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Capitalizing on OTT Breakfast Forum-Martin Schwarz, RealNetworks
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Capitalizing on OTT Breakfast Forum-Martin Schwarz, RealNetworks



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  • 1. Entertainment Center: Maintaining Control of OTT Video Martin Schwarz, Area VP, RealNetworks
  • 2. How to Monetize OTT Services
    • Thesis:
      • Mobile carrier launched a media app that provides a single interface to all installed 3 rd party services
      • Revenue share with all the “on-deck” 3 rd party services
      • Control and share the user experience
      • Could IPTV operators could follow a similar model!
    • One Model: Entertainment Center
      • An “all in one” media application controlled by the operator/carrier
      • Stays “in front” of both local content and 3 rd party media service provider apps
      • Supports all major media service providers: music, video, playlists, photos, …
        • Carrier/operator media services, YouTube, Blockbuster, NetFlix, MobiTV, CinemaNow, Hulu, Slacker, LastFM, Rhapsody, Pandora, Amazon MP3, …
      • Unified search and recommendations across ALL media: personal, UGC, and premium
      • For premium content, enables any buying model (streaming, rental, purchase, ad supported, etc.) and leverages federated account management
      • Always returns user to operator’s Entertainment Center UI
  • 3. Entertainment Center - Mobile
  • 4. EC MOBILE: MUSIC EC Mobile: Music
  • 5. EC MOBILE: PLAY MUSIC EC Mobile: Play Music
  • 6. EC Mobile: Aggregated Sources/Search
  • 7. EC MOBILE: PLAY MOVIE EC Mobile: Play Movie
  • 8. EC Mobile: Social
  • 9. ENTERTAINMENT CENTER - TV Entertainment Center - TV
  • 10. EC TV: TRANSACT OPTIONS EC TV: Transact Options
  • 11. EC TV: SEARCH & TRANSACT EC TV: Search & Transact
  • 12. EC TV: ADJUST RECOMMENDATIONS EC TV: Adjust Recommendations
  • 13. EC TV: TV EVERYWHERE EC TV: TV Everywhere
  • 14. Considerations for OTT Services
    • Maximizing revenue model
      • Targeted recommendations based on the users’ own media collection: converting to higher rate of purchase
      • Linked accounts provide opportunities for deeper personalization
        • All your accounts, friend recommendations, and media history; all integrated in one place
        • Use of DLNA for “follow-me” and remote control
    • Additional considerations for OTT delivery:
      • Support for universal streaming and formats
        • http live streaming, RTSP, RTMP, …
        • Multiple formats and protocols
      • Video network optimization (e.g., Ortiva and Helix)
      • Cloud and digital persistence services
      • Support for device DRM (Verimatrix, PlayReady, …)
      • OTA application updates/installs; Device support