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Powerpoint presentation I created regarding public transportation and underground advertising

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  • Everyone knows the posters displayed on the walls on the train and up high. The stations themselves are covered in ads
    Green line puts ads on outside too (Nestle drink, iPod, etc.)
  • These companies have used the flip book ad method
  • Out-of-home advertising
    It’s underground so you don’t have to worry about looking at ugly billboard while you drive
  • Subway advertising

    1. 1. T he B rave N ew W orld of Subway Advertising Dana Evans Katerina Farah Kristen Fritz April 7, 2009 MK 315
    2. 2. T raditional Subway Advertisem ents  Print ads within the stations  Banner posters inside trains  Covering the outside of the trains  Green Line
    3. 3. N ew Ads Innovative technology that uses images in lit panels Use 500 to 1,000 feet of grimy underground subway tunnels to create advertising space Riders are caught off-guard and end up seeing a full-motion ad for 15 to 30 seconds Used in North America, South America, Asia, Europe  Locally used on the Red Line of the T
    4. 4. C om panies  American Express  Target  Coca-Cola  Discovery Channel  Cadillac  Minute Maid  Cartoon Network  Calvin Klein  Royal Caribbean Arethereanymemorableads youhaveseenthroughthe subwaywindows?
    5. 5. W hy D oes it W ork?  Cuts through the clutter  New form of out-of-home  Today so many people are ignoring traditional ads  TiVo  Surprising and practically irresistible to ignore  Does not hinder from the beauty of outdoor landscapes  Billboards
    6. 6. W hat D o You L ike or D islike About T hese Ads? Civic Tropicana Chevy Malibu
    7. 7. R iders’ R esponses Riders asked questions and complimented the MBTA for the cool new ads. They wanted to see more. Very positive = big ad revenues  More than 80% of consumers remember the advertised product  Only 20% can recall tv ads
    8. 8. ? Q uestions ? Based on the principles of attention presented, explain why riders receive these new ads so positively. Using the same principles what should the ads’ creators consider to avoid the potential burnout of this medium?
    9. 9. T H AN K YO U :-)
    10. 10. T H AN K YO U :-)