Cognitives cities Talk in Amsterdam 30 June 2011

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Open Data project were in Amsterdam generated due to a pragmatic buttom up approach, through listening to the market demand.

Open Data project were in Amsterdam generated due to a pragmatic buttom up approach, through listening to the market demand.

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  • 1. Open Data in Amsterdam starts…….buttom up
    Economic Affairs
    KatalinGallyas – Policy Advisor Open Innovation
  • 2. “Open Data is a public good, but only if you can find it”
    ( Neil Fantom, Manager World Bank’s Development Data Group”)
    Today: Release of
    (Open Knowledge Foundation)
  • 3. Why Open Data?-in theory-
    Reliable information precondition for participation
    EfficientGovernment Services
    Users, citizens are defining which services are needed to develop
    Saving ICT costs
    Data maintenance outsourced
    Frommassparticipation, massinnovation
  • 4. In Amsterdam: buttom-up
    Because the market demanded
    Because the hackers are inpatient
    Becauseinnovationagents are pushingit
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7. Open Data Initiatives (7)
    Apps for Amsterdam (16 Feb – 25 May 2011)
    Bottom–up stimulation for the release of data
    Activation of appdevelopers (hack the governmentcommunity)
    Collaborationwith Media Lab (Waag Society, EconomicAffairs and Hack de Government)
    Political Lobby for Open Data Program
  • 8. 3. Data Catalog MS based
    Open source API’s (starter kit)
  • 9. 4. EU Project
    Open Data platform with Berlin
    Crowdsourcing toolkit
    Future Internet expertise with Helsinki, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona
  • 10. crowdsourcing
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13. 5. ICE mobile apps conference
    Briefing for iOS and Android developers for municipality apps
    Understanding market needs, in conversation with app developers
    Consulting Clinics with CiO’s for policy makers
    Mobile Government afternoon session
  • 14. 6. CollaborationwithUniversities
    Project for designing a Municipality App Store
    Market research about already available city apps
    Visualisationforsome best appidea’s
  • 15. 7. Data Visualisation
  • 16.
  • 17. Service Providers
    Platform orchestrators
    govs. - ->
  • 18. Challenges
    How to reach and stay in dialog with the app developers?
    How toshowcasethat open data makescities ‘’smarter’’
    No Open Data directives (obligatory)
    Promoteinnovativeuse of public data
    How to sponsor a central data catalog?
    How tochoosean open data catalogsupplier on the market?
  • 19. Thank You
    Katalin Gallyas