Multi-network Solutions in the Real World at AfricaCast 2013


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Proactive Digitalisation Strategies to Maximise Revenue Growth

Illustrating how African payTV operators and broadcasters can lay the foundations for subscriber and revenue growth during this period of digitalisation through innovative multi-network deployment strategies.

This informative and interactive lunch session focussed on the new opportunities for operators to introduce video services that have historically not been possible. The discussion included the effect of the economic growth factors across Africa and particularly Sub-Saharan Africa, which is providing increased disposable income to the general population, current developments in creating a next-generation, IP-based network, and the opportunities to offer and monetise multi-screen services.

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Multi-network Solutions in the Real World at AfricaCast 2013

  1. 1. Welcome November 13, 2013 #multinetwork #africacast #multinetwork #africacast
  2. 2. Proactive Digitisation Strategies To Maximise Revenue Growth  Eamonn Ryan, Commercial Director, Hambisana Avoiding The Pitfalls When Integrating Multi-Network Services In Africa  Nick Ruczaj, VP Business Development EMEA, Vubiquity Maximising On Demand Business Models in Africa  Steve Christian, VP Marketing, Verimatrix Securing Revenue Across Hybrid Networks In Africa  Questions & Answers #multinetwork #africacast #multinetwork #africacast
  3. 3. Avoiding The Pitfalls When Integrating Multi-Network Services In Africa Eamonn Ryan Commercial Director, Hambisana #multinetwork #africacast
  4. 4. Planning 1. You NEED Solid Project Management #multinetwork #africacast
  5. 5. Planning 2. #multinetwork #africacast Don’t underestimate the technical skills needed!
  6. 6. Technology 3. Choose technology wisely #multinetwork #africacast
  7. 7. Technology 4. #multinetwork #africacast Take Vendor management seriously
  8. 8. Monitor & Measure 5. #multinetwork #africacast Plan how you will monitor QoS from the outset!
  9. 9. Remember… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Project management is essential Don’t underestimate the technical skills needed Choose technology wisely Vendor management is essential Measure and monitor #multinetwork #africacast
  10. 10. Thank You #multinetwork #africacast
  11. 11. Maximising On Demand Business Models in Africa Nick Ruczaj VP Business Development Vubiquity #multinetwork #africacast
  12. 12. How do I maximise On Demand?  What are the key lessons Vubiquity sees across its 280+ operator customers around the World in terms of maximising your TV business and using TV to support other core revenue streams #multinetwork #africacast
  13. 13. 1. It’s a Multiscreen World… #multinetwork #africacast
  14. 14. 2. Bundling TV Reduces Churn 33% 35 30 25 18.5% 20 16.5% 50% Churn Reduction 10 Churn levels among subscribers to different product bundles 5 (source: JP Morgan) 15 7.8% 0 1-Play 2-Play 3-Play 4-Play #multinetwork #africacast
  15. 15. 3. Bundle SVoD to head off cord cutting #multinetwork #africacast
  16. 16. 4. Invest wisely on new services 55 VUBIQUITY U.S. Customer Survey: December 2012 47 40 Q. “Whether or not you actually use the following services or channels, how valuable are they to have available to you for your TV service?” [Scores represent 8-10 Value] 30 10 14 Overall, VOD ranks #1 in terms of value by pay TV subscribers #multinetwork #africacast 30 33 60 62
  17. 17. 5. Support all business models for content #multinetwork #africacast
  18. 18. How do I maximise On Demand? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. It’s a multiscreen world Bundling TV reduces churn Bundle SVoD to head of “cord cutting” Invest wisely on new services Support all business models for content #multinetwork #africacast
  19. 19. Thank You #multinetwork #africacast
  20. 20. Securing Revenue Across Hybrid Networks in Africa Steve Christian VP, Marketing Verimatrix #multinetwork #africacast
  21. 21. The Pervasive Video Service Head End Complete Service Rights Management Linear RF Delivery “Super-domain” Inside a Household Hybrid HD STB Wireless devices Linear IP Delivery On-demand & Catch-up IP Delivery Broadband AP 21 Smart TV and ..Beyond
  22. 22. Economics Favor Hybrid Services Unicast streaming technologies and economies of scale improving relative to broadcast (Decieux)  But:    Incremental cost per household and per service hour overwhelmingly favor broadcast Universal high bandwidth Internet delivery beyond capacity of any current infrastructure $0.250 Approx cost per GB video service delivered (CDN estimates from Dan Rayburn $0.200 $0.150 Large Largest $0.100 Satellite $0.050 $0.000 2008 2009 2010 2011 22 2012
  23. 23. The Post-smartcard Era  Shifting threat models Content redistribution instead of smartcard/STB cloning  Improved technology price and flexibility Low cost SoCs support advanced security features  Increased deployment of hybrid delivery networks Transition to IP and 2-way networks  Need for CE device support Home gateway instead of parallel in-home multi-STB distribution results in Decrease in value of smart card security Need for flexible and integrated HW & SW security solution 23
  24. 24. Full VCAS™ Multi-network Solution VCAS Head-end (VCAS Single Security Authority) Entitlements SMS/ DB Middleware Video Head-end Linear Content Broadcast CSM (DVB One-way) Key & control data IP CSM (IPTV & IP-Hybrid) Verimatrix Operator Management Interface Adaptive CSM (HTTP Live Streaming) Adaptive CSM (MPEG-DASH) Entitlements Database Delivery Networks PlayReady (Smooth Streaming) Marlin (DECE/UV) ViewRight STB RF Broadcast Network Multiplexers Scramblers Modulators ViewRight Web for Connected TV/STB Managed IP Network Encoders Encryptors VOD Servers ViewRight PC/Mac Internet/Broadband IP Return Path Key & control data ViewRight Clients ViewRight Web for iOS ViewRight Web for Android On-demand Content Mobile 3G/4G 24 3rd Party Players and DRM Environments
  25. 25. What is Uniquely African?      Mobile vs. wire line broadband Pay TV vs. FTA No pan-continent coordinated timeline Scale of opportunity Local partner dynamic #multinetwork #africacast
  26. 26. Thank You #multinetwork #africacast
  27. 27. Questions ? #multinetwork #africacast