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CPE Strategy for Profitable Multi-Screen Services -- presentation by Mr. Jim Kiker, VP Product Management - iNovo Broadband on January 17, 2013. This installment of the Multi-network Solutions in the Real World Forum series discussed proactive digitalisation strategies to maximize revenue growth with multi-network video rollouts in India. It was offered on-site during Convergence India 2013, with the goal to break down the technical and business challenges that operators face with multi-network services.

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Convergence India 2013 Multi-network Forum - iNovo

  1. 1. CPE Strategy forProfitable Multi-screen ServicesJim KikerVP Product ManagementiNovo Broadband #multinetwork #CI2013
  2. 2. Discussion Topics 1 Who is iNovo 2 What Does Multi-Screen Really Mean 3 What is Going on with Multi-Screen Elsewhere 4 Multi-Screen Consumer Research 5 Multi-Screen System Diagram 6 iNovo Multi-Screen Solution #multinetwork #CI2013
  3. 3. iNovo Broadband, Inc. Worldwide supplier of set-tops and modems focusing on North America, Latin America, and emerging markets Rich history of innovation in the video space with over 250 years of combined design experience and responsible for shipping over 200M CPE units Experienced in the Indian market and understand what it takes to be successful Global reseller of Verimatrix solutions #multinetwork #CI2013
  4. 4. What Does Multi-screen Mean? Keys to multi-screen are Video, Multiple Formats, Streaming across IP Networks and Distribution Agreements #multinetwork #CI2013 iNovo Confidential 4
  5. 5. U.S. Multi-screen Offerings  Time Warner Cable had 1M downloads of their iPad application shortly after launching it and know about 400K are actively using it  32 live streaming channels  Must subscribe to TWC internet service and a TWC video package  Comcast offers iOS and Android applications to watch TV and to act as a DVR Scheduler and remote control  Only able to view On Demand content, not live  Some content available for download for off-line viewing  Cox Communications TV Connect allows live streaming of up to 30 channels to iOS devices  Must subscribe to Cox internet and a Cox TV package  DirecTV offers iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire applications  Currently 37 live streaming channels  Most channels require you to be in same home network to utilize #multinetwork #CI2013
  6. 6. Multi-screen Research Data In the U.S., video has evolved beyond time and place shifting in the DVR model to TV anywhere and anytime service By 2016, number of internet households worldwide will be 814M Netflix has 22M subscribers Hulu has 27M viewers with 2M paying a subscription fee  Both are expanding to markets outside the U.S. #multinetwork #CI2013 iNovo Confidential 6
  7. 7. Multi-screen Architecture for Streaming Analog or IP Encoders/Transcoders Network - Inputs (8 channels per + 1 Origin Server Edge Servers(16 Channels) spare) HLS Smooth HLS Smooth HLS EPG Data Middleware/OTT Apps Server #multinetwork #CI2013
  8. 8. iNovo Multi-screen Capabilities Share same look and feel across all devices EPG on Tablet and Smart Phone Remote PVR management  Schedule recordings on set-top via tablet or phone  Control VOD from any screen #multinetwork #CI2013
  9. 9. Maximizing Your RevenuePotential A hybrid STB allows you to utilize one device (lower CAPEX) for multiple service offerings and different customer demographics  Traditional broadcast content  IP streaming content (subscription or on-demand)  OTT content  OTT applications Managed data centers can be utilized to lower the cost of the required headend equipment Drive ARPU up through data services and tiered video service for multi-screen Increase stickiness of your service offering Common look and feel across multiple devices #multinetwork #CI2013
  10. 10. Thank #multinetwork #CI2013