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DBS - Week 2 - Digital Strategy and Planning Session

DBS - Week 2 - Digital Strategy and Planning Session



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DBS-Week2-DigitalStrategy&Planning DBS-Week2-DigitalStrategy&Planning Presentation Transcript

  • Week 2 – Digital Strategy and Planning Keith Feighery
  • The Digital Marketing Ecosystem
  • Companies, both big and small, need to imagine themselves as publishers Trick is to be engaging and provide value to target audience
  • That’s why Inbound & Content Marketing are so Important
  • Hubspot – Inbound Marketing Company view
  • Inbound & Content Marketing Channels
  • Digital Strategy & Planning
  • Digital Strategy & Planning Source RedAnt.co.uk
  • SOSTAC Framework
  • Using RACE for Digital Marketing Optimisation
  • Planning Phase
  • Planning
    • Define business objectives
      • Increase sales, Increase awareness, increase retention rates, create demand, educate audience, augment lead generation etc..
    • Define audience and break down into personas & needs
      • Personas, Influencers, Advocates,
      • Demographics, Psychographics, SocialGraphics etc.
    • Audience locations and value of each audience segment
      • Where do the reside digitally, what are their preferences, how do they consume media, what are their required informational needs
    • Aligning digital strategy with brand
      • What is the tone, voice, perception currently presented
  • Personas Source RedAnt.co.uk
  • Location Setting Source RedAnt.co.uk
  • Goals and Audience Location Analysis Source RedAnt.co.uk
  • Creation Phase
  • Creation
    • Once strategy, audience, locations are known
      • Start conceiving, designing and creating tactical solutions
    • Identify themes, channels, tone, aims for each tactical channel and initiative
      • PPC, Social Platforms, SEO, Display, Affiliate, Email, Lead Gen etc…
    • Create Digital Presence on Key Platforms
      • Website, Social Channels, Ad Platforms, Email etc..
    • Initiate a content marketing production programme
      • Map this out along with personas and buyer cycles
    • Define KPIs for each programme – know upfront what success will look like (by corollary failure too)
  • Mapping audience, solutions and projected ROI Source RedAnt.co.uk
  • Measurement
    • Key Performance Indicators
      • Measures that help you understand how you are doing against your objectives.
      • highlight success, or failures, for the objectives you have created for your organization
  • Typical Trackable KPIs
    • Increase Rate & Value of Conversions
    • Increase Average order size (ecommerce apps)
    • Increase Customer Lifetime Value
    • Increase Average Revenue Per User
    • Reduce Cost per Lead & Cost Per Sale
    • Reduce Core Bounce rates
    • Increase Frequency and Return rates
    • Reduce Abandonment rates
  • Metrics
    • Traffic Related Statistics
      • # Page Views, Visits, Unique Visitors
    • Channel Statistics
      • Decomposition of Organic, Paid, Email, Direct etc..
    • Social Stats
      • # of Twitter, FB, Blog, LinkedIn followers/comments
    • # of 3 rd Party Links
      • Partners, Referrals, Promotions, Affiliates
    • # of Newsletter signups
    • # of Site Specific Downloads
      • Webinar Views, Articles, Whitepapers, podcasts
  • Simple KPI Framework
  • Actualisation Phase
  • Actualisation
    • Real-time implementation of each channel, campaign and platform
    • Engaging and interacting with your audiences
    • Reacting to issues and tweaking campaigns as they proceed live
    • Constantly compare performance with projected KPIs created during the previous phases
    • Create a cross functional communications feedback loop to resolve all issues and update status
    • Capture all lessons learnt in a repository in order to feedback into an improvement process
  • Actualisation Core Tactics
    • Social Media Programmes
  • Challenge is to build engaging digital and social strategies aligned with clear business objectives for each channel
  • Be Social – Interact with People & Solicit Feedback and Responses
  • Be Entertaining, Informative or Offer Something of VALUE to Followers
  • Elements of a social media campaign
    • Essentials of a successful campaign
      • Know your target audience
      • Plan goals and aims of campaign and channel
      • Think about the tone, voice and personality to adopt
      • Choose your platforms carefully
      • Think about the type of content to use on each platform
      • Take risks – not everything will work
      • Connect to other channels
  • Social Media Case Studies
  • Tayto
  • Versus
  • Controversial Hunky Dory Page
  • Aviva
  • Hairy Baby
  • Hairybaby
  • Engaging with Fans
  • Getting People To Respond
  • WestCoast Cooler
  • Westcoast Cooler
  • Best Job In the World
  • Nestle
    • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • PPC Examples
  • Search: Health Insurance Quote
    • Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO Case Example
  • Search: Flowers for newborn baby
  • Newborn Flowers
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Applications
  • Case Studies
  • CityDeal.ie
  • Schuh
  • Evaluation Phase
  • KPIs & Goals set in the Creation Phases should be assessed according to actuals
  • Ongoing KPI & Metric Analysis
  • Evaluation Feedback loop
    • Implement a continuous learning and improvement framework
    • All findings and experiences should feed into subsequent phases, campaigns and initiatives
    • Refine reporting process
      • Improve ROI metrics in their broadest sense
      • Educate management through correlation of digital and business goals
      • Iterate constantly
  • Questions & Answers
  • Contact Details www.linkedin.com/in/keithfeighery www.twitter.com/kfeighery www.faceboook.com/keith.feighery [email_address] 086 6070274
  • Thank You