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Presentation to DBS BA students on the use of digital and social media in the acquisition process of customers

Presentation to DBS BA students on the use of digital and social media in the acquisition process of customers

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  • 1. Transformative effect of digital & social media on the customer acquisition process
    Keith Feighery
  • 2. Overview
    Changing landscape for marketers
    Conversation-based marketing programmes
    Developing an aligned digital strategy
    Case Studies
  • 3. Most dramatic sign of this in the shift in marketing budgets from traditional offline budgets to digital
  • 4. Marketing Trends for 2010
    28% of marketers are shifting marketing budgets from traditional to digital channel
    Two-thirds of marketers are planning to increase investments in social media even though less than one-fifth can effectively measure ROI.
    56% plan to increase budgets for mobile marketing
    54% plan to increase budgets for email marketing.
    51% plan to increase budgets for paid search.
    42% of marketers plan to keep budgets the same as 2009 and 13% plan to decrease their overall marketing budget.
    41% of marketers plan to decrease spending on print and radio marketing in 2010.
  • 5. Marketing Budgets 2010
  • 6. Aligned with this shift in budget, both the means and roles of marketers have changed
  • 7. Where is everyone?
  • 8. Traditional Vs Social
  • 9.
  • 10. Owned Vs Paid Vs Earned Media
  • 11. Change is predicated on the changing consumption and behaviours of the customer
  • 12. Changing Customer Landscape
    The relationship between organisations and customers has traditionally been optimised around the organisation, not the customer
    Companies and organisations have fallen behind in connecting with customers – they now realisethat they must find a way to participate in these Conversations
    Customers choose to connect and collaborate with each other without the organisations, disrupting the flow of influence.
  • 13. New digital platforms are mass enablers of peer to peer conversations, sharing and interactions
  • 14. Social Media Landscape
  • 15. Marketers must understand the dynamic of communities
  • 16. Shift away from interrupt based marketing to a more conversational process
  • 17. Risks Posed
    • Loss of control of the conversation
    • 18. Two way communication
    • 19. Openly negative transmissions
    • 20. Using social channel as a marketing or PR conduit
    • 21. Broadcast as opposed to engagement
    • 22. Can be a difficult persona for brands to adopt
    • 23. Reveal a human voice of a corporate identity
    • 24. What it is that voice?
    • 25. Starting – and then not following through
    • 26. Inevitable criticism
  • Benefits of social engagement
    • Listening
    • 27. Crucial to hear what the public is saying about you
    • 28. Both positive and negative
    • 29. Crowdsourcing – understand behaviours, experiences, language patterns etc..
    • 30. Conversations
    • 31. Once you know what is being said about you, where it is being said – you can then interact directly with customers (without filters)
    • 32. Community Advantage
    • 33. Build long lasting relationships and trust with customers
    • 34. Build real and valuable communities online and offline (Two way process)
    • 35. Reduce customer acquisition costs (Media spend)
    • 36. Increase customer retentions (Loyalty/Advocacy)
    • 37. Instant polling and research opportunity with customers
  • Brands & organisations must embrace a more social engagement because it is happening with or without them
  • 38. Challenge now is to build engaging digital and social strategies aligned with clear business objectives
  • 39. Digital Strategy Process
  • 40. Digital Strategy & Planning
  • 41. Planning
    Define business objectives
    Increase awareness, increase reputation, create demand, educate audience, increase sales, augment lead generation programme etc..
    Identify and communicate to key stakeholders (buy-in)
    Listening to what is being said about brand currently
    Define audience and break down into key segments
    Influencers, Advocates, Specific Personas
    Demographics, Psychographics, SocialGraphics etc.
    Audience locations and value of each audience segment
    Where do they reside digitally, what are their preferences, how do they consume media, what are preferred formats
    Aligning brand with digital strategy
    What is the tone, voice, perception currently presented
  • 42. Goals and Audience Location Analysis
  • 43. Creation
    Once strategy, audience, locations are known
    Start conceiving, designing and creating tactical solutions
    Identify themes, channels, tone, aims for each tactical channel and initiative
    PPC, Social Platforms, SEO, Email, Lead Gen etc…
    For B2B business map out buyer and sales cycles
    Align marketing and sales organisations
    Create internal procedures and best practices for social channels
    Initiate a content marketing production programme
    Map this out along with personas and buyer cycles
    Define KPIs for each programme – know upfront what success will look like (by corollary failure too)
  • 44. Mapping audience, solutions and projected ROI
  • 45. Case Studies
  • 46. Heineken Activation
  • 47. Kogi BBQ
  • 48. Best Buy
  • 49. Hairybaby
  • 50.
  • 51. Pat The Baker
  • 52. Zappos
  • 53. Charmin “Go” Campaign
  • 54. Digital crisis and reputation management
  • 55. United Airlines
  • 56. Domino’s
  • 57. Successful Viral & UGC Campaigns
  • 58. Upside Down Tango
  • 59. Walkers “Do us a Flavour”
  • 60. Unsuccessful Viral & UGC Campaigns
  • 61. Danish Single Mother Hoax
  • 62. Contact Details
    086 6070274
  • 63. Thank You