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This is the panel presentation delivered June 28th at the Mobile Computing Summit tutorial session.

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Exinda Kevin-Suitor-Managing-Mobile-Devices-in-the-WAN-28 june11-final

  1. 1. Managing Mobile Devices in the WAN Kevin F. R. Suitor Vice President, MarketingBurlingame, CA USAJune 2011 Exinda 1
  2. 2. Agenda  CIO Challenges  Mobile Broadband Traffic Trends  How Exinda Addresses the Intersection of These Challenges  Introduction to Unified Performance Management  Exinda Edge Cache™Burlingame, CA USAJune 2011 2 Performance You Can See
  3. 3. Key CIO ChallengesBurlingame, CA USAJune 2011 3 Performance You Can See
  4. 4. Increased numberand complexity ofapplicationsNarrow view into the all applications onthe global Enterprise WANTo make informed decisions managersneed to see and understand: What applications are business-critical? What is the cost of individual applications? What does each application look like & what new applications have ‘appeared’ on my network? Where are servers & end-users located?Market has a limited availability of effectivereporting tools Performance You Can See
  5. 5. Growth of Cloud Computing
  6. 6. IncreasingBandwidthNeedsManaging bandwidth-heavymultimedia applications while cuttingcostDesktop & streaming video, VoIP, P2P, socialnetworking Performance You Can See
  7. 7. Mobile Broadband TrendsBurlingame, CA USAJune 2011 7 Performance You Can See
  8. 8. Internet Traffic Explosion"It is difficult to overestimate the impact of mobile data,the challenge is to develop a model that makes itprofitable.“ Vodafone Group CEO Vittorio ColaoInternet traffic will grow ten-fold betweennow and 2015 (Informa) Performance You Can See
  9. 9. Mobile on Track to Pass the Desktop 43% of mobile phone owners browse the mobile internet, use applications or download content
  10. 10. Worldwide International BandwidthGrowth, 2006-2010
  11. 11. Evolution of Internet Traffic – last 20 yrs. published by Microsoft & WC3Burlingame, CA USAJune 2011 11 Performance You Can See
  12. 12. Video ImpactThe average YouTube clip, when downloaded to adevice, is the equivalent of sending 500,000 textmessagesAccording to Informa: In 2010, peer-to-peer and online video were neck-and-neck in terms of traffic In 2011, video will overtake peer-to-peer; by 2015, it will account for over 50% of all Internet traffic
  13. 13. On-line Video is Almost “Must Have”Online video usage continued it’s drastic growth online and is proving thatvideo is almost a “must-have” for any content-driven web site. Mobile usagehas also continued it’s explosive growth as demonstrated by users’ continuedadoption of ever expanding technological options. Adoption of smartphonetechnology, use of more rapid networks and increased usage of unlimited dataplans has opened up marketer’s options for using mobile as a viable marketingvenue.
  14. 14. The next wave – Online Storage• Apart from online video, online storage will be the fastest growing service• Two big drivers:  Sites most widely associated with (but not exclusively used for) piracy – Rapidshare, Megaupload  Increasingly, automatic back-up services like Dropbox• Perhaps of all services, online storage will be the one that benefits most from increased bandwidth, particularly in the uplink
  15. 15. How Exinda addresses the intersection of these issues …Burlingame, CA USAJune 2011 15 Performance You Can See
  16. 16. Pain Points Organization are Trying to ResolvePain Point DescriptionNegative Network User Reduce the number of complaints about the speed of the network andExperience applications.Application Performance Are specific applications performing poorly? (ie – business transactions,Being Compromised VOIP, File Transfers, CRM, backups, centralization/consolidation/virtualization efforts etc)Rising Network Costs Am I running out of bandwidth? Do I need a bandwidth upgrade? Do you have a bandwidth upgrade planned? If so, when? If so, How much?Decreased Network/User Network inefficiency and how it translates into user productivity. What isProductivity the time and cost involved in diagnosing a problem and implementing a solution?Difficulty in Do you have an inability to diagnose network problems? Is there lack ofTroubleshooting network visibility, lack of information on network usage/bottlenecks.Non Critical Network Usage Certain users or user groups are eating up the bandwidth which cause problems for other users. Aggressive applications that don’t serve a critical function for the organization are taking up the majority of the bandwidth.Burlingame, CA USAJune 2011 16 Performance You Can See
  17. 17. Exinda Optimization SolutionsFeature BenefitApplication Overcome application layer limitations like chatty inefficientOptimization (L7) protocol such as CIFS delivering LAN like performance over a WAN.TCP Optimization Overcomes the performance and efficiency limitations of TCP(L4) transport protocol in high latency, lossy environments.WAN Memory Caching Improve response times, lower bandwidth utilization and defer(WM) costly bandwidth upgrades by caching frequently accessed data and sending only changed data across the network. Reduces amount of data on WAN link and serves data to users at LAN speeds.Web Object Caching Improves speed and performance of internet applications. Also(OM) dramatically reduces use on the WAN circuit by eliminating download of repetitive contentCompression All non repetitive data patterns are compressed, this interacts with WAN memory and creates even greater reduction and speed benefits.Burlingame, CA USAJune 2011 17 Performance You Can See
  18. 18. What are your options?1 Buy Bandwidth2 Buy Caching and UPM to Control Bulky Traffic Performance You Can See
  19. 19. P2P Dolda Connect Manolito Badongo Quake World OpenH323 Rlogin RADIUS_AccAPPLICATIONS Elise Blubster badongo.com Quake XMeeting Shell RADIUS_AuthAppleJuice fulDC Piolet Bestsharing Quake 2 Quake IAX telnet RRPAres GtkDC Mute Bigfilez Quake 3 Quake Diax telnet secure SSDPKCEasy Ares ldcc Pando chinamofile Quake 4 Quake Firefly Timbuktu TACACSBittorent LinuxDC++ Popo easy-share Return to the IAXComm Trend Micro WHOISABC microdc SoulSeek filearchiv castle IAX Phone vncweb WINSAcquisition microdc2 pySoulSeek filecloud Wolfenstein Idefisk xdmcp XAnatomic P2P oDC Thunder filefactory Wolfenstein: Kiax FILE SERVERArctic Torrent Revconnect WinMx filefront Enemy Territory LoudHush SECURITY AFSEliminate Network ChaosAzureusBitComet SababaDC ShakesPeer XDCC XDCC Fetcher fileho filepost Ricochet Second life PURtel YakaPhone PROTOCOLS DLS BootPC CUDevBitFlu StrongDC++ XDCC Catcger filer Team Fortress ZiaxPhone GRE lockd NFSBitLord Valknut XDCC Klipper file-upload Classic Ekiga IPMobility Microsoft-dsBitPump eDonkey KuGoo fileupyours Unreal Gizmo IPSec-AH Netbios-dgmBitTornado aMule ftp2share Tournament OpenWengo IPSec-ESP Netbios-nsBitTorrent / eDonkey2000 CONTENT gigasize World of SipGate ISAKMP Netbios-ssnMainline eMule and its DELIVERY gigeshare Warcraft Twinkle L2TP NFSBitSpiritBitTyrant Mods ext. Unified Performance Management ArielBits on Wheels obfuscated eMule Ariel - 419 Ariel - 422 ifolder keepmyfile livedepot Yahoo Games Xbox Live Vonage XMeeting IPhone PPTP RC5DES SOCKS NCP rsync SalesforceBlizzard eMule Plus Backweb live-share EMAIL MCKVoice SSHDownloader Hydranode GoogleEarth mediafire Biff Megaco https ROUTINGBlog Torrent - Jubster Kontiki megashare Blackberry MGCP Shell_ PROTOCOLSBTG Lphant Steam megaupload ccmail RTCP SWIPE IP AURPBtManager MLDonkey mofile Groupwise RTP WAP AppleTalkBTSharp Shareaza INSTANT mytempdir IMAP SIP BGPburst! xMule MESSAGING quicksharing Lotusnotes Skinny NON-IP CBTCTorrent Fasttrack (IM) rapidshare ms_rpc_excha Skype PROTOCOLS DRPDeluge KCEasy GoogleTalk/Ja rapidupload ra nge T120 ACTNET EGPFlashGet Grokster bber sendspace MSMQ Teamspeak Apple Talk IGMPfreeloader Apollon Gaim sharebee x400mta VDOphone FNA RIPG3 Torrent Kazaa lite Google Talk sharebig POP3 Ventrilo IPXGnome MLDonkey Miranda sharebigfile POP3-Clear macfile PRINT TRAFFICBitTorrent Feindian Kopete simpleupload. POP3-Kerberos NETWORK svrloc Citrix PrintingHalite Filetopia Trillian Pro speedshare POP3-ssl MANAGEMENT IPPKTorrent Freenet IRC ultrashare RPC_http Cisco Discovery INTERNET PrinterLimeWire Gnutella IRC2 up-file SMTP DayTime PROTOCOLSLocalhost Acquisition IRC_servers uploaded SMTP-Clear Echo CHARGEN DATABASEMLDonkey Acqlite IRC_ssl uploading SMTP-Secure ICMP DDL FilemakerMonoTorrent Apollon IRC-194 uploadingit SMTP-Secure NTP Discard JDENetMooPolice BearShare IRC-6665 uploadpower quotd ftp Ms-sql-probOpera BearFlix IRC-6667 uploadyourfiles MULTIMEDIA RSVP ftp_ssl ms-sql-sQTorrent Cabos MSN wiiupload Flash SMS ftp_data Oracle
  20. 20. Exinda Unified Performance ManagementWe are the only company in the world who has successfully integrated visibility,control and optimization into a single platform. We call this Unified PerformanceManagement (UPM).Everything you need to keep your WAN Applications Performing as they should in a Single SolutionUnified – Single Unified Architecture – Single Industry Standard PlatformPerformance – Industry Leading Quality of Service – Industry Leading Protocol Optimization – Industry Leading Data Reduction and CachingManagement – Industry Leading Application Visibility – Application Performance Metrics and Scoring 20 – Single Integrated Management Console Performance You Can See
  21. 21. Performance You Can See1 2 3 Performance You Can See
  22. 22. Unified Performance Management Chaos 2Predictability 1Before After 3 Performance You Can See
  23. 23. Exinda Edge Cache™Burlingame, CA USAJune 2011 23 Performance You Can See
  24. 24. What Problem is Edge Cache Solving? User Experience - Speed Reduced WAN Utilization — Cost Web objects that have been seen By caching web objects locally, before and are warm in the cache, organizations can significantly as well as objects that have been reduce the amount of data pre-populated, will be delivered to downloaded which can directly the client much faster than they reduce network costs would have without the cache. Improvement in speed dependent The data savings attributed to the on a number of factors including: cache depends on: - Available bandwidth; - Type of content on the network; - Network latency; - Repetitiveness of that content; and - Size of object; - Number of users on the network - Utilization of server.Burlingame, CA USAJune 2011 24 Performance You Can See
  25. 25. Edge Cache – Video Support Static URLs Dynamic URLs - Web pages - including 1. Youtube Videos generic web objects as 2. Metacafe Videos HTML pages and JPEG 3. DailyMotion Videos images 4. Google Videos - Downloads - objects such 5. Vimeo HD VideosFile Based Video as ZIP, RAR, EXE, ISO 6. Wrzuta Audio 7. MSN Soapbox Videos files 8. Blip TV Videos - Software update - vendors 9. Break Videos such as Microsoft, Adobe, 10. TV UOL (Brazil) Apple, Symantec, etcNon-file Based Video e.g. Live TVBurlingame, CA USAJune 2011 25 Performance You Can See
  26. 26. Exinda Edge Cache Customer Example This particular customer has HTTP running at approx 40Mbps with 500 GB of data transfer a week. Pre Exinda: HTTP Bandwidth Utilization: 40Mbps HTTP Data Transfer: 500 GB Post Exinda: HTTP Bandwidth Utilization: 30Mbps (10Mbps sustained bandwidth savings) HTTP Data Transfer: 385 GB (22% reduction on WAN load) Other Benefits: Edge Cache Hit Ratio: 33% (1/3 of the content is delivered locally) Speed Benefits (Significantly faster user response time as the data is served locally)Burlingame, CA USAJune 2011 26 Performance You Can See
  27. 27. Exinda SolutionsBurlingame, CA USAJune 2011 27 Performance You Can See
  28. 28. The Exinda x60 Product Family Up to 40 Mbps Up to 500 Mbps Up to 1 Gbps Up to 5 Gbps Up to 10 GbpsExinda Services Platform Cloud Virtualization Central Reporting Central Management Virtualization Virtualization Strategic Partners Service Delivery Point Burlingame, CA USA June 2011 28 Performance You Can See
  29. 29. Fastest Growing WAN Optimization Company …Burlingame, CA USAJune 2011 29
  30. 30. Thank you! Visit our blog: blog.exinda.com Visit our Website: www.exinda.com Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/exindaBurlingame, usUSA YouTube: Visit CA on teamexindaJune 2011 30