Enatai Elementary Library- January 2013


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  • Thank you for giving me a little time to speak about the library.I am here tonight: to introduce myselfto start the conversation about improving Enatai’s libraryto gauge interest in forming a Library Advisory team comprised of parents, teachers, librarian, and principal to plan the future of the library.
  • In the library, my goal is to fulfill this mission bysupporting student achievementfostering a love of reading in our studentsteach basic research and information literacy skills that students will need to succeed in college, career, and life
  • School libraries are central to schools. (And I’m not just saying that because I’m the librarian. ) Every student in the school uses and benefits from the school library. According to the research– (READ QUOTE)
  • And if that’s not enough… (READ QUOTE)If you’re interested, the details of this research can be found by Googling “School Library Impact Studies” or by visiting this website.
  • And now to tell you a little bit about Enatai’s Library Collection….……..We are below state and national recommendations for number of books per student.
  • Many of the 8380 books we have are past their recommended age. Library books in general are expected to last about 10 years and books related to science or technology typically become outdated after 5 years (on average). ………
  • Usually when I show people what $1000 can buy, they are shocked. They usually say, Really, that’s it?!Up-to-date materials are expensive, but vital to the learning process.
  • $500 used to buy=library supplies (ie. books covers, book tape, book glue, etc. to make books last) annual subscriptions to School Library Journal and WLMA (Washington Library Media Association)$1500 grandparents fund=new book display shelfcomfy cushions for students to sit on while reading in the librarynew booksposters and decorations to brighten up the library and make it more inviting and kid-friendlyproceeds from the book fair =100 new books for the library
  • One last thought….
  • Enatai Elementary Library- January 2013

    1. 1. Enatai Elementary Library 2012-2013 KARINN FIGDORE Librarian
    2. 2. PTSA Meeting 1-7-13 Introduction School Libraries Across America: What the Research Says The State of Enatai’s Collection My Vision for Enatai’s Library Next Steps
    3. 3. A little about your new librarian… Born and raised in Hawaii Graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Elementary Education Classroom teacher- K, 1st, and 3rd Received Master’s in Library Science from Clarion University, specializing in K-12 school libraries Worked in an elementary school library in Philadelphia for 5 years before moving to WA First year as a librarian in Bellevue School District
    4. 4. District MissionTo provide all students with an exemplarycollege preparatory education so they can succeed in college, career, and life.
    5. 5. School Libraries Across America-- What the Research Says“Free voluntary reading that school libraries provide hasa dramatic effect on second-language learners,vocabulary acquisition, cognitive development, andwriting style, and is the key to linguistic improvement.” - Stephen Krashen, The Power of Reading: Insights from the Research
    6. 6. School Libraries Across America-- What the Research SaysReading research indicates that kids and teens that read a lot score higher on any test they take. In addition, library studies conducted in 19 states since 2000 show that schools with strong school library programs average 10-20% higher on test scores. For more information, visit ‘School Library Impact Studies’ at: http://www.lrs.org/impact.php
    7. 7. Enatai’s Library Collection Currently 8,380 books and 520 students 15.75 items per student WA state recommends minimum of 20 books per child. ALA recommends 27 books per child.520 students x 20 books per student = 10,400 books
    8. 8. Difference between recommended and actual… 10,400 – 8,380 = 2,020 books!
    9. 9. Quality is equally importantThe library needs: Books to support the curriculum Books to replace outdated and worn copies Audiobooks to support all types of learners Books at all reading levels– both challenging and lower levels Bilingual books to support our ELL students E-books Books to fill the gaps (to complete books in a series, for example)
    10. 10. Age Matters Recommended to lastBooks in general 10 yearsBooks about science or technology 5 years Average age of our current collection = 1998 14 years or older Average age of our science books = 1996 16 years or older
    11. 11. Goal #1 Design an annual library budget that will support a 21st century elementary library from year-to- year.1) Add at least one new book per student per year ~$10,0002) Maintain a wide variety of e-books, audiobooks, andmagazines $2000-30003) Purchase supplies to keep books in good condition $400-5004) Plan annual author visits $1500-3000 Annual library budget for an elementary school with 520 students: $14,000-$17,000
    12. 12. What can $1000 buy?
    13. 13. Current Library Budget Enatai library budget Was $500 Now $10,000 Donation from PTSA grandparents fund $1575 Proceeds from book fair ~$4000 __________ TOTAL: $15,575 Great improvement!
    14. 14. Goal #2 To improve the quantity and quality of the collection. Bring the number of books in the library up to state standards. 2,020 books x $20 per book = $40,400
    15. 15. How can parents help?1) Consider donating a book to the library through the Amazon wish list. More info in PTSA newsletter.2) Keep your eyes peeled around auction time to learn more about how your contributions can directly benefit the library.3) Complete the upcoming library survey for parents (brought to you by the newly developed Library Advisory Team). We want to hear your voice!
    16. 16. Thank you for your time!I look forward to working WITH YOU to give Enatai’s students the library they deserve! Karinn Figdore figdorek@bsd405.org
    17. 17. “There is a statistically significantrelationship between higherreading scores and larger schoollibrary budgets for books andelectronic resources at theelementary level.”-The Impact of School Libraries on StudentAchievement (Minnesota, 2004)