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  • Music reflected American enthusiasm tempered with European disillusionment.(Retrieved March 6, 2010 from

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  • At the beginning of the decade, Big Bands dominated popular music. Eventually, many of the singers with the Big Bands struck out on their own. The biggest hit song this year was “Prisioner of Love by Perry Como”. BB King starts working a musician. (Retrieved March 6, 2010 from

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  • Black music was being more widely heard, but it was still produced and marketed primarily for a black audience. Segregation remained an acceptable marketing strategy, and it also enabled most of the companies to maintain a system of exploitation.
    The blues tradition, had continued to develop a variety of styles growing up to express the experience of a switch to urban life.
    Jump bands played small combo dance music derived from blues, with a boogie-woogie bass, with an saxophone break halfway through.

    (Retrieved March 6, 2010 from

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  • Rock and Roll was developed from a blend of Southern blues and gospel music with an added strong back beat. This type of music was popular with teenagers who were trying to break out of the mainstream, conservative, American middle class mold. (Retrieved March 6, 2010 from

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  • Known as the Life of black America, Ebony was founded by John H. Johnson with a $500 loan, borrowed against his mom’s furniture.

    In 1945- The cover of Time featured Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    Weird Tales was famous for its horror, fantasy and science fiction stories.

    Highlights has been entertaining and somewhat educating the pediatric-fluoride set since 1946.

    Filmjournalen featured the latest news on Swedish and international films. In 1953 Filmjournalen became part of the more "broad culture" magazine Bildjournalen, which not only featured news on films, but also on what was going on in the world of art, culture, theatre and society in general as well, with interviews with politicians and other famous personalities. (Retrieved March 6, 2010 )

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  • Created by art director/ editor Alexey Brodovitch, Portfolio only existed for three issues. Brodovitch used foldouts, die-cuts, and other printing tricks to feature the work of artists.

    Launched in 1953 , Playboy was the 1st magazine that had Marilyn Monroe as its centerfold. Often called the Life of black America, Ebony was founded by John H. Johnson in 1945 with a $500 loan, borrowed against his mom’s furniture.

    Although founded in 1888, National Geographic did not publish photos until 1959. It has now become a visual catalog of civilizations and a benchmark for global photojournalism. Information retrieved March 8, 2010 form
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  • In England in the late 1940s, Ealing Studios achieved popular success from Ealing comidies. They usually include social comment, and featured ensemble casts which often included Alec Guinness or Stanley Holloway. Famous examples were Kind Hearts and Cornonets (1949), and The Lavender Hill Mob (1951). (Retrieved March 7, 2010 from

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  • Spellbound was a psychological mystery thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

    Marilyn Monroe offered men the fantasy of sex without guilt, responsibility or threat, always on offer, with no sexual needs of her own beyond the gratification of men.

    Monroe became virtually a household word for sex. Sex was seen as the most important thing in fifties America.

    The postwar decade produced the most elaborate and colorful of Hollywood's musicals. By the mid-1950s however, companies increasingly played safe by adapting already successful Broadway shows such as South Pasific, The King and I, and Gigi.

    In responding to competition from television, the use and type of subject matter has taken precedence over the development of technology. The movie makers have thought it necessary to give the public something that cannot be beamed into private living rooms. (Retrieved March 7, 2010 from

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  • Japanese films were hardly seen abroad until 1951.
    The first drive-in movie theater opened in 1933, but they mushroomed in the decade after World War II. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that Drive-in theaters were an important part of teenage culture.

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  • Group Project 1945 1960[1][1]

    1. 1. MYTHS 1945-1960 TEAM 4 HUMN-341 By: Rhonda Dahlheimer, Matt Edwards, & Kimyotta Fernanders
    2. 2.  Literary Plays: Death of a Salesman Retrieved March 4, 2010 from 1945-1960Literature1946 The Iceman Cometh –Eugene O’Neill * 1949 Death of a Salesman- Arthur Miller ** 1956 Long Day’s Journey into Night- Eugene O’Neill *** *The play takes place in a Greenwich Village Saloon in 1912 . The men are all alcoholics and the proprietor has a tendency to give out free drinks. They all are forced into a reality check about their pipe dreams. ** The first great American tragedy. “The play examines the cost of blind faith in the American Dream”(SparkNotes, 2010) *** “Because of its deeply personal nature, O'Neill requested that the play be published posthumously, which meant that the play was not revealed to the world until O'Neill's death in 1956.” (SparkNotes, 2010)
    3. 3.  1945 Black Boy: A Record of Childhood & Youth – Richard Wright  1947 All the King’s Men – Robert Penn Warren  1948 The Naked and the Dead – Norman Mailer  1949 The Man with the Golden Arm- Nelson Algren  1951 From Here to Eternity – James Jones  1951 The Catcher in the Rye – JD Salinger  1952 The Caine Mutiny- Herman Wouk  1957 The Wapshot Chronicles – John Cheever  1958 Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Truman Capote Retrieved March 4, 2010 from America was just recovering from World War II, and then the Korean Conflict developed. “Literature reflected the conflict of self-satisfaction with '50s Happy Days and cultural self-doubt about conformity and the true worth of American values.” (Bradley, 2009)
    4. 4.  The only strong literary movement was after 1950 when we entered the era of the beat generation most commonly referred to as “beatniks.”  There was an increased interest in poetry and jazz in the 50’s. This marked the beginning of the youth rebellion against U.S. cultural values. These authors wrote of a freer way of life: Allen Ginsberg Jack Kerouac William Burroughs Lawrence Ferlinghetti Gregory Corso Retrieved March 4, 2010 from _enUS347US347&tbs=isch:1&q=beatniks&sa=N&start=220&nds p=20
    5. 5.  1950 Artificial sweetener cyclamate  1950 Commercial color TV broadcasts  1951 Heart-Lung machine- J. Andre-Thomas and John Gibbon  1952 Pocket size transistor radio  1952 1st infusion (hydrogen) bomb exploded by U.S. at Eniwetok Atoll, Marshall Islands  1954 TV dinners  1955 1st practical hovercraft  1955 Commercial electric power from nuclear reactor produced  1955 Velcro patented  1955 1st artificial diamonds produced  1955 Deep freezers capable of freezing fresh food are marketed
    6. 6.  1945 Fluoridation of water supply to prevent tooth decay  1945 1st nuclear bomb detonated by the U.S. in New Mexico  1946 Xerography (photocopying)  1947 Goodyear introduced the tubeless tire  1948 Atomic clock introduced  1948 Camera & film system- film develops in camera  1948 1st long time playing record- Peter Goldmark  1948 Transistor- Bell Laboratories  1949 X-rays 1st used for medical diagnosis  1949 General Mills & Pillsbury begin marketing prepared cake mixes
    7. 7.  1956 Birth Control Pills  1956 FORTRAN – computer language  1958 1st integrated circuit- Texas Instruments  1959 COBOL- computer language  1960 1st laser beam  1960 Astroturf introduced- Astrodome in Houston, Texas
    8. 8.  Spring on the Missouri, Retrieved March 5, 2010 from Seated Woman. Retrieved March 5, 2010 from http://www.theslideprojecto ing/seatedwoman.jpg Abstract expressionism was a American post-World War II art movement. Artists began to explore color and shape Second Story Sunlight. Retrieved March 5, 2010 from hopper-staged-at-palazzo-reale-first-major-italian-exhibition.html It can be broadly divided into two groups: Action Painting and Color Field and Hard- Edge Painting
    9. 9. American History 1945-1960 A brief look at the some of the most memorable events
    10. 10.  The End of WWII  The Korean war 1950  The Cold War  The Space Race  First use of Nuclear weapons  Thriving economy Coming out of WWII  The Truman Doctrine 1947  UNIVAC first electronic computer 1951  McCarthy Hearings 1954  United States Recognizes Israel as a nation 1948  Alaska and Hawaii admitted to the Union 1959 Retrieved March 5, 2010 from rk/SpaceRace.jpg
    11. 11. Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933-1945 Events During Roosevelt’s Presidency -Ushered in The New Deal -Led the country in aftermath of the Great Depression -Led the country into WWII and during the majority of the war -Regarded as one of the greatest presidents
    12. 12. Harry S. Truman 1945-1953 Events during Truman’s Presidency -Nuclear weapons used on Japan -The founding of the United Nations -The Beginning of the Cold War -The creation of NATO -The Korean War
    13. 13. Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953-1961 Events during Eisenhower’s Presidency -Cease fire of Korean War -Made Nuclear weapons a defense Priority -Launched the Space Race -Expanded Social Security -Began Interstate Highway System
    14. 14.  Radio was the lifeline for Americans  Providing news, music and entertainment  Programming included soap operas, quiz shows, children's hours, mystery stories, fine drama, and sports.
    15. 15. Albums Released  King Cole Trio- Nat King Cole  Merry Christmas-Bing Crosby  Paris 1945- Django Reinhardt  Glenn Miller- Glenn Miller
    16. 16. Big Bands  Greater Kensington String Band  South Philadelphia String Band Musical Hits  Annie Get Your Gun  Show Boat
    17. 17.  LP( Long playing record) introduced.-1948  Billboard introduced the description "rhythm & blues“-1949  "Jump bands" introduced-1950 George Lewis Ragtime Jazz Band, New Orleans, 1950.
    18. 18.  Birth of Rock and Roll  Portable radios made it easy for people to listen to music anywhere.
    19. 19. Top Hits  The Fat Man –Fats Domino-1950  Sixty Minute Man - Dominoes -1951  Lawdy Miss Clawdy -Lloyd Price -1952  Money Honey -Money Honey -1953  Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley & His Comets - 1954
    20. 20.  Tutti-Frutti- Little Richard -1955  Hound Dog –Elvis Presley - 1956  Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley -1957  Johnny B. Goode- Chuck Berry -1958  Chuck Berry- Ray Charles- 1959  Will You Love Me Tomorrow- Shirelles -1960
    21. 21.  Ebony-1945  Time Magazine- 1945  Weird Tales-1946  Highlights-1946
    22. 22.  Portfolio-1950-1951  Playboy-1953  1959 the year National Geographic 1st published photo as covers.
    23. 23.  Hep Cat  Photoplay  Popular Screen  Screenland  TV Radio Mirror  Movie Stars  Teen Beat  Teen Star Album  Movie World  Teen Magazine
    24. 24.  Ealing comedies", from 1946 to 1956.  Walt Disney continued a steady release of family comedies.  Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis took the stage during 1950’s  British Industry produced a number of highly successful film series Privates Progress (1956)and I’m All Right Jack(1959)
    25. 25.  Spellbound -1945  Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! –starring Marilyn Monroe-1948
    26. 26.  European Movies Introduced-1951  Teenage Crime Wave - 1955  Rock Around the Clock - 1956  Hot Rod Rumble -1957  I Married a Monster from Outer Space -1958