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Securing Pervasive Video Services by Steve Oetegenn
Consumer awareness of multi-screen potential has grown rapidly with the proliferation of OTT services from global players such as Netflix. This awareness is creating demand for seamless access to content both inside and outside the home, independent of the device type, and impervious to geographical borders.

They want, and expect, to view content on any device, engage with friends through social apps, and search an interactive program guide—all without a frustrating authentication process. Engagement and its measurement across devices is the new TV currency. Creating and operating these new distribution methods is, however, no easy task, even for the most innovative operator.

At the Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum at NAB, attendees heard how operators are building their brands around consistent, high-quality user experience across devices to attract and retain engaged and loyal subscribers.

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NAB 2013, Multi-network Forum - Verimatrix

  1. 1. Securing PervasiveVideo ServicesSteve OetegennChief Sales & Marketing OfficerVerimatrix #multinetwork #nabshow
  2. 2. The New Video Service Model Head End Complete Service Rights Management “Super-domain” and Inside a Household ..Beyond Linear RF Delivery Hybrid HD STB Wireless devices Linear IP Delivery On-demand & Catch-up IP Delivery Broadband Access Point Smart TVs #multinetwork #NABshow
  3. 3. The State of the Market Today Fragmented operator “Standardizing and simplifying the authentication process will approach to extending help customers know what they are using and erase the barriers services online is recipe for to greater use and demand.” user confusion David Tice, Senior Vice President of Media at GfK Different pay-TV, catch-up “Despite Media Companies‟ Best Efforts, and OTT service silos miss the „TV Everywhere‟ Is Nowhere.” opportunity to sync user Wall Street Journal, Jan, 18 2013 preferences “If you have a discontinuity in what you can watch on different screens, Balkanized usage data fails to that would corrode the user experience.” link cross platform The Hybrid Platform Operator consumption habits Videonet, Issue 18, March 2013 #multinetwork #NABshow
  4. 4. The Future? Source: PWC, “How consumers are changing the way they rent, and buy movies” 2011 4
  5. 5. Pervasive Video ServicesRealize the full benefits of multi-network, multi-screenservices with a consistent model for today’s delivery……and tomorrow’s challenges• Managed pay-TV Harmonized Rights Management• Unmanaged OTT• Home networks• Remote access IPTV or OTTAnd instrument the service RFas a whole so you knowwhere to improve Home Gateway and In-home Networking #multinetwork #NABshow
  6. 6. What Multi-network Security MeansEliminates the boundary between CA and DRMphilosophies Efficient service delivery independent of network technology Network upgrades without the burden of re- integration Future-proofing against standards transitions A seamless multi-screen rights management experience for consumers #multinetwork #NABshow
  7. 7. Example IP Hybrid & OTT Solution SMS /Middleware Linear Single Security Authority Content ViewRight Client Support Key & control ViewRight data STB Multiplexers, IPTV CSM Scramblers, Operator Management Interface (Managed IP) Modulators ViewRight Managed IP DASH TVs Network ACSM Verimatrix IP return path Adaptive Streaming Internet/ Broadband ViewRight PC / Mac Encoders, iOS & Encrypters, Android VOD Servers MPEG-DASH On-demandEntitlements DB Server Option Content MultiRights Framework #multinetwork #NABshow
  8. 8. Example IP-Hybrid & OTT Solution IP-centric approach to combining efficient linear and on-demand services Advanced hybrid PVR STB iPad, Android, PC streaming clients Complete service UI and security integration #multinetwork #NABshow
  9. 9. Multi-network Revenue SecurityZapper STBs Full service connected STBs Smart TVs PCs, tablets etc. Many Devices – Multiple Networks One Integration Point #multinetwork #NABshow
  10. 10. Plus Forensic Watermarking Content owner/ Distribution network Subscriber/device/ copyright mark session mark session markContent Origination Content Delivery Content Consumption Compressed or Compressed Baseband baseband format format insertion format insertioninsertion at content creation during content delivery during content playback Limited payload fixed for User specific payload creates Transaction specific payload in Transaction specific payload in all copies unique digital copies all digital or analog copies all digital or analog copies StreamMark® VideoMark™ #multinetwork #NABshow
  11. 11. CA+DRM+WM = Revenue Security The service paradigm is shifting rapidly towards hybrid delivery Revenue threats need to be addressed just as uniformly as the interface to the user Pervasive video services need a future facing form of security management An integrated multi-network security approach enables the best operator and consumer service delivery environment #multinetwork #NABshow
  12. 12. Thank YouVisit us at #multinetwork #nabshow