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Ibc forum 2012-divitel


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Presentation by Dirk Jaeger, CTO - Divitel, on Sep 8, 2012. This installment of the Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum series discussed real-world examples of multi-network video rollouts …

Presentation by Dirk Jaeger, CTO - Divitel, on Sep 8, 2012. This installment of the Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum series discussed real-world examples of multi-network video rollouts from across Europe. It was offered on-site during IBC 2012, with the goal to break down the technical and business challenges that operators face with multi-network services.

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  • 1. Multi-Screen inHeterogeneous NetworksDirk JaegerCTODivitel #multinetwork #IBC2012
  • 2. Divitel at a glance Provider of professional solutions for audiovisual services and media communication – specialized in digital television Consulting based on excellent partner relationships Development and installation of customized solutions  Technical platform based on state-of-the-art third party products enriched with dedicated software solutions  Commercial models, hosting opportunities End to end maintenance and service support #multinetwork #IBC2012
  • 3. Paradigm changes Multiple Service Operators: network operators offered an increasing portfolio of dedicated services (TV, Internet, voice, mobile, …) Full service provision: provider attempts integrating all applications to a single service Next OTT ?  Will finally global content players provide their services to a global society?  National, regional, and local elements will continue to be important for customers  Information, news, services, contacts etc.  OTT provides opportunities for enrichment of service offering but is not a new paradigm #multinetwork #IBC2012
  • 4. Experience based on customerrequirements Global communication & community services International & local content Diversity of & infinity access to services Content provision and network operation are orthogonal businesses Regional networks hamper MSOs for global content provision QoS: service consumption in best possible quality Multi-/heterogeneous- network solutions optimized for provision of rich media services #multinetwork #IBC2012
  • 5. Heterogeneous NetworkArchitecture – basic layout End Managed (e.g. SAT) usersService withProviders multiplee.g. devices Managed (e.g. SDH) e.g. Central Managed (e.g. Cable,+ Broad- point WiMAX, 4G) caster Unmanaged (e.g. + TVs e.g. HE+ ISP Internet) + PCs+ OTT + Tablets + „Smart‟ Unmanaged (e.g. Internet) devices #multinetwork #IBC2012
  • 6. Multiple networks Managed networks  QoS mechanisms available at different layers of transport system need to be aligned to service requirements Unmanaged networks  No opportunity providing adequate QoS mechanisms for transport  Varying QoS parameters: delay, BER, bit rate etc.  Signal needs to dynamically adapt to current network conditions for best quality  Technologies: adaptive robustness, adaptive bit rate coding etc. #multinetwork #IBC2012
  • 7. Brainstorming HTTP Progressive Download DRM Multiple Bitrate OTT Back office Chunks IPTV API iPad Horizon Transcoding HDTV PVR TV Anywhere Middleware NPVR Wireless CAS HLS VDN CDN IPR VOD Encoding HbbTV Cloud Widget Frontend Multi-Screen Application Adaptive Streaming Catch-up TV Smart TV WebTV  (1) Open standards ! (2) System integration expertise is required!On demand on every screen - Lifestyle desmodernen Fernsehens #multinetwork #IBC2012
  • 8. Divitel solution at Ziggo Back-office Library e.g. MPEG Stream Content Provisioning -2 HD management & management & load balancing protection Trans- Just in Proxy, coder time Stor- cach- MPEG-4 age pack- ing ager server MPEG-2 Clients CDN/VDN #multinetwork #IBC201
  • 9. Summary Media world is evolving OTT will potentially change the medial environment Services to travel through multi- and heterogeneous- networks Well established platforms to serve customers‟ needs  “Inter-technology” knowledge for system integration  Good partnership with leading manufacturers  Open standards Technology is available, however, good business ideas and commercial experience fundamental for successful service launch and operation #multinetwork #IBC2012
  • 10. Thank #multinetwork #IBC2012