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Diploma in Digital Marketing - GCD - Week2:: Content Marketing & Personas

Diploma in Digital Marketing - GCD - Week2:: Content Marketing & Personas

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Week 2 – Diploma Digital Marketing Mapping Personas to Channels and Content Marketing
  • 2. Week 2• Review and Identify Key Performance Indicators for B2C & B2B campaigns.• Review how to produce segmented audiences into digital personas and how to target content and channel for each identified persona.• Review and examine class case studies of use of Objectives, KPIs, and how the extent of content marketing strategies• Analyse how class case studies of how their content will influence customer behaviours and produce desired outcomes and activations.• Overview of Developing detailed content editorial plan targeted at personas• Measurement of content effectiveness
  • 3. Objectives
  • 4. Measurement Framework
  • 5. Personas
  • 6. Persona Definition• Who they are in terms of demographics etc..• What are there needs in relation to your business• Where do they reside digitally• What channels are you going to leverage• What are there needs?• How engaged are they?• How aware are they of you?• Do they have preconceived ideas about you?• What do they perceive your brand tone, personality, voice to be?• Do you solve problems for them? Utlility?• How can you broaden your communications beyond product• What is the value prop per persona per channel
  • 7. B2B Buyer Cycle Intelligence
  • 8. Buyer Cycle Intelligence• Characteristics of best customers – Who typically buys from you, who are least demading customers, characteristics of easily and profitable closed sales• Understanding the “Buyer Journey” – Where did best leads come from, how do leads advance along the funnel, which activities do your deals participate in (webinars, demos etc..) – How can you identify if a prospect has stalled• Lead Qualification – What are the specific characteristics of a marketing qualified lead – What MQL (marekting qualified leads) typically convert – What are the characteristics of leads that typcially need to go through a nurturing programme
  • 9. Relevant B2B Content
  • 10. Persona Characteristics
  • 11. Demographics
  • 12. Psychographics
  • 13. Psychographics Cont.
  • 14. Business Relationship
  • 15. Business Relationship
  • 16. Emotional Characteristics
  • 17. Goals/Needs/Attitudes
  • 18. ExerciseWhat Personas, Channels and Content Do They Target?
  • 19. Personas, Channels, Content?• Architects• Baby Food FMCG• Landscape Gardener• Pharma Co making vaccines• University• Solicitors• Camera Retailer• Prominent Sporting Goods Retailer• Photo/Videographer• 4* Hotel based in Dublin, Laois, Galway• Major High Street Builder/Home Improvement Provider• Medical Scanning, MRI Company
  • 20. Social Media Landscape
  • 21. What should Your Content do• Content = valuable and useful information NOT just canned marketing messages• Focus on what a customer needs rather than what you sell – Address user needs in all published content• Valuable communications is what differentiates you from competition• Marketers are publishers today – i.e. think like media co’s• Customer relationships don’t end with a payment – Use content to increase retention rates• Without good content, community is impossible• 90% of corporate websites talk about “How great they are”• Buyers are more in control today than ever – not sales organisations
  • 22. Advantages• Creates demand generation and awareness through value add publishing• Creates a less-frictional way of converting prospects into sales – When used in conjunction with lead management systems• Helps build long-term relationships rather than one-off sales• Creates stickiness to your owned media assets (rather than to paid ones)• Once started, provides an ongoing process and framework to control and publish valuable information
  • 23. Types of Content for the Digital Marketer to Consider
  • 24. Website
  • 25.
  • 26. Worldwide Cycles
  • 27. Blogs
  • 28. MicksGarage
  • 29. Micks Garage - Blog
  • 30. Marketing Experiments Blog
  • 31. Marketo Blog
  • 32. Social Networks
  • 33. Social
  • 34. Customised page
  • 35. BT Care
  • 36. HB Icecream
  • 37. Professional Networks
  • 38. Email
  • 39. Video
  • 40. BlendTec
  • 41. BlendTec
  • 42. Photos : Integrate with Blog, Website, etc.
  • 43. Kogi BBQ
  • 44. Photos
  • 45. Instagram Photos
  • 46. Webinars, Presentations, Whitepapers etc..
  • 47. PPTs
  • 48. Documentation
  • 49. Integrated Case Studies
  • 50. BMIBaby
  • 51. BMI Baby #MySpain Instagram
  • 52. #MySpain Statigram
  • 53. 5000 Entries Later
  • 54.
  • 55. YouTube
  • 56. Hostelworld Facebook
  • 57. Twitter
  • 58. OneFrameOfOne
  • 59. Cmon & Kypski
  • 60. C-Mon & Kypksi
  • 61. Editorial Calendar
  • 62. Editorial Calendar
  • 63. Editorial Calendar
  • 64. Questions & Answers
  • 65. Contact Details086