The beatles


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  • The beatles

    1. 1. BeatlesAssassination
    2. 2. 1940-1960John grew up with his Auntand Uncle, Mimi and GeorgeSmith.They bought him volumes ofshort stories and a mouthorganHis mother introduced himto the Elvis Presley music,and taught him how to playthe banjo
    3. 3. The Quarryman to 1965 0- The Beatles 196The Beatles evolved fromLennon’s first band theQuarrymen.Lennon first met PaulMcCartney at theQuarrymen’s secondperformance held inwooltonPaul and John’s parentswere very disapproving oftheir friendship
    4. 4. The Quarryman to ued... tin The Beatles c onMcCartneys’ dad let thempractice in there house,even though hedisapprovedAt this time Lennon wasabout 18, he wrote hisfirst song “Hello LittleGirl” that became UK tophit for The Fourmost, 5years later
    5. 5. The BeatlesWas an English rock bandformed in Liverpool in1960Did many different typesof genres from popballads to psychedelicrockBecame perceived as asthe “embodiment of idealsof social and cultural
    6. 6. ... The Beatles ti nu ed conMembers included:John Lennon, PaulMcCartney, George Harrison, Ringo StarrThey achieved success in the beginning of 1963.They received recognition from the BritishEstablishment when they were appointedMember of the Order of the British Empire in theQueen’s Birthday Honours of 1965
    7. 7. 1966-1970Their final commercial concertwas in 1966, Lennon wasconsidering leaving because hefelt lost.The anti-war, black comedy“How I Won the War”, featuringLennon’s only appearance in anon-Beatles film, showed inoctober 1967In February 2968 they formedApple Corps a multimediacorporation comprising AppleRecords.
    8. 8. ... 1966-1970 nt inu ed coLennon’s increased drugexperimentation andMcCartney’s own marriage plansleft Apple in need of professionalmanagement.Lennon appointed Allen Klein, aformer manager for the RollingStones, but McCartney neversigned the management contract.Lennon left the group in 1969 butagreed not to inform the mediauntil the recording contract couldbe renegotiated
    9. 9. Solo CareerReleased John Lennon/PlasticOno Band on1960, it wasreceived wellTariq Ali’s revolutionary politicalviews inspired him to write“Power to the People”Lennon and Ono gave twobenefit concerts with ElephantsMemory and guests in New Yorkin aid of patients at theWillowbrook State Schoolmental facility in August 1972
    10. 10. AssassinationHe was assassinated by MarkChapman December 8, 1980while returning to their NewYork apartmentWas pronounced dead at 11:07pmHe had autographed a copy ofDouble Fantasy for MarkChapman earlier that eveningTheir was no funeral he wascremated
    11. 11. John Lennon 10/9/40 - 12/8/80Lennon, along with Paul McCartney, is considered one ofthe most influential singer-songwriters of the 20th centuryBorn in Liverpool, England, on Oct. 9, 1940, Lennonformed his first band, The Quarrymen, in 1957, which wenton to become The Beatles the next year with the addition ofMcCartney and George Harrison.Imagine, probably Lennons most popular solo album, wasreleased in 1971.Lennon was married twice and had a son with each wife.Lennon and Yoko Ono, his second wife, held Bed-Insduring their honeymoon in 1969, allowing the world pressinto their hotel room as a show of protest against theVietnam War.Lennon was gunned down by a crazed fan outside his NewYork apartment on Dec. 8, 1980