she is a strong independent woman and she comes home with a smile even though she had a bad day. Another role model is my dad he is very strong with his job.
  • 9. My Favorite Food I like wings I like pizza I like to eat shrimp I like to eat burgers TACOS!:D
  • 10. What I like Doing in school I like talking to my friends Reading books Going to all my classes Lunch! Going to the library Going to Technology!
  • 11. My Best Friends Yuliett Garza Audrie Villareal Gabriela Hernandez Emily Guerrero Amanda Dyer Rachelle Cendana Katherine Garcia Desiree Garcia Luis Aguirre Aldair Pina Brianna Elizondo Karin Trevino Alexandra Castaneda Monique Douglas Brianna Guillen Lizzette Capistran Adrian Muniz Yamile Sandoval Thais Deras
  • 12. My Favorite Songs! Drake-Miss Me Bruno Mars-Just the way you are Eminem ft.Rhianna-Love the way you lie Cody Simson-iyiyi Ludachris-My Chick Bad Taylor Swift-Our Song Katy Perry-fireworks
  • 13. My Favorite Artists! Iyaz Drake Taylor Swift Bruno Mars Katy Perry B.O.B Eminem
  • 14. My Favorite Movies! Grown Ups Four Christmas’s Friday the13th The Crazies Toy Story 3 Despicable Me Shrek forever after The last Song 2012 Easy A Due date
  • 15. My Favorite Places to eat! McDonalds Burger King Chick-fil A Coyote Canyon Cheddars Mighty Fine Burgers Red Lobster Whataburger Peter Piper Austin Park and Pizza
  • 16. Things I HATE about school! I hate when I forget to do homework I hate when they get me in trouble because I talk a lot I hate when the teachers give us quizzes that we don’t even understand! I hate it when they yell at us for no reason I hate it when people push me in the hallway it is kind of annoying
  • 17. Thank You